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PROPHECIES ON PRIDE AND HUMILITY!--By Maria       DO 3043       2/96
Maria #325

       1. Pride is a sin which virtually everyone must battle in some form or other. In this GN I want to share with you some prophecies on this subject which the Lord gave when we were praying for different ones who were in need of some help, explanation or correction. Our prayer is that the counsel the Lord gave to these folks will also be helpful to you. Although everyone's situation is different, we can always benefit in some way from the Lord's great Love and wisdom, even though it may be directed specifically to someone else.
       2. Please note that even though these prophecies would fall into the category of "correction," each was delivered by the Lord with great love and tenderness. Though they were absolutely truthful, straight to the point, and with no room for any misunderstandings, there was no threatening, no intimidation, no condemning tone.
       3. When the Lord gives correction in prophecy, no matter how serious the problem may be, He doesn't normally do it for the purpose of punishing, but instead for the purpose of changing the behavior, and motivating and inspiring the recipient to want to do better. So remember, no matter how difficult a person's behavior may be, even though the Lord may have to give it to them pretty straight, He won't rant and rave and rage and spew out His anger and cause fear and condemnation, hopelessness and despair. He always gives hope. He always offers a solution, a way back to closer fellowship with Him.
       4. If the Lord offers us such love and mercy, should we not treat those in our care in like manner? The verse in 1John 3:16 is applicable here: "Hereby perceive we the Love of God, because He laid down His life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren." Or we could paraphrase it: "Hereby perceive we the Love of God, because He has shown unmerited mercy and forgiveness to us; and we should show the same to others." I pray the following beautiful messages from the Lord will touch your heart and teach you many things.

       The See-through Garment of Humility !
       5. This prophecy was given in response to a prayer request by one of our staff members who was battling on many fronts. The Lord is very loving in this prophecy, as He expresses His Love for this dear one very sweetly, and He gently leads her in the way she should go. He also, however, gives some very direct correction, which is not that easy to take for any of us. In order to try to make it as easy as possible for her to receive this correction, Peter and I had her come into our room and invited her to lie down between us while we read the prophecy with her. That way we were able to pray with her, comfort her, dry her tears, and encourage her.

