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World Currents!--No.90       Maria #461       CM/FM 3215       10/98
By Maria

Dear Family,
       1. I love you! In the pages which follow, we've collected some messages the Lord has given us during the last six months on topics we thought you'd be interested in. There's a message about former Russian prime minister Sergei Kiriyenko and events to come in Russia, as well as our role in the Endtime. Then the Lord reveals some ancient mysteries as He tells us how the pyramids were constructed and talks about the power of color.
       2. Returning to present mysteries, Dad talks about the World Cup and explains why people around the world are so fascinated by sports. Next there are two messages from the Lord about the amazing powers of psychic John Edwards--and the even more amazing powers He has granted us, which He talks about throughout this Letter!
       3. Then the Lord and Dad address topics right out of today's headlines--the global economic situation, and how we can be prepared both physically and spiritually for the days to come. There's lots of good practical advice and counsel here, so don't miss it! And finally, in case you were wondering, Dad tackles the subject of Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky! So without further ado, here are the Lord's views on these different topics!

       What About Kiriyenko?
       4. In March of this year, Russian president Boris Yeltsin appointed a new prime minister of Russia, Sergei Kiriyenko, who ran the country for five months before being replaced. During this five-month period, several Family members wrote us to ask about Kiriyenko, because he seemed like a fulfillment of various prophecies. He's just 36, and he was born in 1962, the year when Jeane Dixon had her vision of the Antichrist (see ML #226:23). He had a Jewish father and a Russian mother, and he rose to prominence after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
       5. His rise was certainly miraculous. He was a junior banker and oil company executive, then Russian energy minister for just a year, when for some reason Yeltsin chose him to be his prime minister.
       6. Unlike any previous Russian prime minister, he was a businessman rather than a politician. He was a communist in the past, and has said he wasn't ashamed of that part of his life. But he was also a reformer, and the communists repeatedly tried to block his nomination as prime minister before finally giving in to Yeltsin.
       7. So for five months he was the second most powerful man in Russia, and if Yeltsin had died suddenly, he would have been next in line as president. Since we didn't know what to think of this young man and we were interested to know how he fit into the situation in Russia, we asked the Lord about him during this time span. As you'll see in the message that follows, the Lord didn't tell us much about Kiriyenko, but He had an interesting message about the Endtime for us!

       8. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Sudden and miraculous will be the rise of the Antichrist, as he does great signs and wonders in the sight of all the people. Miraculous will be his power, arising from the power of Satan within him, which gives him his might and kingdom.
       9. He will appear as a minister of righteousness, as an angel of light, for he acts as the agent of Lucifer, and he will deceive many. He would seek to deceive even the very elect, but be ye not deceived.
       10. Along with the rise of this younger one and his regime and order, you will see the fall of previous, older orders. For I the Lord do measure the cups of iniquity of the evildoers, and when they are full, My wrath will be poured out upon them and horns will be plucked up.
       11. You see great natural disasters now, but they are not natural, My children. They are supernatural--things which I allow the Enemy to enact as a judgment upon the wicked and as a release for the innocent, that they may be gathered unto Me and escape the suffering which they face in this world. These are but a small sample of things to come, when I will shake the Earth! And in the end, even the powers of the Heavens will be shaken.
       12. So be prepared, for the events to come will come upon you suddenly. Sudden will be the appearance of the evil one, that wicked one who does exalt himself above all that is Godly or that is called God. Sudden will be the Great Confusion. Suddenly will destruction come upon the wicked, and judgment upon the unrighteous and those who oppress the poor and needy of this world.
       13. You do well to study the signs of the times and gather the clues to things which will yet come upon the Earth and upon mankind. But be not fearful for the days which come. These things must needs be fulfilled before the End comes and the glorious dawn of a new day, when the Sun of Righteousness will shine forever more!
       14. I will protect and keep My children during this time. Though some shall fall by the sword or by fire, they will fall into My arms, where they will be safe and protected from the blast of the terrible ones that will sweep across the face of the Earth in these Latter Days.
       15. So fret not, neither be dismayed when you see these things coming to pass. For I the Lord am mighty to save, mighty to shelter, mighty to provide! As I do care for My little sparrows, and not one falls to the ground but that I know about it, so do I care for you. The very hairs of your head are numbered. My love for you cannot be measured, and My thoughts towards you are those of goodness, mercy, and peace. So be confident in My care, and bold in proclaiming My message.
       16. As for this one you ask about, Kiriyenko, he plays a major part upon the Endtime stage. As you watch and pray, you will see and know what part that is. The hidden things belong unto God, and He reveals them to His servants the prophets as they need to know them. [EDITED: "Editor: Kiriyenko has already played a major part in Russia, even though his tenure as prime minister was so short. In his efforts to stabilize the Russian economy, which was plunging, he imposed measures that effectively devalued the ruble and froze Russia's payments on its foreign debt for 90 days. This led to the chaos which Russia is presently facing, and caused his own ouster."]
       17. Great and mighty events are yet to arise out of Russia. The clouds are gathering over that great nation, and over Europe. Gross darkness will come, although it be not for a time. Work while you still have the light, and absorb all you can of My Words and seeds, that you may shine as the night falls. Many will see your glow and be drawn to it. Blazing torches will My children of David be, to enlighten many with My light and love and Words of truth.
       18. What is your life? It is even a vapor, that appears for a little while and then is gone. Shine brightly now, that all may see your glow and feel the heat of your love. Oh My children, absorb the warmth and fire of My Words, feed on My Spirit and My presence, come to Me to love Me intimately, that you may have the strength and the power you need for the days ahead.
       19. Love your brothers and sisters. Do good unto them of the household of faith. Feed the hungry, visit the widows and fatherless, the needy and the afflicted. Set the captives free, those who sit in darkness awaiting your light and love and smile. Do the work of evangelists, letting none cross your path without affecting their life in some way. Make your calling and election sure as My apostles, those sent with both My message of love and of warning. As you pour out, I will pour in and supply, and will open doors which no man can close.
       20. Seek My seeds. Follow My whispers. Commit your thoughts and words and works unto Me, and I will direct your paths and lead you in the way, saying, "This is the way, walk ye in it," when you turn to the right hand or to the left.
       21. You are My beloved brides, and great will be My rejoicing when we can at last be together in My Kingdom! Until that day, hold tightly to your crown and let no man take it from you. Run the race which I have set before you with patience, looking unto Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

