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DAD'S LOVE & PRAYERS FOR JAPAN, KOREA & TAIWAN        DO 2702        6/91

       1. The Japanese are good people--they work hard & they're very conscientious. They really suffer at the hands of their government, which is very cruel to them & makes them suffer & pay high prices. Lord God, have mercy on the poor Japanese, Lord, the poor, hard-working labourers.--But make the rich & the cruel of the upper class suffer for their sins against their own people!

       2. --And make the wicked Americans suffer at the hands of the Japanese! The Americans cannot understand why they cannot overcome the Japanese! It's because the Japanese are more conscientious & faithful, diligent & righteous. God damn the Americans! Judge them, Lord, by the Japanese!

       3. The Japanese are good, righteous people, doing the best they can, & God is going to punish the wicked Americans & make them suffer at the hands of the good, righteous Japanese!--And also deliver the Japanese at the hands of the Americans! Does that sound strange? But it's true, God has a balance for everything. God has a recompense.--The Americans at the hands of the Japanese & the Japanese at the hands of the Americans.

       4. The wicked Americans have much more to suffer for than the Japanese. The Japanese are much more hard-working, diligent & righteous. It's only right that the Americans should suffer at the hands of the Japanese & that the rich Japanese should suffer at the hands of their poor. And it will come. The time will come when God will even out everything. TYL! The time will come when God shall make all things even, when He shall make all things well. The Japanese are both bad & good & the U.S. shall suffer at their hand for the wickedness of the Americans. In fact, they are suffering now.

       5. Lord God, please help the Japanese not to eat so much unclean fish! My God, the Jews have such an advantage over everybody, they know what to do & not to do, what to eat & not to eat, & they're ahead of everybody! They have such an advantage, they're ahead of everybody in even just keeping the Mosaic Law. God damn them because they're so evil!--And yet they're so good, taking advantage of God's laws. They rule the World. Their time is coming when they will rule all through their lord, the Antichrist, so self-righteous & hypocritical, so that even the worst shall seem like the best! It's coming soon too, sooner than you think!

       6. I hear the sea by the coast of Japan. It's scary. Jesus, keep us from the sea. The sea is saying many things. The sea speaks of many things to your father, things that will happen, sad things & good things that will happen to the seas of Japan. Thank You Jesus for the things that You show me & for the dear Japanese people whom You have so much love for.

       7. I really love the Japanese & I'm still trying to help them. And that man, he will listen. What's his name? (Maria: Hashimoto.) That man, he will listen & I will help him & Jesus will help him if he hears the voice of Jesus. God bless Hashimoto, Lord. Help him in Jesus' name, to obey Thy Will & Thy Love & to help his people, in Jesus' name.

       8. I'm God's precious Prophet. He never leaves nor forsakes me & He always helps me. I want to help the poor Japanese, & that's how we have to help them, by praying for them. It's very important to pray for them. It's a part of my job, Honey, my duty, to pray for the Japanese. Will you please help me pray for the Japanese? Who else is going to pray for them but us? No one really understands them but us. No one else really has a heart for them nor understands them like we do. That's why the Lord is letting our Family stay there, because we love them & we're trying to help them even though we have many enemies there.

       9. The Lord is letting us love the Japanese for His sake. The Lord is answering the prayers of our dear Hosts there who have much love for them. (Maria: Lydia & Johane pray that we can stay there to help their people?) Yes, of course. Hallelujah! Amen! PTL! TYJ!

       10. Will you please help me pray for the Japanese?--Because I love them dearly, in Jesus' name, amen. I think they know we love them & that we're doing all we can to show them that we love them. The Lord must really love them because He's working so hard to show them how much we love them, in Jesus' name. Amen.

       11. How I love You, Lord! You're so sweet & so precious! I know You must really love the Japanese because You love them through me. I love them, Jesus, & I pray for them. Have mercy on them, Lord. All of them, Lord. In the Name of Jesus.--Johane & Lydia, who love You, & all of our friends & sponsors. I love them, Lord. I really really try to love them, Jesus, with Your Love, in Jesus' name.

       12. Lord, bless the Christians of Japan. Bless & encourage them & help them to boldly witness for Thee, Lord! Help them to do their job, because we can't do it for them. Help them to boldly witness Thy Love, Lord, in Jesus' name! We've done just a little bit, so small.--Help them to do the rest, Lord, in Jesus' name!

       13. And in Korea too, Lord! There are so many of Thy children in Korea. Help them to be more faithful to witness for Thee, Lord, against the Devil's horrible, violent revolutionary forces! Bless Roh Tae Woo, the President, Lord, such a good Christian that the Devil is fighting! Rebuke the forces of anti-Christ there, Lord! Rebuke the Satanic forces of evil! Bless & keep Your precious Christians in the government, Lord, against all the forces of the Devil & evil that are trying to fight them. My God, rebuke them, in Jesus' name! Lord Jesus, give them the victory, Lord! Deliver them out of the hands of the Evil One who inspires all those radical students with demon-possession! O God, bless & keep them & help Korea to get the victory over the forces of Satan!--In Jesus' name, amen.

       14. Lord, bless Thy forces, Thy children in Taiwan too, against the evil forces of the Devil & help them to win the victory! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! TYL! Rebuke the forces that are trying to stir up evil & violence, Lord, in the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah!--Amen.
       * *
Quiz Questions

       1) "The wicked _________ have much more to suffer for than the ________." (4) Why is God going to allow the Americans to suffer at the hands of the Japanese? (2-4)
       2) Is all seafood good to eat? (5) Do you know what seafood is clean or unclean? (See Lev.11:9-12 for a study on clean seafood, & all of Lev.11 for the Mosaic "food laws," as well as LWG 5-14: "Why Is the Sea Salty?")
       3) What motivates the radical students in South Korea who are trying to overthrow the government? (13)

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