       6. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }Oh, how I love you! How precious you are in My sight. I know your heart and your heartaches. I know your desires and your wishes. I know the frustrations that you have, feeling that you are not used to the fullest. But are you loving Me to the fullest? Are you loving others to the fullest?
       7. The path that I would lead you on is the path of humility. This path leads through thin, tight places, and to squeeze through, you must shed all of the outer garments. For without shedding these, you cannot pass through the tight places in the road. When you come out on the other side, you are naked and have nothing. This is fearful for you, as it may be cold and you fear being exposed. But I will cover you and keep you warm and protect you.
       8. (There was a picture of someone walking on a path with steep mountains on either side. At a certain point the path passed through a very narrow gorge between these mountains. It was so narrow that the only way to pass through it was to go through sideways. It was so tight that if you had a backpack on, or even clothes, you couldn't fit. So you had to take all those things off, and then you'd just slip through.)
       9. The burdens of self must be laid down. The burdens of image, the burdens of loveliness, the burdens of self-image, the garments of pride --all of these things must be laid aside. And though it seems that you shall be exposed, in fact you will be freed! For you can then take on a garment of simplicity and of humility, which is a much lighter garment, much easier to wear.
       10. I have now given you a gift, and I have given you this gift that I may humble you. This gift is the gift of prophecy, of speaking My Words. It is a humbling gift. {\b \i (Mama: This precious staff member had recently received the gift of prophecy. At this time she only gave her prophecies in private rather than when together with the Home. For some, the gift of prophecy can minister to their pride; for others it is very humbling to prophesy in public.)} It is not highly exalted, but it tests your faith, and it humbles you in the sight of men, and thus you resist it. But be not so. Accept the humbling, for in humility you will find great happiness. For this is the road that I choose for you, a road of gentle humility, of submission, and of yieldedness. {\b \i (Mama: This was the only reference to the gift of prophecy the Lord had given her. Now the Lord carries on speaking about other matters.)}
       11. Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, but rejoice, in that you are a partaker of My suffering. There are two ways to face this test: the way of resistance, or the way of yieldedness. The way of yieldedness is the easy way. For as the two goats meet on the narrow mountain path, and the one lies down and lets the other walk over him, this is the way that I would that you should be. Otherwise there is only confrontation and the butting of heads. It is so much easier just to lie down and let the other pass over you. For I say, let it pass, let it pass.
       12. I know your heart, I know your struggle. But so much could be easier if you would but yield.--Not only yielding unto Me and yielding unto your queen, but yielding unto others, esteeming others better than yourself. You must learn this basic humility, basic simplicity, and basic love. Thus can I use the gifts that I have bestowed upon you.
       13. Strive to be humble. Strive to be loving. Fight for kindness and for understanding, for these are great jewels that you can wear, which will bring forth the true beauty of God. Seek to be simple. Seek to be loving. Seek to be gentle. It is there, I know, for I see your heart and I know your heart well. I know that in the wellsprings of your heart these desires are there --the desire to be full of love and loving, the desire to be humble and sweet and kind, longsuffering and understanding. But these can only be released from your heart as you shed the cloaks of pride and of selfishness.
       14. But understand, My dear one, that I do not condemn you for these things, and I do not judge you. I tell you because I love you and because I know the desires of your heart and wish to bring them forth. But the garments of pride are too thick and they cover your heart. These beautiful attributes, these beautiful jewels that are hidden there in the depths of your cavern cannot come forth because of the thickness of the garment. But there is great peace in humility, a peace which passes all understanding. Do not try so hard. For it is not in the trying to achieve that you will achieve; it is in the laying down of self.
       15. So when you are tested, simply say, "I will." When these things come, simply say, "I shed my cloak. I lie down, pass over me." And you will find that it is so much easier! There you will find contentment, and there you will find happiness, no longer struggling. You will have quit trying. For you cannot attain these things in your own strength, lest you say your own arm has saved you. You will attain that which you desire through the path of humility, the path of gentleness, the path of kindness, the path of love. For humility never snaps back. Humility overcomes anger and frustration. Humility overcomes fear.
       16. When I humble you and when I allow you to make seeming mistakes, instead of being so frustrated and condemned and fighting so hard to determine, "I'm not going to let it happen again! I'm just not going to let it happen again!" just praise Me and say, "Thank You for humbling me! Thank You for showing me up. Thank You for showing my faults and failings."
       17. When others fail you or make seeming mistakes, instead of blowing up in anger and frustration, say, "I pray for these and I love these. I want to help them and make it easy for them." Think thoughts of love for these who frustrate you. Pray for them. And as you think these thoughts of love and pray these prayers of love, so will the love in your heart be able to permeate your spirit and spread beyond the cloaks (of pride and selfishness), and the cloaks shall dissipate.
       18. So think thoughts of love--love towards others and love towards yourself. Do not be so condemning of yourself and of your failings, for I do not condemn you. I want to help you, and I shall help you overcome, as you humble yourself in My sight and in the sight of others. Seek to be humble. Seek to do those things which are humbling, and rejoice in them.
       19. When there is a choice to do the proud thing or the humble thing, always choose to do the humble thing. For therein lies My blessing, therein lies My strength, therein lies My Love, and therein lies the joy that you seek.
       20. You cannot struggle in your own strength to find this joy. There is no amount of works or self-improvement that you can do. You cannot work at doing a better job and trying to look better in the sight of man. That is not the path. The only path to the joy you seek is the path of humility.
       21. So strip off the garments of pride! Strip them off, cast them aside, and lie naked before Me and before others. They will not despise you for this--they will love you and they will honor you with the honor of God! They will say, "This is the one that has taken on the beautiful, light, see-through garment of humility, the garment of Love. Oh, how she glows! For we now see that the light and the Love of our Lord shines through her. We can see it, for it is no longer covered with the dark cloak of pride. Now we see through the see-through garment of humility. Oh, how beauteous it is to see and to behold! Oh, how she radiates! Oh, how she smiles! Oh, the joy that we see in her!"
       22. For God's way up, My dear, is down. I understand the difficulty, for it is so, so contrary--so contrary to your nature, so contrary to your make-up and to your being. But that is the test, and that requires faith: To give up that which seems right in your own mind, and to take on that which is right in the sight of God. But I will help you, I will uphold you, and I will strengthen you.
       23. You must take the steps, you must walk the path, but know that I am with you. At each of the narrow places where you have a choice, shed the weights, shed the burdens, and slip through. And each time you come out on the other side naked and exposed, you will rejoice, for you will be lighter, and you will have shed the heavy burdens.
       24. So come, let us walk together on this path. Let Me lead you gently and guide you. For it is because of My Love that I take you, and because of My great Love that I wish for you to shed your clothes, that I may even see you and hold you and love you and caress you. For I do love you, My dear one, and I will make this as easy as possible, like a Lover Who lovingly kisses and opens the blouse and drops it to the floor and holds and caresses, and unzips the skirt and slowly brings it down, Who slowly and lovingly disrobes you and lays you down. So shall it be, if you will just let Me do it. Otherwise it is a struggle.
       25. I want you naked, My dear. I want you naked in the bed of love. I do not want to have to rip the clothes of pride off you. I just want your gentle yieldedness as you say, "Yes, strip me naked and love me." And so shall I do this thing. For as you say "yes," I shall be as a Lover Who gently, gently disrobes you. You won't even feel it because it will be with My Love and My kisses and My caresses.
       26. So yield unto Me, My dear love, and let Me strip you. Then let Me cover you. For I will cover you with Myself, and I will lie on top of you, and I will envelop you with My warmth. I will cover you with My Love. (End of prophecy.)