       The Mystery of the Pyramids!
       22. {\b \i (Mama:)} The mysteries of ancient Egypt have always fascinated scientists, historians and archeologists. The pyramids in particular have been a mystery. There are 35 major pyramids near the Nile River, and at least 40 smaller ones. How were such massive structures built more than 4,000 years ago, in a primitive era? The Great Pyramid alone contains more than 2 million stone blocks that average 2.5 tons each. It stands about 450 feet (140 meters) high, and its base covers about 13 acres.
       23. When we read the following news article that suggested the pyramids might have been built by supernatural means, we asked the Lord for the truth of the matter. Interestingly enough, He replied that they were built by supernatural means--although not what this writer thought! And the Lord went on to assure us that we have even more supernatural strength and power at our command in these Last Days!

       Pyramids built by big noises?
The London Times
       A writer says he has solved the mystery of how the ancient Egyptians moved stone blocks heavier than diesel engines to build the Great Pyramid. A clue lies in the way an opera singer can shatter a wine glass, according to Andrew Collins. Sonic technology.
       How the Egyptians built the Great Pyramid--"arguably the most accomplished engineering feat of the ancient world"--has long perplexed scholars. Theories involving ramps, rollers and pulleys have been accepted as the most likely explanations.
       But Mr. Collins says that moving some of the stones, weighing up to 200 tons and measuring up to nine meters, would have required the strength of 4,000 men. "Until the 1970s, the largest weight a crane could raise was just 100 tons."
       He begins his study with a 10th-century text. An Arab historian, relating stories passed from one generation to another, spoke of stone blocks on the Great Pyramid being hit with a rod, rising into the air and moving steadily forward over a distance of "one bowshot."
       Mr. Collins said: "The ancient Egyptians were able to set up some kind of sustained sound vibration that enabled the building blocks to defy gravity. Although simply a legend, there are traditions from all around the world that speak of the movement of stone blocks and the construction of walls and buildings by sonic levitation." (End of article.)

