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(Compiled from the MO Letters by Apollos)


       1. MOST Christians don't seem to realise that they can curse people if they are people who don't behave or if they get in the Lord's way! After all, the Lord Himself curses some people, you know! He told Abraham, "I will bless them that bless thee & curse them that curse thee!" (Gen.12:3)

       2. Just read the Book of Psalms & you'll see that King David--"a man after God's Own heart" (Ac.13:22)--even prayed for the death of his enemies! He really got stirred up against them & their wickedness, & frequently asked God to literally wipe them out & damn them!

       3. Of course, some nice churchy Christians would object to such prayers, reminding us that Jesus said to love your enemies & forgive them, etc. What they fail to realise is that we're to love & forgive others providing they are sorry. He doesn't require us to forgive people who are not sorry & who don't apologise! (Luk.17:3)

       4. How can we pray for peace on our enemies, when the Lord Himself has promised that He would recompense or pay back tribulation to them which trouble us! (2Th.1:6) He says that He will send tribulation to the troublemakers who trouble His children!

       5. And when you consider what slimy stinking depths our bitter enemies do not hesitate to slither to in trying to stop us, including criminal acts of horrible lying, slander, conspiracy, kidnapping, incarceration, mental & physical torture etc., it becomes very obvious that we not only need to fight the Devil, but the Devil's people as well!--Or at least we need to pray that God will fight them & curse them, in Jesus' name! You can only "Bless them that curse you" (Mat.5:44) so long--then you have to start cursing them back before they cause you & God's Work any more trouble!--Amen?--God does it!

       6. In fact, God has already cursed our God-damned enemies! "He that believeth not on the Son is already damned & condemned because he hath not believed in the Name of the only begotten Son of God!"--John 3:18,36. Let me tell you, Hell is going to be hot for them! Whew! --While we're enjoying nice cool Heavenly breezes Above! PTL!

       * * *
       7. (So we hope you'll be able to wholeheartedly pray the following prayer against our vengeful & bitter anti-Christ enemies who continue to do their damnedest to hinder our Work for the Lord & lost souls! The prayer is broken up with subtitles into a series of shorter prayers, in case time or circumstances don't allow you to pray the entire prayer all at once.)

* * *
"Protect Thy Children, Lord!"
       8. BLESS & protect us all, Lord, especially those of us who witness & distribute Thy Truth to the World, who are face to face with the Enemy! Protect us, keep us & guide us, Lord. Give us wisdom & help us all to be as wise as serpents even though we are as harmless as doves. We're Your little sheep that You have sent forth into the midst of wolves. (Mat.10:16)

       9. Keep us all safely from the Enemy & his people, Lord. Keep us safe in Thy care. Keep our spirits in Thy hands & our minds upon Thee, our ears open to Thy voice, our eyes to Thy Truth & our mouths full of Thy Word to tell others about Thee, Jesus.--And our hands ready to do good works & our feet ready to carry us wherever Thy Love is needed!

       10. We ask You to rebuke our enemies & our evil persecutors! Rebuke them & destroy their evil! Even turn their propaganda to good & to the publication of the Gospel, even if it be the "Gospel of contention & controversy!" (Phil. 1:16) Bless & keep us all safely, Lord, in spite of our persecutors.--In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory.

       11. We ask Thee to bind the forces of the Enemy & set & keep Thy forces free, Lord! Give us liberty so that we can continue to minister to the World & give them Thy Message & Thy Love. Protect & keep us from the vicious, fiendish Enemy who hounds & persecutes us, & accuses us night & day. (Rev.12:10) Lord, when the Enemy comes in like a flood, raise Thy standard against him! (Isa.59:19b) Continue to rebuke our enemies. Keep us safely from those horrible ones that are worse than mad dogs!--More rapacious, more ravenous, more cruel, more terrible, more merciless than mad dogs!