       Taking Off the Make-up of Pride !
       27. ({\ul \i Mama:) }This prophecy was given about a very gifted and talented leader, who, before the implementation of the Charter, was relieved of his responsibilities due to disobedience in a number of areas, including excessive drinking. The prophecy was given as guidance for those who were shepherding this leader. It contains good lessons about the handicap of natural abilities.

       28. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }When this one was small in his own sight, I was able to use him very greatly, for he sought Me and he heard from Me. I spoke to him and gave him many new ideas and inspirations that helped others, that helped them to feel loved and feel that someone cared for them. But as this one began to take credit unto himself, and began to see himself more highly than he ought, I lifted this anointing.
       29. But as one that is used to being in the limelight puts on make-up and a costume in order to look better, so this one began to do those things that would make him look better in the sight of man. Though I still used him and helped him to encourage others, it was not the same, for he was taking unto himself too much glory, too much credit, and too much of the worship of man. Thus I could not fully anoint him for the task that I had for him to do, and thus he had to carry some of the tasks on his own.
       30. In doing so, he tried very hard to act as if he still had the anointing that I had given him. For he saw that some of this anointing was lifted, but instead of becoming humble and seeking Me, he tried in his own strength and his own might and his own character and his own personality to carry the load of God. But it was not possible; thus he felt the weight and the burdens and he could not carry them.
       31. Because he lacked the inspiration and had to carry the weight and felt the burden of it, he turned to the inspiration of the flesh--to the wine, and the joy and the inspiration and the feeling of lightness that it brought. But it was not the joy and the inspiration and the feeling of lightness of My Spirit that he would have had, had he humbled himself and given Me all the glory.
       32. He had taken unto him these many costumes and much make-up to look good in the sight of man, but now he has been taken out of the limelight. No longer do the spotlights of adoration and adulation and worship of man shine upon him; thus he begins to take off the costumes and the outer clothing. They must be peeled off one by one. The make-up must come off with the cold cream of My Word and the smoothness of My Love. But these things do not come off easily, for they are quite ingrained in his being, because he is well used to the adulation of women and of the sheep.
       33. When he is in My Spirit, his charm and personality can draw others unto Me. But when he walks in the arm of the flesh, he tries to draw them to himself, thinking that he is drawing them to Me. He does not know that he draws them unto himself, and does not know of the damage that he does in drawing them unto himself. He thinks he draws them unto Me, but he knows not that he draws them unto himself. He does not see the damage that this has caused, in getting others to look at man rather than at Me.
       34. He does not see that the affection that he gives in the arm of the flesh does not do that which the affection in the power of the Spirit does. He does not understand it. For again, he thinks that which he does is that which the Spirit is leading him to do, and would lead him to do, if he was in the Spirit. But when he walks after the manner of the flesh, and tries to do the things of the Spirit in the flesh, it does not bring forth the fruit that it would if they were done in the Spirit.
       35. You cannot do the things of the Spirit in the arm of the flesh, for it does not bring forth the same results. The things of the Spirit bring forth good fruit; they minister love and encouragement, peace and understanding. But when you do the things of the Spirit in the flesh, they bring forth confusion and contention, and others do not understand.
       36. This one, who in heart wishes to do the things of the Spirit, has lost the anointing to do these things in the Spirit. Thus he has attempted to do these things--the matters of the Spirit --in the arm of the flesh, and this does not work. He does not understand that he has lost that anointing, thus he continues trying to do the things of the Spirit in the arm of the flesh.
       37. Therefore, I have set him aside so that he may learn the matters of the Spirit, and so he may have the time to shed the costumes and the make-up and the role-playing, and once again become humble, and thus useful. For his strengths, when used in the Spirit, are attributes that can be used of Me to draw others unto Me. But these strengths, when used in the arm of the flesh, are weaknesses which draw others away from Me and unto himself. Thus he must learn to walk in the Spirit, in humility, that he may once again regain the anointing of My Spirit, and that he may use the gifts, the powers, the abilities, and the natural attributes that I have given unto him for My glory, and not for his own.
       38. Because he likes to and tries to look good in the sight of man, he speaks that which he thinks those that he speaks to would like to hear, but not always from the heart and not always in truth. Because he likes to look good in the eyes of man, he seeks to avoid that which will make him look as if he is at fault or failing.