       24. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Skeptical man is always trying to explain away the truth. For these who retain Me not in their thoughts are ever seeking ways to explain the unexplained and interpret mysteries in a natural, carnal way, lest they come face to face with their Creator--which they're not willing nor prepared to do, and from which they run.
       25. These do not seek Me, but they turn to the arm of the flesh. They lean to their own understanding, their own wisdom, and endless study--that which is a weariness to the flesh and which brings leanness to the soul. These walk in their own ways and seek after their own lusts and desires and thirst for worldly knowledge. And because they do not seek after Me, but they seek the explanations of man, therefore the explanations of man are what they get.
       26. Foolish man, trying to comprehend the power of the universe and make it conform to his theories and misguided interpretations! At these I will laugh! I will hold them in derision, for these will be a laughingstock in the day to come. These seek not the truth; for if they would seek the truth, they would seek Me.
       27. Therefore, My children, do not lean to man's padded factoids--that which is fabricated, inaccurate, and designed to destroy faith in Me. For I would not have you ignorant of the truth.
       28. I tell you the truth: The great mystery of the ancient pyramids lies in the power of the supernatural! For have I not said that he who has faith as a grain of mustard seed will say to this mountain, "Be removed," and it will be cast into the sea? And though these were inspired by the principalities and powers of the air, nevertheless, faith in supernatural means, albeit that from the dark side, is what led to the building of these great idols of man.
       29. Faith in the supernatural is what constructed these ancient landmarks! The mystery of the pyramids lies in the power of the supernatural. It was accomplished by the common man, faced with an impossible task; yet through faith and the will to live, he was touched by the supernatural to accomplish that which was unprecedented by human strength. Pulleys, levers, wheels, lubrication, ramps--and the brawn of the common laborer empowered by the supernatural--in this lies the mystery!
       30. These devices, the organization and the work plan to build the great pyramids--every aspect in their construction was inspired by the powers that be--principalities and powers that sit in high places to rule the world. It was supernatural power that gave man the inspiration to devise the plan of how to build the pyramids, as well as the workers strength to carry out the plan. And yes, there was a degree of the power of levitation used, inspired by the Evil One to accomplish his feeble work--that which seems great in the eyes of man, but which is inferior in My sight.
       31. This power of levitation that was used is as child's play in My sight--that which Satan uses to gain favor in the sight of man, but which is elementary in the vast world of My Spirit. The power of levitation used was not such as this article portrays, for this one who writes seeks to worship science falsely so-called, and seeks not to acknowledge the greatness and vastness of the supernatural world. He does not see the whole picture and seeks to glorify but one tiny aspect.
       32. There is not one thing that comes to pass in all of Heaven and Earth that I do not know, nor allow for a purpose. I created the light and I created the darkness, I created the good and I created the evil. And I allowed these ancient landmarks to be constructed according to the will of man.
       33. Yet these works that look great in the eyes of man stand as a testimony against him. They are as nothing in My sight, but do rot and decay and turn to ruin. Such are the accomplishments of man and that which is wrought through the aid of the supernatural, wrought by the hands of the Evil One and not from a pure heart nor with purity of purpose.
       34. My children, marvel not at these works, for unto you is given the greater strength! Will not the Son of Perdition come, showing signs and wonders? Yea, I say, many are his wonders performed to deceive mankind. But I say to you, all things are in My hand, and greater is your power in Me! The world of the supernatural is great and vast and powerful, but unto you, My children, I give all power in Heaven and Earth! To you who know Me and follow closely by My side, I will give the supreme power of Heaven. As My Father gave unto Me, so give I unto you!
       35. When I walked on the Earth and was tempted of the Devil, he offered Me his limited power. Had I accepted what Lucifer had to give, I would have still been able to perform wonders in the eyes of man. But was I to trade the far greater power of the Heavens for a limited display of the supernatural on Earth? It was after having resisted the temptation of Satan that I was then strengthened and filled with the power of My Father in Heaven! And this, My children, is the power I give unto you--all power in Heaven and in Earth! I give you power over unclean spirits. I give you the power to call down the wonders and the glories of Heaven!
       36. For as I command the winds and the rains, as I flash the lightning from the east to the west, as I still the noise of many waters, as I part the sea and make straight the path of dry ground for My children to walk on, as I make a way in the wilderness and make dry land springs of water, as I open rivers in high places and fountains in the midst of the valleys--so will I endue you with great power from on high in these Last Days!
       37. Great is My power above all things! This is the power of the Heavens, and all man's attempts to cover up, to ignore, and to explain away, will be set straight in that day when I come in great power and glory in the clouds! Then all will be made known. Therefore, My children, gird yourselves with My strength, and stand strong in the power of My might! For every eye will see in that day, and every knee will bow down and give glory to Me. For Mine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever! (End of message from Jesus.)

       Color Power!
       38. {\b \i (Mama:)} Another mystery we asked the Lord about was whether color actually has power. We came upon the following news article describing an alternative form of medicine called color therapy or colorpuncture, which involves beaming light of certain colors on the body to heal various ailments. This treatment was used in ancient Egypt and is still used by a small number of practitioners today.
       39. But is this power of the Lord, or is it a "dangerous tinkering," as the Lord said about acupuncture? (See ML #3118:28, GN 728.) Read on for the Lord's surprising answer and explanation of the power of color in Heaven!

