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World Currents!--No.88       Maria #426       CM/FM 3175       2/98

       1. In recent months the Lord has given us several peeks into the Endtime and the spirit world, with Letters like "The Birthday Party Vision" (ML #3142), "Releasing Our Spirit Helpers" (ML #3145), the vision of the dark puppeteer in "World Currents 87" (ML #3152), and the beautiful promises in "Victory '97!" (ML #3151).
       2. Following are some more revealing insights into world affairs, as well as glimpses behind the veil that separates us from the spirit world. As we've asked the Lord about current affairs or questions, sought His answers and knocked on Heaven's door, He's answered abundantly and shown us "great and mighty things which we knew not" (Jer.33:3).
       3. In the messages that follow you'll see how the Internet and the Antichrist may be linked. There's a message on how to tell the true prophets of the world from false prophets, and one false prophet in particular--Maitreya. The Lord comments on the lack of absolutes in these days of growing darkness, and in a separate message explains why it's worth it to stand up for your convictions. He also explains a strange new manifestation among some Christian youth groups--twitching. Then a spirit helper gives us more insight on why some spirits are sadder than others. Finally, there's some counsel from the Lord on the economic crash and the days of preparation we're now in. So read on for some fascinating insights! I love you!

       The Antichrist and the Internet!
       4. The Lord promises in the Last Days that He'll not only pour out His Spirit and that "your sons and daughters shall prophesy," but also that some shall see visions (Acts 2:17). A brother in England sent us the following description of an interesting vision he had about the Endtime. After reading this, we asked the Lord if He had anything more to say about it, and He gave a very interesting message!

       5. (Description of vision:) Recently I had an experience which at the time left me slightly weak and trembling, and very much impressed. I had been praying that I could be shown a little vision of the Endtime, and soon after--not instantly, but over a period of about an hour--without words or messages, pictures began forming in my mind, whilst I was lying in bed, wide awake!
       6. The picture sequences showed me the Antichrist's universal life-management solution running on ordinary personal computers, in people's homes and in all public places, operated via a Microsoft Windows interface, using the Internet or the Web (or an immediate derivative thereof) as the communications medium. It struck me with some force that not only was the technology and necessary computing power actually with us now, but more significantly, the actual infrastructure is already in place, developed, tested and proven!
       7. Access to the Internet is currently made by logging on with your password in one way or another. In the pictures that were shown to me, users were automatically logged on by their unique identification encoded into a 12-character bar code in their right hand. All terminals were equipped with bar code reader pens affixed to the side of their monitors. All communication was then done via this system, whether it be letters to friends, business letters, filling in and sending application forms, and so on.
       8. Conventional mail was no longer being used (it could not be monitored as easily). Cash was obsolete. Peoples' wages were credited to their central accounts, whatever their jobs. A trip to the supermarket entailed check-out operators scanning not only the goods bought, but also the buyer's bar code. Their central account was instantly and simply debited by the total of the goods' worth.
       9. Within the Windows environment were numerous icons which were gateways to other aspects of the system, such as access to travel, entertainment, information, financial management, etc. Some of these icons depicted the smiling head of the Antichrist himself (the creator of this series of programs) in his headquarters in the holy city, and when selected by a user, the head talked (in the manner of current animated icons within Windows). A voice told the user of the wonderful world of travel, financial wizardry, unlimited knowledge, astounding games, instant communication, etc., which now lay at his fingertips, all brought to him courtesy of [DELETED] !
       10. It struck me that what I was actually seeing was an image of the Beast standing in the holy temple and making boastful promises. (End of description of vision.)

