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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.60       DO 2762        1/92

       1. We've seen in these magazines how all these artists "enhanced" the pictures of the Voyager 2 Space Probe!--Ha! It would be so easy to fake all this stuff, because who really knows but these so-called scientists themselves? I'm sorry, but I've gotten so unbelieving in science that I just expect them to be phonies & fakers to begin with. Look how they've cooked up & faked & perpetrated Evolution! I just figure if they're lying about things like that so much, they're probably lying about everything! It reminds me of that movie, "Capricorn One" in which NASA faked a Mars landing!
       2. Those scientists claim to know all about how everything happened! It's amazing, they can even tell you how many millions of years ago an event in space took place, ha! How could people be so stupid to believe those phonies?
       3. They say, "You know what? Our Voyager 2 Space Probe could live on for billions of years & could possibly outlive the Planet Earth." Isn't that stupid & idiotic? Oh boy, am I going to get the last laugh in the Millennium! I'm going to make fun of those stupid idiots. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools!"--Rom.1:22.

       GAS TAX!
       4. You're attacking the very fabric of American society--America's cars--when you put a tax on gasoline!

       5. North Korea is a sample of the AC government--total control! Even bicycles are banned there, so that the people can be more easily controlled.

       6. Agencies in the U.S. keep records on 90% of the American public for credit references. (Note: These are records of a person's past purchases on credit, & whether he paid promptly & on time, or paid at all! Held by credit bureaus, these records serve as either a good or bad "reference" to your trustworthiness in paying your bills.) It's preparation for the Mark of the Beast, a preview of how the Antichrist is going to operate. They can control your education, your employment & your social standing by credit references. They say the invasion of privacy is a downhill train out of control & it's going to wreck the System. The AC System is already in place & now they only have to turn it over to the Antichrist, that's all.
       7. It just shows you can't trust the System in any way, & it shows you how it's building up toward the Antichrist System. The System is already in place--with credit records on everybody in the U.S.--all he has to do is take it over. The records are in place, just like they're going to have records of who has the Mark of the Beast & who doesn't. In other words, the Mark of the Beast is a good credit reference. If you haven't got it, you've got a bad credit reference & you can't buy or sell.

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