       Feeling full of beams
By Deanne Pearson, The Sunday Times
       LONDON -- After a difficult labor and delivery with her first child, Carole Henny found making love so painful that eventually she and her husband simply stopped having intercourse. Finding nothing wrong with her physically, the hospital put her problem down to psychological trauma. Counseling did not help. After three years, Henny and her husband were desperate to get help.
       Then Henny, a registered general nurse and midwife, heard about Angelika Hochadel, a German Heilpraktiker (qualified alternative medical practitioner) who had recently moved to England. Hochadel uses a technique called colorpuncture to treat both physical and psychological ailments. The therapy, which involves beaming colored light on to acupuncture points, is being used by about 3,000 practitioners in Germany, America, and Australia.
       Henny was stunned by the speed and simplicity of colorpuncture. "All Angelika did was shine three colors--yellow, violet and turquoise--each for about 30 seconds, on four points on the back of my leg," she says. "I was so thrilled with the almost immediate result that I rang Angelika afterwards to thank her. I didn't really expect it to help, to be honest, and if anyone had told me what a dramatic difference it would make, I wouldn't have believed them."
       Had I not had a similar experience, neither would I. On a visit to Hochadel, I asked if she could do anything to relieve sinusitis, which I'd had for the past week. My head, nose and ears were totally blocked up, my eyes and lymph glands in my neck puffy and tender.
       She shone colored light from a small instrument that looked like a flashlight on to points on my face, chest, hand and abdomen, some of which were markedly more sensitive than others. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. On my way home, my ears kept popping, in the way they do when you're on a plane, and two hours later I noticed that my lymph glands had gone right down. The following morning the tight, congested feeling in my head and face had disappeared, and it was as if someone had turned on a tap in my nose, which streamed for the next couple of days and then dried up as quickly as it had begun.
       Healing with light and color has been used for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, special diagnostic rooms were constructed in such a way that sunlight was refracted into the colors of the spectrum. Once the appropriate color for treatment had been identified, the patient was placed in the room flooded with that color. Color therapists use light and color in a similar way.
       Colorpuncture is a more concentrated form of light and color therapy. According to the German naturopath Peter Mandel, who developed the therapy almost 30 years ago, it is a powerful way of activating the body's innate healing abilities. (End of article.)

       40. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} According to your faith be it unto you. I am the light of the world, and in Me there is no shade of darkness. Behold these who stumble on to the mysteries of My coloronics! They tinker in the primitive, standing on the threshold of a great truth, and yet they see it not. But to you, My children, it is given to know the mysteries. Who can know the power of electricity? And I say, who can know the power of My coloricity! Great and marvelous are My Heavenly coloronics, My Heavenly color works! The color power of Heaven is power to change hearts, power to change minds, power to mend bodies, power to heal, power to bring light and life and hope and joy!
       41. The Heavens declare My glory and the firmament displays My handiwork! Have I not set My bow of many colors in the sky as a sign of My promise to mankind that I will no longer destroy the Earth by the deep waters? Learn of Me, therefore, the mystery of this magical spectrum of Heavenly hue, for within this archway of color I open up to you the world of coloronics!
       42. Heaven is full of color--beautiful, rich, brilliant, radiant, luminous Heavenly shades, all refracting My light! Each tone shines in its own brilliance according to the intensity and the frequency and the wavelength on which it is positioned. Every shade glows and shines and illuminates My power in perfect order and harmony to accomplish the purpose that I send it forth to do. My Heavenly hues are but one vehicle whereby My great power and energy is distributed. My Heavenly light and magnificent Heavenly color bring light and life and a touch of love, a touch of faith, a touch of hope, a touch of cheer, and a touch of healing to those who will receive.
       43. The Heavens are full of color--rich, deep, lustrous color, each magnificent hue reflecting My light and life and energy and miracle-working power! Heaven is full of color--rich, deep, warm, glowing, lucent shades and tones, many of which are not known to human sight! Heaven is full of color power! Color power to set the mood, to set the tone, to invigorate you, to move you, thrill you, fill you, excite you, ignite you, woo you, soothe you, warm you, hug you, love you--and this is only the beginning! My Heavenly coloronic power kindles great passion and ardent love and ecstasy beyond your wildest aspirations!
       44. The sensation of My color power is like none other! It's alive, pulsating, vibrant, energizing, enlightening, and also restful, relaxing, calming, soft and tranquil. You can breathe it in and it will give you vitality. You can bathe in it, swim in it, walk in it, run in it, skip in it, jump in it, lie down in it, rest in it, and enjoy it forever! For it never gets dull, it never dims, it never runs out; it will bring you sweet relief, joy, happiness, and Heavenly bliss!
       45. The colors of Heaven reflect My energy and light in various degrees and shades, yet all radiate My beauty and My power! In My Heavenly Kingdom there is no night, for all is light and bright and alive and aglow and scintillating in the purest and richest of Heavenly hue! Ah, the sweet mystery of Heavenly coloronics is not all for mortal men to know! You don't need to know just yet how it works, My children; all you have to do is flip the switch, turn it on, and let it work miracles for you!
       46. To you who know Me, you can avail yourselves of the power of My coloricity anywhere, any time. You don't need these trinkets of men, for you, My children, hold the power of My coloronics within you. All you have to do is continue to bathe in My sunshine, keep your face turned toward Me, keep looking to Me, and you'll reflect My light. I will shine My Heavenly hues down upon you and you'll glow with the power of Heaven and shine with the colors of the rainbow! And anything you ask in My Name, I will do for you!--Heal hearts and minds and bodies and heads and hurts, and work miracles on your behalf!
       47. My Heavenly colors are coloring the world! And in that soon-coming day when I return in all My power and glory, every knee will bow. For when they see Me coming in the clouds, I will be riding on the power behind the rainbow! Phooey on the fireworks of man! In that day all the world will marvel after the colorworks of Heaven!--My Heavenly coloronics in full display--shining brightly for all to see! (End of message from Jesus.)