       11. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Behold how My children dream dreams and see visions, for these are the Last Days of which I have spoken. Marvel not, therefore, when you dream such dreams and see such visions, for I have many, many, many more pictures to show you. My storehouses are full! They are rich and full to overflowing, and I stand ready and waiting at all times to pour out upon the receptive heart. I am always on, always broadcasting, always sending out My signals, My messages, as I paint pictures of great truths and happenings. I will do nothing except I reveal it to you, My servants, My prophets and prophetesses of the End.
       12. I speak to you in dreams, through visions, through the whispers--to those who are seeking, who will listen, who are open and receptive to discern the signs of the times. Again I say, therefore, let this comfort your hearts when these things come to pass. These things I show in a vision are not new, but rather a confirmation of what I have spoken to you in times past. Yet this confirmation comes with further detail, further specifics, that you be not ignorant of the Enemy's devices. Many are the signs of the Last Days that I have shown to the children of David.
       13. My children, why do you stand in awe and in wonderment at the things that are coming to pass? For, lo, these many years have I not warned you to lift up your eyes, to behold that the skies are red with warning and black with clouds? Have I not warned you already that the Author of Confusion has been marshaling his forces these many years?--That he has lurked behind the scenes, hidden away, yet very active, preparing and making ready for his grand entrance!
       14. Did not your Father David speak of this time and time again? Did I not speak to him of things to come in dreams and in visions? Marvel not, therefore, when you see these things come to pass, and think it not strange that the Evil One has his infrastructure in place. For have I not said that the time is at hand and even now is? How can he come as he must if the way of his coming is not made ready? How can he operate as he must if the foundation is not laid? How can he rule and reign as he must without some means to guide and control the masses?
       15. The Evil One has been preparing, developing, testing, and making ready for his one-world system these many years. Did I not reveal to your Father David a great truth--that the Antichrist has already been in control of the things of the Earth?--That the children of men already worship his image as they worship his idols in the form of his material goods? Has he not already been preparing the masses through these years of conditioning?--Through his images projected on the television and in the movies, and through the many dynamic and dramatic images he sends out in many forms, shapes and sizes through the marketing of his merchandise, through his canny advertising promoting his images to the masses? He is the evil image-maker, the author of confusion, the master counterfeiter, and through his many images he deceives the nations.
       16. This is his heyday, the time when all stops are pulled! He runs up and down, to and fro in all the Earth, deceiving those who do not discern the signs of the times, as he projects his image to all spheres of society through the display of his many idols--his materialism, his cheap counterfeits, his imitations of My splendor and glory and all that is pure and good and right in My Holy Kingdom.
       17. Think it not strange that the Evil One would project his images via cyberspace on monitors across the nations, for this is the vehicle by which he enters into hearts and minds. This is the means that the Evil One is using as he enters for a time peaceably, with flatteries, via powerful persuasion and propaganda. By this means he is able to creep into houses and lead captive the masses--those who would be led away with diverse lusts.
       18. Ah, how this one boasts himself clever, for through witty inventions he leads the masses. Through his many images and idols he shows himself clever, for these facilitate his takeover as he hooks the masses. For they are led to lean heavily upon these devices and become addicted. This is the cleverness of the Evil One, for acceptance of his mark will be the fashion--the logical, the reasonable, the convenient, the safest, the securest, the vital, the norm, that which is accepted in the eyes of man, both small and great.
       19. And though it does appear that the Evil One is the creator of the software package as such, this is not his creation, but rather only a cheap imitation. Satan cannot create; he only imitates, falsifies and forges in his attempts to mimic the vast and limitless power of My Spirit and the awesome and intricate inner workings of My universe. For this reason his false system and fraudulent ways will come to destruction, as his evil deeds will come back on him not a hundred times, but a hundred times a hundred over as he reaps what he has sown.
       20. In order to establish his counterfeit system, the Evil One promotes the software package which makes easy his goal as he lays the great net across the whole world to trap and ensnare and capture the minds, hearts and souls of men.
       21. These who do promote and take credit for the software package have been duped. The Evil One works through and motivates his computer wizards who sit in strategic places--tools in the hands of the Evil One--as they put in place the instruments needed for his evil reign. These are as mere pawns in the hands of Satan. For they are heady and high-minded, ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of real truth, having a form of Godliness, yet denying the real power thereof. They are motivated by worldly knowledge that puffs up, and by the deceitfulness of riches. Therefore through the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, they are deceived.
       22. These are men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning My truth, who are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of truth. Therefore they are easy prey, yielded instruments in the hands of the Evil One, as they develop, test, and construct the false foundation for the imitation utopia. There be multitudes in the industry who are merely lulled to sleep. Ignorant and unaware, they know not what they do. As robots, they go about their daily routine, day after day, bound by the chains of conformity.
       23. I have allowed this according to the choices of man. Therefore, the software package does flourish, whereby mankind, choosing not to retain Me in their thoughts, shall show the universe what happens to a world that forgets its Creator. All these things must needs come to pass that the Scripture might be fulfilled.
       24. Marvel not that the Evil One's foundation is laid, and that the infrastructure is in place. Marvel not, for as I have told you, the curtain has gone up for the Endtime play. The signal has gone out and it's "all systems go!" The days of rehearsal are complete, and the actors and players take their positions. The costumes are sewn, the props are constructed, the stage is set and the show goes on! The camera is rolling in scene after scene.
       25. I give you visions and dreams to confirm these things. I give these pictures that those among you who nap may awaken, that you may sit up and take notice and discern, and that you, My children, may work My works while it is still day. Watch, therefore, and take heed. Be not as those who discern the face of the sky, yet cannot tell the signs of the times. Be not as those who continue on eating and drinking as in the days of Noah, unaware of the warning signs around them--as those who were taken by surprise when the floods came and swept them all away!
       26. Be not astonished, My children, but watch and pray as I have instructed. Watch, therefore, and see. Open your eyes and discern the signs of the times, and let your hearts be glad, knowing that I come quickly! Have I not told you these things so that when they come to pass, you will know that I have warned you?
       27. And know that I permit you to use this world's System to a given extent, that you may work My work as you woo and win and warn those who will hear. Continue on--My children in the world, but not of the world. Watch and pray and listen, and work My works with all diligence, for the time comes when no man can work. Watch and pray, for the days of man are numbered.
       28. I bid you, My children, to walk circumspectly toward them that are without, as using this world's System but not abusing it. Therefore you must hearken diligently to My voice to know when to use it, and when to not let it use you.
       29. Continue to open your channels and I will pour out. I speak to you anywhere, any time, in many ways throughout the day. Watch and pray and listen! Listen to the words that I speak through My beloved queen and king of the End, for I have ordained them to lead you in these Last Days, as I make a way in the wilderness, guiding you and instructing you on how you might live and survive in the world, yet be not of the world, nor partake of her worldly ways.
       30. My children, keep yourselves from idols. Continue on in the things that you have learned of Me and have been assured of, that you may be found perfect and entire, wanting nothing. (End of message from Jesus.)