       39. I call him to humility, and have given unto him a robe of humility. He must take off the robes of role-playing, of acting, and the make-up and all that hides his true self, all that protects from Me and My Spirit. He must be as one who is naked, who has taken upon him the robe of humility.--Not a robe of protection against Me, but a robe of My warmth and My comfort and My care.
       40. You that care for him must help to peel off these robes. You must assure him that you love him for what he is beneath all the coverings. This way he will be able to, in faith, shed the coverings, and he will no longer fear that when you see what is there, you will not love him. So assure him of your love, but help him also to see that as long as he tries to please the people and he tries to play a role, he cannot receive My anointing in the way that I wish to give it unto him.
       41. I wish that I could mightily use him again, as a mighty one, filled and anointed with My Spirit, drawing others unto Me. I have gifted him greatly with many natural talents and abilities, with much charm and love, and I have put in him a desire for My Word, and thus he has great attributes that could be greatly used in this new day. But he must shed the ways of man, the arm of the flesh, the coverings, the man-pleasing, the deception that makes himself look good in the eyes of man. Instead, he must come clean and be honest and open before Me, and before you, that he may be freed from the chains of bondage of the flesh, to once again operate in the power of My Spirit.
       42. Before honor is humility, and without humility there can be no honor. For I cannot trust the man that is full of himself and is seeking the praise of man. I can only trust those who seek to give all glory unto Me. This one must fight to use the gifts and talents that I have given him for My glory, and not his own; to pour forth My Love, and not his own; to lead others unto Me, and not unto himself.
       43. I have much that I wish to do with this one, but before that can be accomplished, he must humble himself and strip himself of the garments of pride and self-adulation. He must, in meekness and in all humility, seek Me and My anointing, so that he no longer does things in the arm of his own flesh, but in the power and might of My Spirit.
       44. ({\ul \i To the leader:) }So come, look in the mirror and begin to take off the make-up and all that covers you, so these that care for you can see you, just you; not that which you would like them to see, but just you. Take off the garments that make you look good, that they may see you. Don the robe of humility that I have put forth for you. My way up is down, and for Me to use you as you desire--and I know your desire--you must first shed these weights and come unto Me in all humility, so I may empower you. For as long as you are in the way, I cannot allow My Spirit to pour forth unto you in the way that you need, to do that which I would have you to do.
       45. So come, My dear one, My gifted one, and let Me use your gifts! Let Me control your life, so that I may pour My Spirit into you in a new and even greater way. For he that saves his life shall lose it, but he that loses his life for My sake, the same shall save it. So lay down your life. Lay down yourself, lay down your pride, lay down your images.
       46. Come unto Me, that I may cover you with My anointing, that I may cover you with My Love, and that I may cover you with the robe of humility, so when others look at you, they will see Me. When others feel your love, they will feel My Love; when others enjoy your company, they will be enjoying My company. Then others will not say, "Oh, what a man of God," but rather they will say, "Oh, how we see Jesus shine through this one!"
       47. I know that this is what you seek, and I know that you wish to be used of Me, and I know that you love Me, but too much of you has gotten in the way. Therefore lay it down. Lay it down that I may empower you, and that I may make you and mold you into the man that I would have you to be, a man of great use to Me and to My Kingdom.
       48. I have chosen you and I have called you and I have used you mightily, and I wish to do so again. But I cannot until you have stepped out of the robe of the worship and care and desires of man, and into the robe of true humility, giving all glory unto Me. As you do this, I will pour forth My anointing upon you, so you may be the man that you desire to be, a man who reflects Me and My Spirit and My Love.
       49. I understand that which you have tried to do. I understand what has been the desire and intent of your heart. It was not out of malice that you did these things, but more out of ignorance, in not seeing that you had lost the anointing because of your pride. Then, when My Spirit tried to reveal these things unto you, because of your pride, you could not admit it to yourself, and you tried to carry on and minister My Spirit in the arm of the flesh. Now I wish for you to be able to minister My Spirit in the power of the Spirit. You must do these things in order to regain that which you have lost. I long to pour it forth unto you because of My great love for you and because of My gratefulness for your sacrifice in giving your life unto Me.
       50. It is a small thing that I ask of you, to lay these things aside and to come in all truthfulness, honesty and humility unto Me and unto others, so that I may empower you, and that you might be the man that you desire to be. (End of prophecy.)