       The World Cup and Sports
       48. {\b \i (Mama:) }The World Cup matches in June and July had a huge impact on soccer-loving countries around the globe. In Britain, more people watched England lose to Argentina than saw the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. The parliament in the former Soviet republic of Georgia broke off debate to watch the opening match. In Bangladesh and Kenya, riots erupted in major cities when power outages interrupted transmission of televised World Cup matches. Operations in hospitals were postponed. Departures at some international airports in Latin America were delayed. Businesses and stock exchanges ground to a halt. Record audiences were glued to the matches, with organizers estimating that by the July 12 finals, viewers had tuned in up to 40 billion times. Then when Brazil lost to France, one million people poured into the streets of Paris for the biggest celebration there since the end of World War II!
       49. There's nothing wrong with sports, and watching them every so often can be fun and relaxing. But the worldwide frenzy about the World Cup was quite amazing, and we wondered what was so captivating about it. So we asked the Lord if He could give us more insight into competitive sports and the spirit behind them, and He sent Dad with the following message:

       50. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} The World Cup and other sports really foster the spirit of competition. It's the spirit of the world, the "me first" spirit--do what's best for yourself, win no matter who you have to hurt or step on in order to get ahead of the next guy. That's the spirit of the world, which is just the opposite of what Jesus wants to teach people--to love your neighbor as yourself.
       51. Of course, some form of sports is fine. It's good exercise and can be good fellowship time with others, and in the Family we don't usually have a big problem with people becoming overly competitive to the point that they're willing to knock somebody else out of the game in order to win. But things in the world are so different, and when athletes get to the professional level where they're being paid to win, it gets extremely competitive.
       52. It becomes almost a life-and-death spirit. For example, the soccer players in the World Cup practically ran themselves to exhaustion, suffered injuries and bruises, and still kept playing, because they wanted to win no matter what it cost them physically.
       53. It's a spiritual thing. It's the spirit of competition and pride, proving you're better than the other guy. They do it by sheer brawn, by their own strength, which really feeds their pride. It's their idea of success. Winning means success in the world, so to win is a very big motivator.
       54. It just seems to be sort of an instinct with men especially to want to compete and to win, even with some of our folks. When they watch the World Cup or other sports events, it's almost like an extension of those human desires to compete and win. That's why some people get so into it, because they can relate to that drive to compete. The physical exertion, and then finally the goal, is exhilarating for some people.
       55. Thank the Lord, He's delivered the Family from going in that direction, and He's shown us His way of playing sports, without the life-and-death spirit of competition. It makes games much more fun and safer.
       56. But the world just loves it! And even if they don't play the game themselves, they get into the same spirit by rooting for one team or the other. It's a thrill and high for them if their team wins, and a real low if their team loses. Just look at the results of some of these losses or delays or problems even with the broadcast of some of these sports events. People riot and get violent! Businesses close so they can watch the event on TV. It becomes big news.
       57. It's just that spirit of winning and being the best, coming out on top and being better, and getting paid for it. Pride and money, success and fame--pretty powerful tools in the hands of the Enemy! (End of message from Dad.)