       True Prophets and False Prophets--Maitreya
       31. {\b \i (Mama:)} We received a letter from one of our dear Family couples in Brazil asking about a Catholic prophetess who seemed to be prophesying and preaching a message very similar to ours.
       32. They also asked about a man they'd heard of--one who's not a Catholic and not connected to the prophetess--who seemed to be preaching a message very similar to that of the Antichrist. He's promoting his message via the Internet, saying he is the salvation of mankind and promising to solve man's problems, while at the same time blaspheming the Lord. He is waiting for the "day of declaration," as he puts it, when he will be officially introduced simultaneously around the world. He calls himself a mere insignificant servant of his master--Maitreya --and asks for support and help.

       (Fact box:)
       From 1977 to the present, British New Age author Benjamin Creme has traveled around the world proclaiming that the coming of Maitreya (the Christ) is imminent. Maitreya, says Creme, is the leader of the Planetary Hierarchy and has been living incognito among human beings since 1977 when his consciousness entered a specially created body of manifestation, the "Mayavirupa."
       Creme originally claimed that [DELETED] Maitreya would reveal himself via worldwide television on the "day of declaration," after which time a new era of planetary happiness would begin. This christ would come not as a religious, political or social leader, but as an "educationalist" who would solve all the world's problems in these areas and usher in a new age of love, peace and shared wealth.
       In Buddhism, Maitreya is a future Buddha who will be reborn in a period of decline to renew the doctrine of the original Buddha.

       33.' {\b \i (Jesus speaking, first with a message about the Catholic prophetess and }true{\b \i prophets:) }I have promised in My Word that in the Last Days I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. This is now happening throughout the world today. I am pouring out My Spirit and My Words in preparation for the Endtime.
       34. The Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all the world, and then shall the End come. Therefore I am raising up spokespersons, prophets, people who can speak My Words--not just in the Family, but in many different religions and cultures throughout the world. For there are many levels of Christians, and I pour out My Spirit accordingly.
       35. I love all My children. I want them all to draw closer to Me, and I want to draw closer to them. But they are in different grades and on different levels, and I send them teachers for each of the different grades to try to instruct them and give them My Words so that they can grow. There are many different prophets and spokespersons in many different religions, and to these I give My Words to try to encourage the people to make progress, so they will open their eyes and their hearts and draw closer to Me in these Last Days.
       36. These different teachers, these prophets, are called for different levels and different grades, and to each I give a portion of My Spirit. At times they see through a glass darkly, and the messages they receive aren't always clear. At times they are unable to interpret correctly. However, they do receive some of My Words, and this is to help them to help the ones that they teach to listen, to wake up, to grow, and to progress in whatever level they're in.
       37. I have raised up prophets among the evangelists in different denominations, within the Catholic religion, among the Baptists, and others. For I have poured out My Spirit, and I will continue to do so in preparation for these Last Days. But you who are within My Family need not look to these different teachers and prophets, for you are on a higher level. Yours is a high level of dedication and openness and yieldedness, so to you I can pour out more of My Spirit, My truth and My revelations. To you I pour out My Spirit in greater measure.
       38. {\b \i (Now the Lord addresses }false{\b \i prophets:)} And regarding this one who calls himself Maitreya, who speaks against Me and My Words: I say to you that those who speak against Me and My Words are antichrist, for they are against Me. Just as I have been pouring out My Spirit and raising up different prophets, teachers, and spokespersons, the Devil is trying to do the same, raising up his false prophets and teachers to spread his message in preparation for these Last Days, for he does imitate Me. So even now there are many false prophets, many antichrists in the world, and this man is one of those many antichrists who is helping to prepare the way for the Antichrist spoken of in the Bible.
       39. My Word is being fulfilled, and even now there are many false prophets that are able to do great signs and wonders. But be not deceived. And you will not be deceived, for I have given you My Words, and I will continue to give you My Words. For you are My children, My elect, My special forces, and I will continue to keep you and to give you My truth and My Words. (End of message from Jesus.)

       Nonjudgmentalism--Another Sign of the End!
       40. {\b \i (Mama:) }After hearing the following magazine article, we asked the Lord if He had anything to say about it--which of course He did! This article and the Lord's reply confirms the bad fruits of teaching "there are no absolutes," which has been the trend in American education for decades now. Here's the article, followed by the Lord's reply.