       12. We thank You that despite whatever tricks the Devil tries to pull, You're always several jumps ahead of him, & You always pull us out of tight situations. We may have a few hard places to go through, Lord, & the System might be roaring after us, but You always rescue us, & we thank You for that. Even when our afflictions are many, Lord, You deliver us out of them all! (Psa.34:19) "We may be troubled on every side, yet we're not distressed. We may be perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed!" (2Cor.4:8,9) Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

       13. We're in Your hands, Lord, we're Your children, & if anybody's going to take care of us, You've got to take care of us because we really can't take care of ourselves. Thou alone art our God, & there is none else beside Thee, neither is there any like unto Thee. Thou knowest the innermost thoughts of the heart & Thy enemies' evil thoughts against Thy children, & their evil intents against Thy Work! For they do fight against Thee, O God, & do lift up their evil hands against Thyself & Thy Son Jesus!

       14. So give us Thy strength now, O Lord, & be Thou our defense & our guard; defend & protect us from them that would slay us! Show now Thy mighty arm, O Lord! Show Thy strength, Thy love, Thy concern, Thy care for Thy little ones! Raise up Thy arm & manifest Thy strong right hand to deliver & vindicate Thy servants, to save Thy children, to deliver Thy sheep from the hand of the Enemy & from the wolves that would destroy us & the wild dogs that beset us! O Jesus, deliver us, Lord!

       15. We know, Lord, that unless You build the house, they labour in vain that build it, & unless You keep the city, that the watchman watcheth but in vain. (Psa.127:1) So we know that You're the only One who has kept us all these years, safely in Your care. We know You're faithfully watching over us & keeping us, Lord. TYJ!

       16. Thou alone art our deliverer, our strong fortress in Whom we hide, our strong tower in which the righteous hide & are delivered from the Enemy. So we fly to Thee--Thou art a shadow in the time of trouble. Thou art our strength! We're nothing, we're weak, but Thou art our strength! We're Thy little Children--Thy little sheep who run to Thee & hide from the Enemy--hide from the wolves who would try to devour us. We need You, Jesus!

       17. You promised, Lord, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty" (Psa.91:1), & we know that's the best protection there could possibly be, Lord. So help us all to lean hard on You & to let You shelter us & carry all our burdens for us.

"Vengeance Is Thine, O Lord!"
       18. LORD, show us now that You love us & that You care & that You're our mighty Defender, our Deliverer, Lord! Show us, Lord, in Jesus' name! Show us Thy Love! You promised, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay!"--Rom. 12:19. We want to see it, Lord! We want to see You wreak Your vengeance on these vile, filthy enemies who are tribulating us, Lord, in Jesus' name!

       19. You promised, Lord, that vengeance is Yours, & that You will repay! So we stand back now & want to see You fight! This is Your battle, Lord, not ours. (Exo.14:13,14) So fight for us, Lord! Defeat our vicious enemies! Reveal the Truth, Lord, to those who need & deserve it, & damn our enemies!

       20. Defeat the foul lies of the Enemy, Lord! And show Thy righteous power, Lord, Thy judgement!--Thy judgement & Thy vengeance! Wreak revenge on Thy enemies, Lord! Show Thy justice, Lord! Show Thy concern for Thy children, Lord! We want to see it!

       21. Lord, You said, "Touch not Mine anointed & do My Prophets no harm; he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of Mine eye"! --1Chr.16:22; Zec.2:8. Lord, they've touched us, so they've touched You! So do something about it, in Jesus' name! They've touched You, Lord, they've touched the apple of Thine eye! They've touched the Lord's anointed & done Thy Prophets harm. Now judge them, Lord! Destroy them! Do them harm!

       22. They're not just attacking us, Lord, they're attacking You! They're not just attacking the Family, they're attacking Thy Work! They're attacking Your fruit & Your people, Your children, so hold them responsible for it & sock it to them!

       23. They are fighting against You & Your Truth & Your children! So we know You are going to fight for us & defend us, keep us, protect us & prosper us, provide for us, & promote Thy Truth. Hallelujah!

