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THE CHINESE PUZZLE!        1/91--A Strange Dream!        DO 2685

       1. Remind me to tell you about the Chinese cloth puzzle. It's unending. It's a trap. I keep trying to unravel it, but I can't find my way out. It's never ending. Jesus, please deliver me! Help me, Jesus....

       2. There's only one way!--To take the scissors of God & cut through it, in Jesus' name! There's no other way, you just have to take the scissors of God & cut through it, because it's insoluble. It's a Chinese cloth, a puzzle. So I just took the scissors & I cut it & I'm free! It was a trap & it was endless. It was a terrible trap! An awful trap! Thank You Jesus for giving me Your scissors to cut through it! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

       3. There's no other way, you just have to take the scissors of God & cut your way free. TYJ! I kept praying, "Lord, deliver me! Please deliver me!", & He did. It's wonderful, wonderful! (Maria: What does the Chinese cloth puzzle represent?) My God, I don't know! It's just interminable! It's the Devil's trap! (Maria: But what does it represent? What is the Devil's trap?) The Chinese puzzle, the cloth puzzle. It's a design in the cloth & you have to find a way out. I tried to unravel it but there's no way, there's no way. You just have to take the scissors of God & cut it, cut your way free! Hallelujah!

       4. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! (Tongues) (Maria: What are the scissors of God?) A two-edged sword. The sword of God. It cuts & sets us free! (Maria: Thank You Lord!) Isn't that wonderful? (Maria: Yes!) I was all tangled up. It was terrible! A Chinese puzzle. Strings all woven into the fabric of this material. I tried to unravel it & salvage it, but I just couldn't till God gave me the scissors to cut me free just like the two-edged sword of His Word! He cut me free! (Maria: If the scissors are the Word, the two-edged sword, what is the Chinese cloth puzzle?) It's the Devil's trap! (Maria: But what's the Devil's trap?) The fabric of the Chinese puzzle. (Maria: What does that represent?) The Devil's trap. (Maria: Like what? What's the Devil's trap?) The Chinese puzzle.

       5. (Maria: But what does that represent? If the scissors are the two-edged sword, what is the Chinese puzzle?) The Devil's lies! It's all his intricate, clever, even beautiful, woven lies. My God, it was so so beautiful & yet it was so bad! (Maria: Who tries to unravel it?) I tried to unravel it. (Maria: Who else tries?) We do. (Maria: Everyone?) We're always trying to get free of the Devil's trap & all of those...those...what do you call it? All those other intricate weavings. It's the Devil's own trap.

       6. But thank You Jesus, I got free with the scissors, the Lord's two-edged sword! It just cut me free! Thank You Lord! There's no end of the Devil's trap, you just have to cut free. (Maria: You said it's complicated & confusing?) Oh my God, it's so so complicated! Only the Lord can cut you free with His Word! (Maria: Is it from Oplexicon?) Yes, from the Devil. (Maria: Does it have anything to do with Oplexicon, "who tries to deny the answers of God"?) He is the Devil. (Maria: He is the Devil?) Yes, you know that. (Maria: I thought Oplexicon was just one of the biggest demons.) No, not Oplexicon. Oplexicon is the Demon! TYJ! Hallelujah! The Lord just handed me the big scissors of His Word & I just cut myself free! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Maria: You recovered yourself from the trap of the Devil.) (2Tim.2:26)

       7. Yes, He gave me the scissors of His Word & I used the scissors of His Word to cut myself free. It was such an intricate intricate, almost fascinating design! It's beautiful!--The Chinese web was really beautiful! (Maria: Web?) Yes. (Maria: Is that the way the Devil's lies always are?) Well, I don't know about always, but that was the way it was this time. Very clever. His lies are always a trap. They're always to trap you & confuse you.


       8. (Maria: How was it you were ravelled up in it? What did the puzzle look like?) It was like a tapestry. The cloth was red & the design was black & real evil. It ran through the whole cloth. It was like a whole bolt of cloth, you know? (Maria: You mean in a roll?) Yes. I kept unrolling it trying to find a way out. (Maria: You were inside it?) Sort of tangled up in the design. (Maria: Oh, you were in the design?) Yes, I was just sort of tangled up in it. (Maria: But how could you be inside the bolt?) Well, just like you get tangled up in a string or a rope or something like that. (Maria: You mean you were rolled up in the bolt?) Yes, sort of. In the design.

       9. (Maria: And you couldn't get out, & you were trying to unravel it?) Yes. And the Lord or somebody just handed me a big pair of scissors & I just cut through & was set free! Somehow it seemed like I was tangled up inside, bound by it. But as soon as I got the scissors I cut the whole bolt in two, design & all, & I was set free. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!--Amen.

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