By John Leo, US News and World Report
       Overdosing on nonjudgmentalism is a growing problem in the schools. Two disturbing articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education say that some students are unwilling to oppose large moral horrors, including human sacrifice, ethnic cleansing, and slavery, because they think that no one has the right to criticize the moral views of another group or culture.
       One of the articles is by Prof. Robert Simon, who teaches philosophy at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y. The other is by Kay Haugaard, who teaches creative writing at Pasadena City College in California. Haugaard writes that her students have a lot of trouble expressing any moral reservations or objections about human sacrifice. The subject came up when she taught her class Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, a short story about a small American farm town where one person is killed each year to make the crops grow.
       One male said the ritual killing in The Lottery "almost seems a need." Asked if she believed in human sacrifice, a woman said, "I really don't know. If it was a religion of long standing.[DELETED]" Haugaard writes: "I was stunned. This was the woman who wrote so passionately of saving the whales, of her rescue and tender care of a stray dog."
       Christina Hoff Sommers, professor of philosophy at Clark University in Massachusetts, points to a general problem of so many students coming to college "dogmatically committed to a moral relativism that offers them no grounds to think" about cheating, stealing, and other moral issues. Simon calls this "absolutophobia"--the unwillingness to say that some behavior is just plain wrong. The trend among some campus thinkers is to deny the existence of any objective truth: All we can have are clashing perspectives, not true moral knowledge. Values emerge as personal preferences, as unsuited for criticism or argument as personal decisions on pop music or clothes.