       24. You promised that You would tribulate them which trouble us, & they have given some of us lots of trouble! (2Th.1:6) So we ask Thee to give our enemies lots of trouble too! They're whimpering about us, so give them something to really cry about! Lord, You can give them so much trouble & so many trials, so many other problems that they'll just have to forget about us!

       25. Strike terror into their hearts, Lord! Strike Thy fear into their hearts! May they be frightened of Thee! You said, "Stand back & let Me fight, saith the Lord!" You said vengeance is Yours, that You will repay! (2Chr.20:17; Rom.12:19) Lord, You promised that, now let us see You do it, in Jesus' name!

       26. May our enemies reap what they sow! Give them what they deserve, Lord! Give them worse than they have given us many times over! You promised to, Lord--now do it! Chastise them, Lord, rebuke them openly. Them that sin before all, You said, rebuke before all, that others also may fear. (1Tim.5:20) They have sinned before multitudes, some of them before the whole World, Lord, so rebuke them openly, rebuke them openly!

       27. Bring these evil accusers to justice, Lord! Refute their evil lies! Confound their politics, confuse their knavish tricks & expose them as the evil hypocrites & liars & children of the Devil that they really are!--And judge them accordingly in order to vindicate Thy Truth, Lord, & Thy Word & Thy servants!

"Rebuke the Lying Backsliders!"
       28. AND, Lord, especially rebuke the lying backsliders & traitors, the Judases who have turned against us! They have turned their backs, Lord, upon Thee & Thy Work & Thy children & Thy Word, the Truth! May they repent, Lord, & if it be possible, help them to return to the fold in genuine repentance, if it be possible.--But if not, Lord, silence them, defeat their machinations against us & frustrate their evil deeds, in the Name of Jesus!

       29. There's nothing You abhor like a false lying witness, especially when they lie against Your Prophets! (Pro.12:22) So damn all such liars, Lord! Rebuke them, in the Name of Jesus! Rebuke all of their lies! Rebuke their evil lying foul-mouthed attacks on Thee, & may they be destroyed, Lord! If they will not & therefore cannot be turned to repentance, Lord, turn on them & destroy them, in Jesus' name! It's better to have the body destroyed & their soul saved if possible. (1Cor.5:5) We rebuke them, in the Name of Jesus!

       30. We praise Thee, Lord, that Thy Truth is marching on in spite of everybody & everything! No one can stop You, Lord! Even though all men desert us, You will never desert us! Thank You Jesus!

       "Smite & Destroy'm, Lord!"
       31. REBUKE all these wicked workers of the Devil in the Name of Jesus Christ! Judge them according to their evil works & the way they've persecuted Thy children, Lord! Judge them accordingly, O God!--Unless they repent of their evil works & their evil sins & their Godless iniquitous wicked anti-Christ enmity toward Thy children!

       32. God damn all the enemies of the Lord & all those that oppose the Lord's Anointed & all those that oppose the Will of God! We hate them with a perfect hatred! (Psa.139:21,22) Destroy them, Lord! (Strong prophecy:) Rid us of our enemies, O God! Destroy them that rise up against us! In the Name of Jesus, amen.

       33. Deliver Thy little ones who feed from Thy hand, who look unto Thee with faith for succour! It is high time for Thee to raise now Thy mighty arm, Lord! We cannot deliver ourselves! We are hopeless & helpless without Thee!--Lest Israel say that "mine own arm hath saved me!"

       34. Defeat our enemies, Lord, & fill up their cups of iniquity! Destroy them, Lord! They're not defeating Thy Work, they can't defeat Thee, Lord, but they're hindering Thy Work! They bother us, Lord Jesus. They cause us so much trouble! We want You to judge'm!--In the Name of Jesus!

       35. We want justice, Lord! We want Thee to avenge us of our enemies! Destroy them, Lord, that the World may see that Thou art just & that we are Thy children! Vindicate Thy servants, Lord! Vindicate Thy children! Deliver Thy children, Lord, from those slimy serpents & their lying tongues! May they creep & crawl forever in Hell!

