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ANSWERS TO PRAYER AND NEW BABIES!--From Mama       DO/TS 3038       1/96
Maria #320

My precious Family,
1. God bless you! I love you! We would like to announce to all of you dear ones that Techi recently had a beautiful 4.1-kilo baby boy (nine pounds)! He was a miracle baby, as so many of our Family babies are. When he came out, he had the cord wrapped around his neck three times so tightly that he was completely blue and didn't start breathing until about a minute had elapsed, while everyone desperately prayed! What a wonderful victory, as the Enemy's plans were foiled again! Hallelujah!
       2. Peter and Abi's oldest daughter, Bethy, also had a baby, a little girl, just 11 days prior to Techi's delivery. So Peter and I both became grandparents right around the same time, and the folks in our Home had a chance to have a double celebration! Even though I've just joined the ranks of our Family grandparents, in reality I've been a grandparent all along, as each of you are my children and each of your children is my grandchild! We're proud of not only Techi and Bethy, but of all you young women who are so bravely accepting your calling of motherhood. The Lord means it not only to be a big responsibility, but a very big blessing, and a very precious love gift from Him.
       3. Those of you who are pregnant, please eat well and get your needed rest and exercise! Especially you teenage mothers need lots of proteins, calcium, and to eat good balanced meals daily. And those of you who have already had your babies, it's very important that you eat well also.--Not only for your baby's strength and nourishment, but for your own strength. They say good nutrition prevents about 90% of problems in pregnancy, delivery, and post-natal recovery and health. Each of you is so precious to us, and we admire you for being a good soldier. We want you to stay strong and healthy so you can be happy and fulfilled, a good mommy for your baby, and a good sample to others of Jesus' Love.


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