       Learn to Be a Humble Man !
       51. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Following is a prophecy given for someone who held leadership positions in the past, and who is now pioneering a small Home on a difficult mission field.

       52. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }You have chosen the good thing, the humble thing, the yielded thing, and this is where My blessings dwell, and they dwell with you. As you have become a babe again, so do I hold you, and so do I strengthen you, and so do I supply for you. Do not think that these times are only times of struggle, for these are times of learning and of preparing and of humbling--times of desperation, but times of great joy. You do not have the burdens of leadership, the burdens of caring for others, the burdens of notoriety. You have this simple life that I have given you at this time so that you can learn those things that I would have you learn, so you may be strong and useful and highly anointed in the days to come.
       53. My way up is down. I have brought you down to a low place, a quiet place, a humble place, that I might greatly exalt you in the days to come. So learn to be a new man, a humble man, a prayerful man, that I may use you in the days to come. For only those that are humble, that are yielded, that are vessels for My using, can be used in the way that I wish to use them.
       54. The lowly and the meek, those who are dependent upon Me, who hear My voice and who obey My every whim, My every Word, My every thought, those are they that I can use in the days to come. And who will these be? They will be those who follow My road to humility, to yieldedness, to meekness, and to love. So do the lowly and do the humble and do the meek things, that I may highly exalt you in the days to come. (End of prophecy.)

       The Valleys and Pits of Pride !
       55. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Following is a prophecy for a leader who, over the years, has had to step down from leadership a number of times, but who faithfully took the Lord's chastening and became better for it.