       36. You're the Great Shepherd, Lord, so smite them with Thy rod! You're the Shepherd, defend us, Lord! Keep us, Lord! Protect us, Lord! Smite them with Thy rod of vengeance, Lord, in the Name of Jesus! Smite them, Lord, in Jesus' name!

       37. Give them ten times what they've given us, Lord! And send them to Hell, in Jesus' name! And may they know that You did it because they villainously attacked Thy children! Expose their lies, Lord! Show the people how wicked & vile & false they are! The people need to know, Lord, so show them what monsters these enemies are, what liars they are, what tyrants!

       38. Rebuke the Devourer & the Enemy!--Silence the lying tongues & the accusers of Thy Saints, in the Name of Jesus, we ask Thee! "Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake!" (Tit.1:11)

       39. We want the satisfaction, Lord, of seeing the destruction of our enemies. God damn them! Let us see the destruction of our enemies, Lord. Let them see the vindication of Thy children. Shower Thy judgements on those wicked, evil people! We want to hear about it, we want to see it!

       40. Wreak Your judgements, Lord, on those people & destroy them! Vex them, Lord! And while You're doing it, Lord, help them to know why, help them to feel guilty & to know they're suffering for their sins against Your children. Answer our prayer, in Jesus' name, & help us to really put our enemies to shame, to confound them & confuse them. Lord, help them all to see how wrong they were & be sorry they ever fought us, & to suffer for it. Amen, thank You, Lord!

       41. We resist you, Oplexicon! We resist you, God-damned devils! We resist you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus, & all your God-damned devils & workers of iniquity who try to hurt God's children! Jesus help us, in Jesus' name! We bind those devilish, Godless fiends! Loose Thy forces of righteousness against them! Loose Thy forces of destruction, Lord!

       42. Defeat the Enemy, Lord Jesus, deliver us from our enemies! Rebuke the Devil, in Jesus' name. Help us, protect us, Lord, protect Thy children, Lord, in Jesus' name. Guard Thy children, Lord. Raise up advocates & defenders, Lord, for them. (Tongues) Lord Jesus, fight against all those that fight against Thee, in Jesus' name!

       43. To think they could try to raise their hand against the forces of God & the forces of Heaven! So foolish the forces who rise up against Thy name & Thine anointed! So ridiculous those nincompoops who fight Thy children! Destroy those that destroy Thy children!

       44. Rebuke our enemies, Lord, & shut their dirty mouths & shut up their vile lies! You do to them, Lord, what You know they need, what they deserve for persecuting Thy children! You promised, Lord, You'd reward them according to their wicked works. So now do it!

       45. Defeat Thy enemies everywhere, Lord! Defeat all the propaganda of the Devil! Defend Thy children, Lord! Show Thy power, Lord, show Thy Truth, in Jesus' name! Show Thyself, Lord, to vindicate Thy children! Destroy the wicked who seek to destroy us! Cast Thy fear into our enemies, Lord! Terrorise them for having risen up against Thy children! Strike fear & terror into their hearts, Lord! Destroy them! --In Jesus' name!

       46. We want to see our enemies destroyed, Lord! Like Your King David said, "We hate them with a perfect hatred!" (Psa.139:22) And we want to see You destroy them as a witness & a testimony to the people of Thy righteousness & Thy power, Thy vindication of Thy servants. God damn all the wicked enemies of Thy Truth!--In Jesus' name! Save Thy children, Lord!

"Give Us Wisdom & Closeness to You, Lord!"
       47. WE know the Enemy is angry, & we need to be on our guard every moment, close to You, Lord! We need to stay in Your Will, obedient & constantly dependent upon You, Lord, prayerful & careful & cautious, watching our security & doing our best to give You all the cooperation we can.