       41. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} To fear Me and to keep My commandments is the whole duty of man. And because these, the children in the world, retain Me not in their thoughts, therefore their steps do slide. These lack in wisdom and in understanding, and their love grows cold.
       42. As I have said, as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of My second coming. Therefore lift up your eyes and see, for these are the days of which I spoke. The days are come, and even now are, as in the times of old, when the people of the Earth did not retain Me in their thoughts. These are the days, My children, when iniquity doth abound. Behold these days of abounding, of evil waxing worse and worse as the love of many grows cold.
       43. Think it not strange when you see the signs of the times come to pass, but know that yet a little while and I will come for My Own. These are the days of sorrow, the days of coldness, the days of no feeling, no emotion among those who know not the love of the truth, the days of no love for many.
       44. These are the days of choosing sides, and Satan's own are taking their stand. They're coming out, becoming more and more bold, revealing what has been in the making in their hearts for a long time. These who declare plainly and openly that they have no morals, no absolutes--these have been defiled. They're as pawns in the hands of the Wicked One, blind leaders of the blind and false teachers among the people, who walk about deceiving and being deceived.
       45. These are the days of waxing cold, the days of deafness, of blindness, of increased lifelessness, of insensitivity to My Spirit. These are the days of gross darkness when men walk not in the love of the truth, but readily believe the lie. These are the days of no absolutes, no natural affection, no conscience. These are the days of lawlessness, the days of disorder, the days of chaos and every evil thing.
       46. I say to you, My children, these are the days of sorrow for those who do not discern the signs of the times and who do not turn to Me for their hope and salvation. These are the days of conditioning the populace, as Satan is marshaling his forces for the great confusion. These are the days of preparing the masses. As they are put to sleep, they become numb, lifeless, without feeling, insensitive, cold. These are the days of preparation as the masses are darkened in their understanding and devoid of natural affection.
       47. These who are without feeling, who have no absolutes, who are taking on the position of "neutralism," do choose to walk in darkness. For there are no neutrals, and those who choose this stance of nonjudgmentalism leave themselves open to receive strong delusion that they might believe the lie.
       48. These who would appear to be nonjudgmental are in fact passing judgment on the truth. By denying that there is a Center, that there is an Absolute, they are passing judgment on My truth. There are no neutrals. There's no sitting still. You're either for Me or against Me. He who will not stand up and oppose evil, accepts and promotes evil. For all that is necessary for evil to flourish is that men choose to be rendered neutral. By sitting back and refusing to stand up for the right, they are accepting the wrong. In their unwillingness to take a stand for what is morally right, they're promoting what is morally wrong. When men turn a blind eye, evil flourishes. By accepting the way of no rules, no morals, and no values, one accepts the road to no faith, no conviction, no freedom, no rhyme, no reason, no order, and no truth.
       49. These are the days of destruction, for by destroying faith in the truth, the Enemy is conditioning the masses. He's lining up his forces--those who will speak out on his behalf, those who will spread his propaganda of no morals, no values, no regard for human life, no true moral knowledge, no principles, no absolutes. Through advancing his doctrine of "there are no morals and anything goes," Satan's own --those who are darkened in understanding and who receive not the love of the truth--will be persuaded to persecute the righteous, for by their own evil conscience they will justify their actions. Through their own hardness of heart and cold, frigid spirits, they will not be moved with compassion, but will shrug in indifference as they justify their actions in their minds and hearts. With no regard for human life, they will follow the Son of Perdition in all his ways.
       50. Today they take their stand, tomorrow they will put their words into action--both those who will help the Evil One carry out his dirty work, and those of the masses, who through indifference, through having no absolutes and a lack of true values, have become hardened in their hearts as they turn a blind eye, standing by while evil runs rampant.
       51. It has begun. It is in motion. What you see happening in the world today will escalate. The no-purpose society with no values, no absolutes, and no morals is underway. All this is paving the way to accept their king, the Antichrist, who has gone out into the world. His kingdom has come down to everyday living, to where more and more with each passing day, chaos runs wild in the streets. It's no longer a matter of fiction, something to be seen only by the farthest stretch of the imagination, on the bookstands or the movie screen--but it has come to real life. Day after day Satan propagates his lies; they flourish as the masses fall prey to his deceits.
       52. These are the perilous times of which I spake. For are not men and women lovers of their own selves? Do they not follow after their own covetous ways? Are there not boasters and the proud who will not bow their heads in love and humility? Are men not blasphemers from nation to nation--in the government and in public institutions, from all realms of society, high and low? Do they not curse Me and take My Name in vain? Do they not speak blasphemy toward Me in their media, in their rallies, in their highly exalted cinema, worshipped by the masses?
       53. Are not these the days where the children of the world are disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers and false accusers? Are they not unrestrained, uncontrollable, fierce, despisers of those that are good? Are there not many who love perverted pleasure more than God? Are there not those who are traitors, high-minded, ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth? Is the Earth not filled with murderers of the innocent, those who commit atrocities, violence, crime, and horrendous horrors?--Those who practice ungodly behavior, who rob and steal and give false witness?
       54. These are the days of no absolutes and the days of preparation, for the Evil One makes ready. He paves the way for his entrance. He's conditioning the masses, that through these evil men and seducers he might destroy the work of God. As he spreads his propaganda, he attempts to rally his forces amongst those who will do his dirty work to fight against the saints of the Most High, seeking to destroy them that do good.
       55. In his propagation of a society with no values, he seeks to destroy the work of God, and this he will do with men and women who even now are swallowing his evil doctrines, as you see manifested in this article. Through his doctrine of devils, he conditions the masses and gains sympathy for his cause, as he casts a deep sleep over those who will not discern and who are void of understanding.
       56. By clever ways, Satan seeks to play on social issues, to make it a fashionable thing, in vogue, a matter of ethnic background, a matter of multiculturalism. But I say, there is a way that would seem right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death--and it is through these fashionable trends that Satan is preparing the way for his coming. As he conditions the masses, feeding them with lies, he makes ready for his acceptance. He marshals his forces amongst those who will back him in his war against the saints of the Most High.
       57. But you, My children, have nothing to fear, for I am your Strong Tower, and evil cannot overcome the truth! Therefore, keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring forth the issues of life. And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. For you, My children, have the one true Center. I am your Center, by which you can judge all things. I am your Absolute. I am the Judge of all things, and My ways are not the ways of man that will come to ruin.
       58. I would that you, My children, judge all things, for the way of nonjudgmentalism is the way of death. For it is not given to you to stand by in ignorance, passively watching as evil men and seducers spread their evil lies. But it is given to you to judge righteous judgment, to speak the truth. My ways are not as man's ways, and I am the righteous Judge Who judges all things.
       59. This is the beginning of wisdom: Fear Me and keep My commandments, and grow in grace. For though the days be dark, and though many will fall and be deceived by the Evil One, I will cause you, My children, to shine as a spotlight in gross darkness, to shine forth the truth and set at liberty the captives! Therefore stand strong in the power and might of My Spirit, wielding accurately the sword of truth, My unfailing Word! And know that I will never fail, for I am with you always, even unto that glorious day when all the Earth will learn to walk in My ways, and you will reign with Me, judging righteous judgment among all the nations. (End of message from Jesus.)

       Standing Up for Your Convictions--Is It Worth It?
       60. {\b \i (Mama:) }We recently read an article about a nurse in China who lost her job because she refused to perform an abortion. Some people might question, "Why rock the boat to the point of losing your job, especially when you can't stop the problem anyway? You made a big stink, but things just went on as always. So was it worth it? Should you do that? Should you make such a fuss and risk imprisonment, risk losing your job, your livelihood, just so you can make a fuss about something and so you can stand up for your convictions?" Here's what the Lord had to say when we asked Him this question:

       61. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }There were people in the past, and there are people in the present, who have stood up for their convictions. They've stood up one time, or they've stood up many times, over and over again, even though they didn't see a great change in the circumstances because of their stand of faith. Yet they chose to stand up for the truth and for what they knew was right according to My Word and according to the responsibility which I have placed in their hands as Christians and true believers.
       62. You might ask, "What difference does it make if people stand up for their convictions or not, if nothing appears to change? Does it really matter? Is it worth it to go to all that trouble and risk losing their job, or risk being shunned, or risk imprisonment, or even their very life? Is it really worth it to buck the System, the establishment, and the rules? And what difference does it make to risk everything if it doesn't seem to change things?"
       63. The thing you don't see is that it does change the situation in the hearts and minds of the people who see what you've done. It changes or affects how people look at the situation and the conclusions they come to; it affects their point of view and their faith and conviction.
       64. It will take time for Me to bring about righteousness throughout the whole Earth. It will take time to cleanse the world from evil, from the sins of mankind, and from the evil intentions of the Enemy. It will take time to put a stop to abortion, to war, to killing, to perversions, to sodomy, to Satanism and other wickedness. But just because it takes time, that doesn't mean that your personal efforts to stand up for your convictions against these evils and your own steps to hold the standard of My Word high do not make any difference.
       65. It makes a difference and it's not in vain! Each voice for the truth is a victory, because it encourages the faith and conviction of the people who see what you've done. It strengthens their faith, unites them, and inspires them to also stand up for the truth and to be a voice. Even if you feel your voice seems so small, it's really a great voice, and it speaks loudly and clearly in the midst of the darkness.
       66. Never be afraid to stand up for the truth against the real wickedness in the world, even if it means you must temporarily suffer the injustices of man, for I will reward you greatly. I will give you the strength to be a voice in the darkness. So when all around you are favoring abortion, killing, or other evils, let your own voice be heard that you are on My side, and that you don't believe in killing and you don't support these evils of the world. Let your voice speak clearly, even though it may be one in the midst of many, and rally the faith of those who hear you.
       67. I had to stand up for My convictions and for the truth of My Father's Word, even though I was mocked and scorned. But it was not in vain, and because of it, the faith of My children grows and flourishes, and you strengthen many others with My Father's truth.
       68. So be proud to hold the standard high and to stand up for the truth! Be proud of Me and proud of the truth, even though you might temporarily suffer for it, just as I suffered. In the long run you will be greatly rewarded. You will be rewarded now in this life with peace of mind and satisfaction of heart in knowing that you've done the right thing, and that you've helped to lead others in the path of truth.
       69. There will be times when you will be rewarded with friends and supporters who I will raise up to come to your aid and who will help you. But unless your voice is heard, these people will not know who to befriend and who to support.
       70. You will also be rewarded with increased faith, for truth begets truth, and faith begets faith. And not only will you inspire the faith of others, but your own faith will grow. I will be able to use you to accomplish greater things, and great will be your reward in Heaven!
       71. So stand up with conviction for the things that are important, the irrefutable truths of My Word, and let Me take care of the consequences. For I know, I see, I care, and I will perfect My plan concerning you. (End of message from Jesus.)

       72. {\b \i (Mama:) }We heard about a Christian group called the Maranatha Fellowship which had an unusual problem. Ever since a group of their young people came back from a meeting, they'd been experiencing very strong twitching. Their arms and head and different parts of the body jerked and twitched.
       73. The young people who were being interviewed said they don't know why it happens, but that they believe it's an actual touch from the Lord for them. I suppose they would classify it along with other things like being "slain in the Spirit" and "holy laughter," etc. We didn't know if this twitching was good or bad, but it reminded me of what Dad said about some Pentecostals who supposedly got filled with the Spirit, but then started barking like dogs! Apparently those Pentecostals had gotten filled with the wrong spirit or spirits.
       74. This twitching was apparently stirring up a lot of problems for them, and it will probably be something that the ACs will use against the Christians just to show how weird they are. Their enemies are trying to claim it's hypnotism and that it's provoked by certain key words--like hearing the name of the youth pastor started one boy twitching. We asked the Lord if this twitching or jerking is of Him or not, and here's what He had to say:

       75. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I have many ways of showing My love to My children, and many ways of helping them to feel My love and to know Me in a personal and intimate way. At times I choose to do the supernatural and the miraculous as a sign or token of My power and love, such as visions, tongues, healing, miracles, people smelling the scent of roses, people seeing angels or other spiritual visions, people feeling the sensation of warmth or hearing voices, people experiencing an overwhelming sensation of love or peace, people seeing My face or My light, and many other physical manifestations.
       76. Sometimes people desire strongly to see or feel My Spirit, and are so desirous of some physical or spiritual experience that when they open themselves up to the spirit world, they unexpectedly receive another spirit which does not glorify Me or edify the body. This is the case with the jerking movements of these young people. This manifestation from the spirit world is not of Me, because it is not My choice or My desire that they publicly manifest a physical movement like this which does not glorify My Name and is not a testimony of the Gospel.
       77. But even this can be turned to My glory if they will allow Me to put it to good use and glorify My Name. Their body is My temple in which My Spirit dwells, and they can use their body to speak My Name, to preach the Gospel, and to praise Me. When they experience the jerking movements of their arms, they can channel that spiritual energy and raise their arms in praise to Me, and thus it can be turned into a blessing and an honor unto Me. They can lift their faces to Heaven in praise and honor of Me, and speak or sing of Me and My Word and be a testimony. They can choose My way and My Spirit over the mischievous spirit that now causes them to jerk and twitch in an unprofitable way. (End of message from Jesus.)