       56. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking}:) Your service to Me has been filled with many mountains, and many steep and deep valleys. You have been as one walking, who trips into deep holes, and must then climb out and begin again. You wonder why you have to be faced with the deep valleys, and why you fall into the holes, for the falls are painful and the holes are deep, and it requires effort to crawl out and to once again begin the journey.
       57. You go into the valleys and you fall into the holes because of your overconfidence. When I put you on the straight path or when I bring you to the mountain peaks, you so easily forget Me and do things in your own strength, thinking that you have the wisdom and the understanding to do the things that I have anointed you to do. You have looked upon others and said, "I know better than they." Thus I have allowed you to trip and to fall into these holes, so you would be desperate and so you would see that your own wisdom is not that which has done the things that you have done, but it has been My power, My anointing, My wisdom, and My strength.
       58. How do you keep from falling into the holes or traveling through the valleys?--By constantly looking to Me, giving Me the credit and the glory, and letting Me empower you. How do you accomplish this?--By praying desperately every day for Me to lead and guide you. By judging that which you do by these questions: Does this glorify the Lord?--Or does this glorify me? Am I listening to others? --Or am I only giving my opinion? Am I yielding? Am I yielding to the voice of the Lord? Am I yielding to the voice of my teamworkers? Am I yielding to the counsel given by others? Am I so sure that I am right? Is what I'm doing bringing forth love in others and showing love to others? Am I manifesting the fruits of the Spirit?--Longsuffering, joy, meekness, temperance, love, patience?
       59. Judge all your actions by the touchstone of love and of humility, and thus I can keep you. Thus can you travel on the road without falling into the pits, and thus can you climb the mountains and remain on the peaks.
       60. I know your heartcry, and I know your desire, that you will not fail in the task which I have given unto you. For I have entrusted you again and again with tasks that you have failed in. I have given you the talents and the gifts to do the job that I have put you in, yet because of the attitudes of spirit that developed, I had to take you down. I had to let you trip into the pits and you had to walk through the valleys. As you learned your lessons, I allowed you again and again to prove yourself, and, lo, you fell into the holes again.
       61. But it does not always have to be so! For if you will keep your eyes upon Me, if you will give Me the glory, if you will question your actions against this touchstone, I can keep you, and I wish to keep you, for you are a chosen vessel.
       62. I have ordained you in this job, and I have called you to the work that I have sent you unto. I have given you the gifts, I have given you the wisdom, and I have given you the ability, but these are nothing without My power and My Love. The gifts of God become a hindrance when they are not used in the Spirit of God, when they are not used in love, for it is a false usage of the power that I have given unto you.
       63. So walk carefully, prayerfully, keeping your eyes open upon Me, following the path that I show you, so you may keep from falling into the holes. I have invested in you as a wise investor. I have set you aside numerous times so you could learn and grow, so I could use you further in My service, as he that must experience many things to be more well-rounded and thus more useful. I have allowed these things to happen in your life so I could mold you and shape you into the man that I wish for you to be.
       64. But you have no more time for such great breakings, for you to be in the holes, to be walking through the valleys, for now I call you to remain on the mountaintop, to remain on the path! Thus you must be diligent and faithful to keep your eyes open, to keep from slipping and falling. For there is a great work ahead that must be done, and you are part of the team that I have ordained to do the work. You can do this thing if you will but keep your eyes upon Me, and keep your actions in love and in humility.
       65. I know your heart. I know your love for Me. I do love you, and I care for you, and I have kept you. I am proud of you that you have not given up in the times you were in the depths of the holes; that you have remained faithful, and you have learned, and you have been diligent to seek Me. Because of your love and your faithfulness and your humility, and your desire to please and to love Me, I have given you opportunity after opportunity to again serve Me in a capacity of great responsibility. Then I again and again humbled you.
       66. Now I say to you, keep that humility! Remember the times in the holes and the humility that you had there, the desperation and the feeling of not being able to do things without Me to help you. Operate now with that attitude of spirit, and I will bless and keep you.
       67. Lean not to your own understanding. Always and constantly seek Me for My answers, seek Me for My wisdom. Think not to do things in your own wisdom or in the natural, but always seek Me. And listen! Listen to those around you. Listen to those involved. Listen to the voice of the sheep. Prayerfully counsel with them and prayerfully bring their petitions and their suggestions before Me. Lean not to your own understanding. For your abilities and your capabilities become your downfall if you do not use them according to My plan and according to My will, but in your own wisdom.
       68. I have made you capable, and I have made you able. I have poured many gifts upon you. Use them in conjunction with My Spirit and with prayer and with seeking Me, so you may do these things in the power of God and not through the mind of man. For I wish to use you as an ensample of one who is greatly gifted, but who seeks Me, who cries out to Me, so that these under your care will see not the gifted man, but the humble man, the prayerful man.
       69. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance, and these that I have poured upon you are many. As you use them according to My Spirit, touched by My Spirit, these gifts are greatly used of Me. (End of prophecy.)

       Jewels on Pride !
       70. ({\ul \i Mama:) }This next prophecy was given for the WS representative who went on the witness stand in Pearl's court case:

       71. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:}) Prepare yourself, for the day of battle is at hand! Fill up your heart, that you may speak My Words with boldness! Create a vacuum, that I may fill it. Be filled to overflowing, so that when you are questioned, you will speak from your heart all that has been poured in, all that you have drunk in and taken in, all that you have meditated upon. It shall be on the tip of your tongue, and as you open your mouth, I will fill it again and again and again!
       72. My witness must be faithful to fill up his heart and to seek Me, to prepare diligently and faithfully, with fear and trembling at the weight of the responsibility that is upon his shoulders. He must see that this is not a light thing!--That the anointing is not guaranteed unless there is real desperation, yieldedness, submission and humility in My sight. For pride and the arm of the flesh and the strength of the flesh inhibits My anointing, and prevents Me from being able to pour forth My anointing as I would. I pour into those who are humble before Me, those who know they are nothing, who are empty of themselves, who create a vacuum and say, "Lord, I need You! I must have You! Give me the anointing, the power, the seeds of Love that I might do Your will!"
       73. This humility before Me, this desperation in creating a vacuum, is the most important qualification for My great witness. Therefore test the waters. Try the spirits. Watch and take heed for the signs, to see if this one will choose to receive My anointing.--If he will desire it with all his heart and if he will be willing to do these things I have instructed him. If he is willing, then I will pour forth My anointing upon him. I will give him My Words to speak, and I will use him in My hand as a mighty weapon against the Enemy! But first I must see submission and humility. First, I must see desperation of spirit, a sincere crying out to Me, and total dependence upon Me! (End of prophecy.)

  • * *

(Following are a few other prophecy excerpts on the subject of pride:)
       74. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} In humility there is great strength and great power!--Unshakable power, drawing power that draws friends unto your bosom, that brings warmth and laughter into your midst. Shine forth your rays of love and humility, your tenderness, your softness, the many gifts of love that I have placed in your heart. Dust them off and bring them to the fore. There is such great power in humility and love, and you have the power to wield it.

  • * *

       75. So is My Love for you, so is My desire to love you and to be with you and to manifest My Love to you, for I love you with an everlasting love, an unconditional love. Your weaknesses and your shortcomings and your struggles do not lessen My Love in any way. These things are insignificant to Me, I see them not. What I see is your love, your dedication, your yieldedness, your humility and your desire to please Me. This is what I see and this is what I will reward.

  • * *

       76. It is your love for My Words and for the spirit of David that has made you what you are this day--a good shepherd and one who loves the sheep. It is your humility, your willingness to be open unto those that you shepherd, to confess your faults, to seek prayer and to seek the help of others, that has made you what you are today. Remember these things, for these are the things that keep you--My Word, My Spirit, your humility and your love for Me. So seek My Word and My Spirit. Seek to be lowly and open, humble and loving, that you may bring forth fruit. For without these things, your natural tendencies come to the fore and are an offense.
       77. But My Word, My Spirit, My Love and your humility cover this, and I shine through you, and this is what your sheep, your flocks, need to see. They need to see Me shining through you, and they need to see your humility and openness. They need those who are touched with the feelings of their infirmities, even as I came forth as one of the people. I now understand the tests and the trials, the hardships, and I have compassion. So must My generals understand and have compassion upon My sheep.
       78. Knowing that your sheep love you and look unto you is a heavy burden to bear, for they follow you because they love you, and they imitate you because they love you. Thus you must be desperate to stay very close to Me and to My Words and to My Love, and in humility and in lovingkindness one to another, that they will emulate this, and that they will not see you in your own strength, in your own ways, lest they imitate that. So seek to stay very close to Me and filled with My Spirit, following closely day by day, that your sheep may see Me shining through you. (End of prophecy.)

  • * *

       79. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Following is an excerpt of a prophecy given for a member of our Home:

       80.' ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }I have blessed you for your humility, for your willingness to do the jobs that had to be done, for your humility to not seek the high place, but to seek the low place. I have brought you to the high place because you have sought the lowly place, because you have been diligent and faithful in the little tasks, in the smaller duties. He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much. Now I give unto you the duties in the house of your queen, that you may minister to her through your faithfulness, through your willingness, and through your humility.
       81. I have given unto you a strong and powerful mind, and I am well pleased that with this gift you have yet been willing to do those things which are small in the sight of man, but which are great in the sight of God. For your humility has made you great. Your willingness and your yieldedness has caused you to reap great reward and a place of honor.
       82. For many years you trudged along day by day doing your duties, through hardships, through toil, but always in faithfulness. Like the tortoise, as opposed to the hare, you faithfully plodded along--until you plodded right into the house of the king and of the queen! Though you have not done those things that are great in the sight of man, you have done those things that are great in the sight of God, for you have been faithful in the little things, faithful to My calling, faithful to My checks and My admonitions, faithful in your obedience and in your willingness. Your faith has made you strong. Your faith has made you whole. And your faithfulness has made you great. (End of prophecy.)

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