       48. Most of all, we need to all stay close to You, Lord; that is the most important thing! Then everything else will be taken care of. So keep us in the very center of Thy Will. Be with us & go with us, Lord! That's the best that we can possibly desire, that You go with us every step of the way, & that we go with You every step of the way.

       49. Bless & keep us all close to You & obedient. Help us to truly be as wise as serpents & as harmless as doves, as You told us.--To be constantly in communication with You, Lord, & close to You & in Thy Will, the hallowed protected center of Thy Will, Lord, united closely together in Thy Spirit, with one mind & of one accord, doing what we know is right & what You want us to do. Then we know that You will take care of us & protect us. Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

       50. Our safekeeping & security is in Your hands, Lord, & we have to depend on You to take care of us & protect us & keep us, as You have now for many years! We thank You for it, Lord, that in spite of our own stupid mistakes, You always keep, protect & deliver us! You said "if any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men abundantly & upbraideth not." (Jam.1:5) So we ask You to please give us wisdom, Lord. In Jesus' name, give us the wisdom we need to have, Lord.

       51. You said many times in Your Word, Lord, that we should "watch & pray, watch & pray." (Mat.26:41) So we're not only to pray for security & pray for Your protection, Lord, & pray for safety, but we are to watch out ourselves. We're to be cautious & watchful, or You wouldn't have said, "Watch"! So we know You expect us to use a great deal of wisdom & to be very watchful regarding our own personal security & the security of Thy Work.

       52. So please keep us & lead us & guide us in every step, in every move we make, Lord, that we will stay in the absolute center of Thy Will & in Thy protection, so that we will not move out of that charmed circle, & move only as Thou dost lead, in Jesus' name.

       53. We thank You, Lord, that most of our troubles & worries never happen! But the Devil tries to scare us, constantly breathing out threatenings & slaughter to try to cause us to fear & to worry. (Acts 9:1) Bless & keep us, Lord, & we know You will, as long as we stay close to You & in Your Will.

       54. We know that You will continue to protect us, Lord, as long as we're useful to Thee & obedient, serving Thee faithfully. We don't have to worry about ourselves, Lord, because You will take care of us. You've continued to protect us & provide for us for all these years in spite of literally many millions of enemies, including the Devil & all his demons! You have kept us beautifully, Lord, & given us peace & rest most of the time, enabling us to continue Thy Work. We know You'll continue to take care of us & protect us & provide for us as long as we're faithfully serving & obeying You!

       55. So forgive us for worrying or fearing what Man can do to us, Lord. We don't have to worry, fret or fear because we have You, Jesus! Your Love, Your power, Your strength, Your Spirit, are so much stronger than anything the Devil can muster! (1Jn.4:4) But we need to remember that & stay close to You & quote Thy Word & take a real stand & fight & rebuke him in Thy Name. (Eph.6:11-13)

       56. Lord, we put not our confidence in Man, whose breath is in his nostrils, but in Thee, Lord! Thy Word is settled in Heaven, it's not possible for You to fail, You cannot deny Yourself. (Psa.119:89; 2Tim.2:13) We're absolute winners, Lord, it's impossible for us to lose because we're on Your side. Just give us wisdom & faith & trust in Thee, & help us to know how to play the game, Lord, to the best advantage, so we can defeat the Enemy as fast as we can, in Jesus' name, amen.

"God Give Us Fighters!"
       57. IN Jesus' name, Lord, we ask You right now to give us great courage & great faith to wield the tools & weapons You've given us, with a clear knowledge of who & what we're fighting.--So we'll not be fighting in the dark, so we'll know how to fight the Enemy, to have faith to know that You are the Victor & we cannot lose! As long as we keep fighting, Lord, it is impossible for us to lose! Help us, Lord, not to give up, not to quit, but to keep fighting until we win the victory!--The final victory, Lord, the War!--In Jesus' name!

       58. We know, Lord, that "to everything there is a season, & a time to every purpose under Heaven." (Ecc.3:1) There's a time to hide, but there's also a time to stand up for the faith & be counted in order to refute the lies of the Devil, even if it costs us our life, like it did You, Jesus, as well as John, Stephen, Paul & all the other martyrs.