       Why the Spirits of Some Countries Are Sadder than Others
       78. {\b \i (Mama:)} 'In "Releasing Our Spirit Helpers" (ML #3145, GN 753), the Lord told us the Russian spirits were sad for their people. He even went on to explain why the spirits in Russia are sadder than those elsewhere. Following is another fascinating message from the spirit world in which a spirit helper explains why some spirits are sadder than others.

       79. {\b \i (Spirit helper speaking:) }Since coming Here to the Heavenlies, I've been serving the Lord and trying to help people on Earth as much as I can, according to my assignments and their yieldedness. I've been observing the American people for many decades now, and I'd like to add a little bit more about why some of us spirits may be sadder than others for the peoples we are assigned to.
       80. To a degree, many of the American people have come to know the Lord. Many are saved and have received the Lord into their hearts at some time in their lives. But quite a few of them--in fact, most of them--don't take that very far. They're born of the Spirit when they receive the Lord, they have their second birth, but that's as far as it goes.
       81. Many of them are stillborn, as David called it, and as stillborns they progress no further in spirit. They exist only as newborn babes, not having grown to be able to truly comprehend the spirit, or to progress in their spiritual life and walk with the Lord. This is because of a choice or choices they've made, at which point they decided not to go any further for the Lord, but to continue on with their own selfish lives instead. Although they believe in Me and are called Christians, and are indeed so, many do not take their relationship with Me much further than the name. They have a form of Godliness, but are often without the power thereof. Though saved, they are stunted.
       82. When they die physically, their spirits will still go to Heaven, and at that point their spiritual life and growth will begin again where it left off on Earth. In other words, they've wasted all that time between when they were spiritually born and when they get to Heaven. They could have been reading the Word. They could have been exercising their faith. They could have been learning and growing in their relationship with the Lord and others. They could have been developing their spiritual senses and sensitivities, the powers of their faith and the depths of their love.
       83. They could have been developing these things throughout their life while on Earth, just as you are--just as you read the Word, just as you pray, just as you converse with the Lord for your daily instructions, just as you live by faith, just as you learn to love others, all the things you do that help you grow stronger in your spiritual life as you exercise your faith. They could be doing all of these things as well, and some do to some extent, but most of them don't.
       84. At some point they let it slide without any further development, and remain very weak in spirit and in faith. Even though they may be very strong in the physical, or very wealthy, powerful, knowledgeable or whatever, still, in spirit they're very, very weak. It's sad that they don't do more with their lives while they can. They had a chance, but chose to turn away and follow after their selfishness or other wayward influences. But it's not nearly as sad as it is for those who may die without having heard or seen or being given any chance to come to a knowledge of the Lord in this life.
       85. In other countries, places like Russia and India, some of the lands where people have never known the power of salvation, have never seen the light, have never come to a knowledge of the Lord and realized spiritual birth and salvation--when they die, it's different. At that time they go through a different process of making a decision to receive the Lord, and then start a new life in spirit. But that's another whole subject.
       86. The point here is that the spirits of Russia are sad because they see how many of their people still do not know salvation, how many still have not had a chance to receive the Word and come to a knowledge of our Lord. They yearn and pray that they can be released to help as many of their people hear about the Lord while there's still time for it to happen--and that's not much time, for time as you know it is quickly drawing to a close!
       87. As your David explained, the ways of the spirit world are very complex, and this is only a part of the picture, simplistically explained. There are many other extenuating factors and complexities involved. But this is basically another reason why the spirits in Russia and some other countries are so sad for their people, as compared to spirits like myself who watch over countries like America and Great Britain that have had the Word in abundance. We see how many are going to be with the Lord come their judgment day, and be ready to begin again the development of their spiritual lives. We see how many are to some degree already tethered to the Lord by their initial decision to receive Him and His gift of salvation, as opposed to those in countries where they are not.
       88. Another factor in the equation is that America, Great Britain, and some of these countries that are so-called Christian lands have chosen their direction. They've chosen their leadership. They've chosen their governments. They've made choices that are now ruling and influencing their daily lives. They've been freed to be able to do so, and many of them are choosing to follow ungodly, reprobate paths. Though saved and tethered to the Lord as they may be, and though stillborn in spirit as many of them are, a great number of them are choosing to follow the path and the anti-Christ ways that will shortly lead to the way of the final Antichrist.
       89. Many of these people are personally choosing to follow governments, leaders, ideologies and spiritual ways and influences that are of the Enemy, and that are leading them in the wrong way--influences and beliefs that they were not taught by their fathers. They chose, and that's sad. But that's their choice, which they'll eventually see the error of. It's sad that they didn't take the time to learn more of the Lord, in order to more clearly discern the signs of the times and see the good as opposed to the evil--the evil that is deceptively cloaked in a form of light and presented by supposed ministers of light, but which is false and an imitation. But it's still not as sad as those who have not yet heard and been given the chance to choose.
       90. Those in countries like America have chosen their way, and freely so. Many years ago when America was pioneered, the people, the leaders, the pioneers, were a Godly people in search of religious freedom, looking for a place to be able to exercise their faith and freely develop their life and walk with the Lord, free from the persecution of their former lands, free from the oppression of former tyrannies, free from all else that was hindering them in their desire to be close to the Lord and to live for Jesus--bonds that have been holding others back in other lands even in these modern times. But many of these formerly truly Christian countries are now progressively choosing more evil paths, choosing not to stay on the path of the righteous or live a Godly life in communion with the Lord.
       91. But in lands like Russia, there has seldom been a time in Russian history when the people have been able to choose their leaders and their government and freely exercise their desire to love and serve the Lord. The peoples of these lands have had very little influence in who rules over them. They've been subject to dictators, tyrants, evil rulers and their hordes ruling over them without choice. They've not physically had much chance to exercise their majesty of choice, and thus have not had the chance through the centuries to develop as a people who know their Lord and Savior.
       92. This is a very sad thing, but something that the Lord is working to rectify as much as possible in these Last Days for as many as possible, by opening the doors to Russia and these other lands and allowing many true Christians and missionaries, of which the children of David are the avant-garde, to enter into these lands to reach them, to give the people a chance to hear about their Lord and their Savior before the End comes! (End of message from spirit helper.)