       58. {\b \i (Mama:)} Thank you, Dad, for that good message on competitive sports and the possible pitfalls for those who get too heavily into winning! Now we're not saying that there's anything wrong with sports, or with watching it on TV occasionally. It has its time and its place, when it can be a fun group activity. Of course, like Dad brought out here, it becomes unedifying when you go to extremes and get into it too much.
       59. So how can you keep the right balance, and how do you know what that balance is? Dad gave the answer a few years ago in a message titled "Jesus' Basketball Team," saying:

       60. You know, there's nothing wrong with sports in itself. It's good for exercise, recreation, getting your mind off your work and taking a break. Even if you watch it on TV every now and then, there's no harm done. I even watched it with the kids every once in a while. But like everything, it has its time and place, when it's edifying and when it's not edifying, when it's helpful and when it's harmful. But for goodness sake, don't be talking about sports when you should be witnessing or winning souls or getting in the Word! You're just throwing the ball away and giving it to the Enemy! And if you do that, you're losing the game.
       61. This whole thing is a game of you against the Enemy, and he's out for keeps! [DELETED] How do you know who the best players are on a team? It's those who love to play and faithfully show up for practice the most. Those who eat, live and breathe the game, who are serious and dedicated--the game of winning souls, witnessing and living the Word.
       62. It's really going to come down to the wire, and every one of you is needed. So give it your best shot! Okay? And let's get some slam dunks in there--for Jesus! Don't give your points away to the Enemy! Make every shot count, every pass.
       63. If you like to talk about basketball or sports, it doesn't take much to somehow relate it to the Lord, or make a parallel or parable out of it. You can bring the Lord into any situation or any topic. That's a good rule to go by: If you leave the Lord out of it, that's how you know you're out of it! Okay? I love you! (End of excerpt of message from Dad. For the full message and commentary, please see "Help from Heaven," ML #3056:109-128, GN 686.)

       The Psychic Powers of John Edwards
       64. Some months ago we saw medium John Edwards during a guest appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live" show. We only caught the last part of the show, in which Edwards took calls from people around the world who wanted to communicate with loved ones who had died. They would simply tell him their name and, based on that, Edwards would then often see a symbol and get an impression which he interpreted for the callers. At times his interpretations seemed embarrassingly wrong; but mostly he was able to reveal personal information which only the caller could have known, and provide amazing insights!
       65. We were interested to know if these abilities were of the Lord and what their purpose was. We also wondered if we would ever have the power to hear from beyond so quickly and explicitly, down to very small and specific details in what seemed like such an effortless way. When we asked the Lord these questions, He responded with the following messages:

       66. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Maybe at this time you don't have the psychic powers that he has, but you are even more in tune with the Spirit, the spirit world and the departed, than he is!
       67. His gift is an outward gift, one that is given to him by Me. He is making worldly people more aware of the afterlife, more aware of the spirit world, more aware of the ability that is available to all to be able to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side.
       68. True, this gift is a rare thing in this day and age, and I have not gifted many in this way because of the great responsibility that comes along with it. There are many men who would take credit to themselves. There are many men who would twist and concoct evil doings with their cunning spiritual abilities.
       69. Yet this psychic ability is not one of My greater gifts. Although in the physical it seems to be more outstanding or extraordinary, in the spirit world it is seen as but a small thing. I have bestowed this gift upon some as a witness to the world.
       70. Those who lack in faith, those who will not believe any other way, have a chance through this medium to grasp and accept the truth of Heaven and the hereafter. It is a watered-down message, but it is a message nonetheless. Through the readings and the personal connection to the spirit world, a seed of faith and hope is planted in the hearts of individuals--seeds that can then be watered and nurtured and brought forth to blossom into strong faith and belief in Me, if the recipients so choose.
       71. You wonder why you can't have these abilities. Why must you struggle and fight in the spirit to receive words and messages from the spirit world? Why can you not just receive as easily as this one, John Edwards? First of all, I wish to clarify that hearing words and messages from the spirit world is a much more powerful gift than simply seeing symbols or feeling things, as this man does.
       72. Though his gift may seem more extraordinary or more outstanding, that does not mean that it is a more important gift, nor one that you should covet or desire. If such a gift was important for you, My children, I would have given it to you. If I knew that such a gift was a powerful weapon, I would have begun instructing you in the use of it.
       73. I have chosen to give you a weapon of greater power, efficiency and accuracy, so that you may be prepared for all that is ahead. The weapon, the gift that I have given to you is the most powerful weapon of communication with the spirit world that there is--at least the most powerful weapon that is available to you at this time. I have other gifts and powers in store for you as added artillery when things start getting hot and heavy on Earth, but I cannot give these to you now.
       74. It is My desire for you to hone this gift that I have given you--the gift of prophecy--and to use it, for the weapons of the future are simply additions; they build on your present gifts and greatly enhance them. So use this gift well, My faithful ones, and seek not for these other gifts that are simply playthings for you who are of My advanced army. The bestowing of these psychic powers is simply a last-ditch attempt at awakening those that slumber and sleep, so that they too may be prepared for what is ahead.
       75. You wonder why you must fight so diligently and desperately to receive messages from Me, or from others in the spirit world, when this one, John Edwards, seems to receive his visions and feelings so clearly, quickly, and without travail. It's simple: The answer is that he doesn't have the most aggressive evil ex-archangel in the universe trying to hinder him and defeat him!
       76. Satan knows that this man is no real threat to his kingdom, but you certainly are! That's why he fights so diligently, viciously, and relentlessly, as you receive messages, guidance and instruction from Heaven. Satan is the Hinderer, and it is his desire to stop the flow of My Words, and to stop this spiritual communication that we have. He knows what a mighty weapon you hold within your hands, so it shouldn't surprise you that he fights so hard to stop you from using this powerful weapon--or to at least hinder you, delay you, or discourage you.
       77. I am full of love, and I don't give up on those of the world who are ignorant and know not the power of the Spirit, who know not of Heaven, who know not of the afterlife, who know not of the power that I possess. In an effort to educate, to instruct, and to make the multitudes aware, I have bestowed upon certain men and women, like John Edwards, the ability to see and feel in the spirit to a certain degree, as a witness, as a testimony, as proof to those who would otherwise not have believed.
       78. Don't envy this one, but rather pray for those who hear him and see him, that they may in time come to know Me, the One Who makes everything supernatural possible. (End of message from Jesus.)

  • * *

       79. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }This man, John Edwards, is an instrument that I have chosen to work through, to help people open their eyes to the realities of the spirit world, and to realize that death is not the end of life. It is but a door to a different level of existence, where the spirits remain and carry on, either in Heaven, in Hell, or somewhere in between.
       80. He does not himself know or understand much about My operations of the spirit world, nor have a deep understanding of My truth or Words; therefore he is not able to answer many of the deep questions that people have about death and life and the world beyond. But that is not his ministry. His ministry is simply to help people open their eyes to knowing that there is a spirit world, that it's real, and that it's possible to communicate with those beyond.
       81. His is the gift of pictures and impressions, and yours is the gift of words. You can hear and receive the words of love from those who have passed on, to their loved ones still on Earth. Thus far you have used this method of spiritual communication and encouragement mainly for the sake of your own family or close friends, but the time will come when you will need to use it more in your reaching out to and witnessing to those who do not know Me.
       82. As it is, when you receive messages from those who have passed on, there are often many intimate or personal details that those for whom the message is directed marvel at and realize that no one else would have known this. These, however, do have much more faith and insight, because they already believe in the basics of Me and My Spirit, of salvation, and of Heaven.
       83. Those who are unsaved, however, often require stronger signs and wonders to believe. In the cases when you need it, I will reveal to you, as the spirits reveal to this man, intimate specifics and details of the lives, deaths, and feelings of those who have departed, to assure their loved ones who remain on Earth that there is more to this life than what they can feel with their senses.
       84. I am training you now and helping you acquire practice in receiving My messages, in learning to be clear and receptive channels, as well as learning to give Me all the glory. For as time goes on, the messages and visions you receive will become more and more specific, and will require more faith to believe, receive, and to give to those for whom they are ordained.
       85. I have already given some messages that have required great faith for My king and queen to pass on to My children. This has been a test of faith, but because the tests have been passed, this has resulted and will yet result in many great blessings. I have already blessed by pouring greater infilling and power of My Spirit, greater love, peace, joy and truth upon those who receive and drink in this New Wine. But even beyond that, receiving such messages and stepping out by faith and conviction to share them does something more in your spirit. It prepares you for what is yet ahead, and for the more weighty, far-out, unusual, and spectacular messages that I will give through you.
       86. You who have heard from those who have passed on have learned that it is truly a test of faith for you to give what comes, for the Enemy hits you with doubts, telling you that this is not really the person, or that if it is, their loved ones may not believe it. Often the specific and most personal things are the ones that are hardest to pass on, for you worry that you will be proven to be false. But haven't you seen that whenever you take the step of faith to go ahead and say it and deliver the message, often those very details that you struggled hardest with receiving are those that have the most impact on the receiver, and which confirm the authenticity of the message?
       87. So you see, these same spiritual gifts are available to you. You can have them and do have them. They just require more faith on your part in their exercise, and are thus more difficult to use, though not impossible.
       88. So in these days of preparation, learn to trust and learn to believe. Continue to exercise your faith in Me and in the things of the Spirit by putting into practice all that I have shown you. Stretch your faith to ask for things that seem difficult or impossible, to ask questions that seem unanswerable, and watch your faith grow as you see My answers!
       89. Those who pass the tests I have for them today, who learn to put their spiritual gifts to good use, who learn to give Me the glory, and who fully realize that it is only My power and not their own, will continue to receive greater and more miraculous spiritual gifts as they need them. I will not give them to all, but there will be those among My Family who will need them and use them. Some may receive a very special outward manifestation of My Spirit just once, others many times, and others none. This does not mean that one is better than another; it just means that it is My time or place for them. (End of message from Jesus.)