       59. So help us to stand up & be counted & "contend earnestly for our faith" when we should, Lord! (Jude 3)--To fight the good fight!--Help us never to surrender or give up or quit! It would certainly be better to die fighting, even if the Enemy slaughters us, to somehow die for Thy glory, as a testimony & as a martyr & as a witness, in some way, Lord, than to surrender. So we ask You to help keep us alive & fighting as long as possible, in Jesus' name!

       60. We're Your Army, Lord, & You've called us to put on the whole armour of God & to fight!--Not just to let the Enemy walk all over us & trample us into the mud & take away our children! We're just not going to put up with the Devil's dirty tactics!

       61. Help none of us, Lord, to be such sickening, pusillanimous, string-for-a-backbone, milk-&-water-for-blood people that we haven't got any guts to fight! Make us fighters, Lord, who aren't afraid to go on the attack!--Who aren't ashamed of what we believe!--Aren't ashamed of what we practice!--Aren't afraid of the Devil & his stupid, silly, idiotic little challenges! Lord help us! Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! Make us fighters, Lord!--Positive fighters who can stand up for what we believe & fight for it & die for it!

       62. We know we all need to be prepared for fights from now on, because the Enemy is going to go on a rampage of attacks in these Last Days. So help us, Lord, to be prepared for his onslaughts & be prepared if we have to, if we can't run & hide, to be able to fight it legally first, to secure lawyers, sympathetic lawyers who are willing to fight for us, in Jesus' name. Or if it comes to it, Lord, to have to turn & fight & somehow sock it to'm ourselves, in Jesus' name, amen!

       63. But whatever we do, help us to hold our ground, Lord!--And not even give an inch to the Devil! We praise Thee, O God! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, Lord, bless & keep us & give us strength & wisdom & skill & guts to fight!--With great wisdom & anointing & power! In Jesus' name, help us, Lord! Teach us all how to fight, Lord, how to expose our enemies & to prove they're liars!

       64. Give all Thy children the courage to fight! Lord, give them the strength! Give them the determination! Give them the guts, Lord, to rise up & fight the evil & the wicked, in Jesus' name! Lord, may these attacks against us make us strong, real strong men & women of Thee, Lord, mighty warriors of the faith! May this make us all strong fighters of the faith & for the faith!

"Thank You, Lord, for Victory Over Our Vicious Enemies!"
       65. THANK You Jesus, for how wonderfully You keep Your children safe & sound & protected in Your care! Even when we are sometimes persecuted & hurt & have problems, You still spare us & take care of us & keep us & heal us so we can keep on telling others about Your Love, how much You love us & love them. Thank You Jesus, for Your marvellous protection & safe keeping.

       66. In spite of all the Enemy & his agents have tried to do against us, we're still here, still going strong, stronger than ever, continuing to progress and accomplish more each month, and win more millions of souls every year, thank You Jesus, praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You for the victory over them, even though sometimes it may look like they have the victory.

       67. Lord, their attacks upon us have only increased our fire & fervour! Their lies about us have only raised up new friends in our defense! The furious controversies they have stirred up over us have only served to publicise our message more! Hallelujah! You cause the wrath of Man to praise You! And all things are working together for our good because we love You & You love us, Lord! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! It's impossible for us to fail for You are with us!

       68. This Work is such a miracle, Lord, it couldn't be of Man, it had to be of God, had to be of You, Lord. If it had been of Man, it would have come to nought.--Acts 5:38,39. In spite of many trying to stand against it, Lord, all have been defeated! Thank You Jesus!

       69. If this Work were merely of Man, Lord, it would have perished long ago, like many others. But it's Your creation, Your Work, & we're Your people, this is Thy Church, this is Thy doing, praise You Lord!--And those who dare to oppose Thy children had best beware, lest they be found to fight against an angry God!