       More on the Days of Preparation!
       93. {\b \i (Mama:)} As we've watched the crash in various Asian countries--the plummeting currencies, burgeoning bankruptcies, spreading layoffs and unemployment, etc.--we've wondered how close to the worldwide crash we are. So we asked the Lord about this, and what our role should be during this time. As you'll see in the answer He gave below, He said these are just the "beginning of sorrows," and that we should use this time to the fullest to prepare spiritually for the days ahead. It sounds like He has some wonderful blessings ahead for us as we obey, absorb His Words, and pour them out to the needy!

       94. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} I hold back the forces that would bring the economies crashing down, for I wish for My children to be prepared and so have given you this time. I do not say it will happen immediately, but things are beginning to crumble--the dominos are beginning to fall, each one knocking down another. Many people are scared, seeing their once vibrant and thriving economies now collapsing, and realizing what it is going to mean--the poor, the jobless crying out, and the instability and hardships that this brings. And these are but the beginnings of sorrows.
       95. I have allowed this to happen in these emerging nations to teach them humility and restraint. The world is so fragile, the economies of the nations so weakened. Those who are involved, who understand these things and who manipulate, know the fragility of the worldwide economy. This is why they rush in to prop up these nations who are collapsing because of their own foolishness. There are many forces at work and it is very complex, but for you I keep it simple and say that these are just the beginning of sorrows. I withhold the full sorrows for a time so that you, My children, can prosper and progress. This is not a long time, but a time in which I can bring to pass many things that I have promised you.
       96. Although there are those who try to manipulate the financial markets and the political systems of the world, I am the Master Manipulator. I know the hearts of all men and their plans, and I can put things in the hearts of people to thwart the plans of the evil ones, if it is for the benefit of My children. But there comes a time, not far in the future, when I will withhold My manipulation in order to allow all of the events to fall into place for My return.
       97. This is why I call this time the days of preparation, for the time comes when I will withdraw My hand from being part of this stabilizing force. Once I withdraw it, there will be many sorrows, and this will be the beginning of the End. So prepare by following Me. Prepare by doing My will. Prepare by forging ahead, knowing that My hand is upon you at this time and will be forever. For even when I withdraw My hand from being the restraining force, I will not withdraw My hand from you. So again I say, use this time to prepare.
       98. Prepare in spirit, and prepare the Family by feeding them and strengthening them, pouring out to them and giving them all that you can in this time, so that they will be able to stand strong. Pour out My Words, publish the books, do the works that I have told you to do. For the night comes, and when it does, they will not be able to do as much. But the Words that you've poured forth, the strengthening, the teaching, the training that you've poured into My children, will be enhanced, will come alive, and will serve to pull them through until My coming.
       99. In that day there will be no doubts. My children will not look at the Word and say, "I wonder if this is going to happen," for they will see it happening around them day by day. The power of Satan and his minions over My children, the power in spirit that they have to discourage and to defeat, will be diminished, for they will turn their power into the things of the flesh as they overtake the world. But My power and My Spirit will be enhanced in My children, and that which they have taken in--the Word they have read, the spirit that they have partaken of--will become alive and will become powerful!
       100. The promises that I have made of things that will happen at this time will be manifested. They will no longer be promises, but will be reality. And those who have partaken, who have believed and received, who have drunk in and have participated, shall be the mighty and the strong, the powerful in spirit. For all that is within them shall be transformed into power and energy and might of the Spirit. All that they have taken in shall be activated, and they will glow by the power of My Spirit.
       101. So your job now is to feed, to strengthen and to pour forth. There is yet a little time which you must use to the fullest, and in this time I will pour many blessings upon you. I will pour forth much Word, financial blessings, and blessings in many ways. These blessings are for the purpose of allowing you to do the job, allowing My children to go into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature. For then shall the days of Tribulation come and then shall the End come, and then shall I come to reap My harvest, to gather up all the wheat--all the fruit--and to take it to live with Me forever! (End of message from Jesus.)

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