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{\b \i (Intro to GN640 from Mama:)}        Maria #278 DO 2997[EDITED: "intro"]        6/95

Dear Family,
       1. In this GN I'm going to be sharing with you some exciting things the Lord has given us about some very great mission fields. Here's a "peek" to whet your appetite:
       2. First of all, the Lord is still "pushing" His burden for the great land of Russia and the peoples there that He loves so dearly!--So much so that He will be doing something there that will surprise you!
       3. Next, do you remember the prayer request in FUN 30 about the persecution that the team in Armenia received? In this GN, there is some insight from the Lord into that situation, why it happened and how similar situations can be avoided. Even if you're not particularly interested in going to Armenia, there is very important--in fact, vital--information there for each one of you.
       4. Next, the Lord gives us some amazing news about China and tells us what He wants us to do there! Again, even if you're not personally burdened to go to China, you can pray for the ones who are, and be excited with what the Lord has in store.
       5. Then, the last item in this GN will apply to most of you who are launching out by faith and either pioneering new Homes or cutting down the large ones that you are already in. You will be very encouraged and helped by what the Lord has to tell you.
       6. This is an exciting GN, so hold on to your hats! The Lord is doing great things!--And He wants us to be a part of them! What a privilege that He is taking us into His confidence and telling us His secrets. We can love Him in return by doing all we can to help. I love you! Thanks for being such a wonderful Family!

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