       70. Thank You Lord that we cannot lose! It is impossible for our feeble foes to defeat us!--Our enemies are already doomed & damned to defeat & Hell! Hallelujah! Despite all of their perfidy & machinations & evil deeds against us, we're still going strong! Thank You Jesus!

       71. It's such a miracle, Lord, how You have protected us all these years in spite of our many powerful enemies! They have never yet been able to stop Thy Work, just as You promised us long ago in that marvellous marvellous promissory prophecy You gave us, "They Can't Stop Our Rain!" (ML#128)--It's impossible! And now we can see what You meant, Lord, now we can understand it!

       72. We couldn't even see it then, & couldn't understand it, how it was possible, because we were so small & so weak & so vulnerable. It was hard to dream or even imagine that we were going to become this numerous & this scattered throughout the whole World. But You knew it, Lord, & so You promised us long ago that it would be impossible for them to stop us!

       73. So we thank You, Lord, for that wonderful promise & prophecy, that they would never stop our rain! It's so encouraging, Lord, to know that no matter what happens, they cannot stop us! They cannot stop You, they cannot stop Thy Word, the Truth, & we shall eventually win the victory!

       74. Thank You Jesus for always seeing us through! We've preached the Truth & we've hit'm hard, Lord, & we have come out in the open & attacked evil as we have seen it & we have exposed Thy enemies! We know the Devil's angry & he has tried to attack us in many ways, but Lord, we have stayed close to You & You have blessed us & kept us & protected us & prospered us & made us more prolific & plentiful & fruitful than ever! Praise You Lord!

       75. We have the victory, Lord, because we have the Victor, the Winner, You, Jesus, & we cannot lose! Thank You Lord that we're winning despite a few seeming defeats now & then. You even get Your greatest victories out of seeming defeat! The Enemy may attack us, Lord, but You can make it a defeat for him instead, & a victory for Thy Truth & Thy children! May their attacks be a blessing for us instead of a curse!

       76. You promised, Lord, to turn cursing to blessing & cause the wrath of Man to praise You!--Deut.23:5; Psa.76:10. So continue to do it, Lord, in the Name of Jesus! Turn their cursing into blessing, & voice Thy Truth in spite of all their lies!

       77. "If Thou, O God, be for us, no man can stand against us" (Rom.8:31), however great their power or numbers! None can withstand Thy power, Lord! Even a united World Government like the Antichrist's is not going to be able to stop us, no matter what they do! We're going to keep going for You, Lord, until that Great Day of Your Return! Praise You Lord!

       78. And Lord, You told us that if we suffer with Thee, we shall also reign with Thee. (2Tim. 2:12) So even if we suffer, Lord, You're going to reward us even more, You're going to recompense us even more, going to help us even more, Lord, even if we have to suffer.

       79. You promised in Your Word, Lord, that even up until the very End, "They that understand among the people shall instruct many."--Dan.11:33. We'll still have a ministry to the very End. So we're still going to be here, Lord, & You're going to be taking care of us somehow. Some of us will suffer, some will be released, but most of us, Lord, are going to still be going strong for You & Your Heavenly Kingdom. We praise Thee, Lord!

       80. Even for those of us who will die, Lord, it's our release, it's our graduation, it's our victory! We will have lived our life, we will have even witnessed by our death, & therefore, Lord, we will be promoted to Thy Heavenly Realm where there is sudden glory!--Sudden death, sudden glory! Thank You Lord!

       81. Even though the Antichrist System will seek to wear out Thy Saints, & the day will soon come when You will even permit them to overcome us in some ways, nevertheless, Lord, we shall be the final victors, & will finish the job You've given us to do! Hallelujah! (Dan.7:25-27; Rev.12:11) You will then call us up, Lord, to meet You in the air, & so shall we ever be with Thee! (1Th.4:16-17) Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! So bless & keep us, Lord, & give us strength for our present tasks, & skill & great wisdom & faithfulness to Thee!

       82. We know the Devil hates us & his people hate us, but they'll never be able to stop us! Nothing can stop You or Your reign or all of Your Messengers, Prophets & holy Children who are here to stay forever, even if You have to jerk the World & the wicked out from under us & create a new World in which we'll live in peace, plenty, beauty & harmony forever!--And You will! Hallelujah!

       83. They'll never stop our rain, Lord!--Our rain of the Gospel here & now, & our reign over all the Earth in the Future! Praise You Jesus! Hallelujah! They will never be able to stop us, Lord, because we'll still be here, or There, as long as You want us to be, & that's Forever! Thank You Jesus!

       84. So our futile enemies will never be able to beat us, thank You Lord! We'll be running things with You one of these days, Lord! You even said they're going to bow at our feet!--That You will make them to come & worship before our & Thy feet!--Rev.3:9.

       85. So help us all to do our best while we're still here, while we still have this glorious opportunity to save souls for Thy Kingdom, for Thy Heavenly City, Lord! They'll be so glad when they get There, that we came & told them about You!--That we loved them enough, Lord, to try to reach them & save them for Eternity. We won't be sorry, we won't regret reaching a single one, we'll be thankful for every single one that we won & led to Thee, Lord, everyone who was reached, all those that were witnessed to.

       86. Help us, Lord, never to stop!--Never to stop loving & serving You, never to stop talking about You, & never to stop loving others into Thy Kingdom, in Jesus' name! Praise You Lord! We know we have made the Devil mad & he is really angry & he & his forces are really trying to defeat us!--But they never will, they can't!--"They Can't Stop Our Rain!" Praise You Lord! And one of these days we're going to come charging down on them at Armageddon & defeat them, stop them & wipe them out, & then they're going to be sorry! Praise You Lord! And then it will be victory after victory, Lord, & all will be well & we will all be safe & happy, ruling & reigning with You & each other forever! Thank You Jesus!

Prophetic Promises from the Lord!
       87. I SHALL deliver the Kingdom unto My servant David & unto his mighty men, & all of thy enemies are but puffs of air before Me, & shall vanish away & be no more! But the Kingdom of God shall be forever & ever. For the children of David are the children of God, & they are My children.

       88. "How can they expect to overcome the children of David & the followers of Moses?--For they have not got the power to do this thing! For Jesus is with His children & He will go with them against all their enemies & overcome all evil, & there is none that can stand against Him! He is with His People & He is with His children & He will overcome the gates of Hell & all opposition, & all the enemies are as nothing to the children of God, the children of Jesus, & the children of Moses & of David! They shall overcome all the enemies & none can stand against them or stop them!

       89. "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh at those who try to tighten the tongue of David! Therefore, fear not, for I am thy God & thy testimony & thy peace & thy great fortress round about thee which no human power can touch, which is above all earthly powers, & none can stand against thee, for I am thy God & thou art My children, & they are but specks & shall be blown away!

       90. "Be not afraid, for I am thy God!--I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee, yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness! Therefore, heed not these devices which come of that little punk Satan!--But rather, listen unto Me & I will lead thee & I will guide thee!

       91. "Fear not, therefore, that which shall come upon thee! For I shall turn it unto thy good! Every device of Man shall be turned back upon his own head, & none shall dare touch thee except by My permission!

       92. "Fear not the things which rise against thee, for all the forces of the Devil shall be as chaff which the wind driveth away & all the ridiculous little pieces of trash which rise against thee shall be blown away by the Spirit of God! For I am with thee & none shall stand against the power I have given thee!

       93. "Fear not, O little ones. Blessed are they that die in the Lord, for their works do follow them, for so persecuted they the Prophets like My servant David.--But great is your reward in Heaven! Great is your reward in Heaven!

       94. "In the end thou shalt triumph over them, for they shall be dust & ashes under thy feet, for thou shalt reign victoriously over all the Earth & thou shalt forget the hinder years & remember only that which is called the glorious, Golden Age that I have given thee--the Age of all ages!" Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen? Hallelujah!

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