       90. {\b \i (Mama:)} Thank the Lord for the wonderful power He's given us now, and for that which is to come in these Last Days! Keep practicing your gift of hearing from Heaven, even though it may be difficult sometimes. As the Lord said, "Stretch your faith to ask for things that seem difficult or impossible, to ask questions that seem unanswerable, and watch your faith grow as you see My answers!" Praise the Lord!

       Is This the Big One?
       91. On another subject, right now the world economy seems to be in a very precarious state, and there's been a constant stream of bad economic news. Country after country, region after region has been affected.
       92. Asian economies have crashed, and there are growing numbers of unemployed and hungry throughout the region--in Indonesia, Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. The situation in Indonesia is especially bad, and millions are malnourished or starving. It's bad in North Korea, too--estimates are that between 2 and 6 million people have already died there.
       93. Japan, the world's second-largest economy, is in full-scale recession, and even the normally calm Japanese are getting nervous. Japanese banks invested billions in Asia that may never get repaid, and the banking system in Japan may have hundreds of billions of dollars of bad debts.
       94. Russia is experiencing a serious internal crash and has suspended payment on its international debts, so foreign lenders have refused to give it any more money.
       95. South Africa, the richest country in Africa, has seen its currency fall 30-40% in recent months. Most of the rest of Africa crashed long ago.
       96. Latin America recently got hit as well. Stock markets have plummeted in Mexico and Brazil, two of the largest economies in the region, and other Latin nations have also felt the shock waves.
       97. In North America, the Canadian dollar is the lowest it's ever been against the U.S. dollar.
       98. And last but not least, the U.S. economy is pretty shaky. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is fluctuating wildly, and recent drops have erased billions of dollars of gains made so far this year. Bankruptcies in the U.S. are at record highs, and the only thing propping up the System is consumer spending.
       99. So there's a deep crisis, and it could be the beginning of a worldwide recession or even the crash.
       100. On the other hand, there have been any number of smaller crashes in the last 15-20 years, and some have been fairly serious, but the System has kept going. In fact, until the Asian crash hit, there was generally more prosperity than ever before. So things might bounce back again, as they have in the past.
       101. Since we didn't know where things were headed, we asked our all-knowing Lord a series of questions, and He was happy to answer them for us. We wondered first of all if this current spiral downwards is the crash--the major one that Dad talked about which will bring 1930s-style poverty, unemployment and depression to the entire world. Dad himself gave us the answer to this question, as follows:

              102. {\b \i (Dad:)} This is what I was talking about! Remember how the Lord showed me that the crash could take another ten years to happen? Well, if you look back at it now you can see that the Lord was right, as He always is. The Lord showed me that the big crash could come in slowly, steadily mounting until the big one hit, and that's about to happen. It's on the horizon. It's looming out there, just waiting for the go-ahead from the ACs, and then everything will crumble and fall.
       103. They're saying that the U.S. economy is still strong and that it can bounce back, but if it does, it will only be temporary. It's going to take a bad fall very soon--one from which neither it nor the world will recover. And once the U.S. stock market goes, all the rest will follow like dominoes, because they've built their economies around a sinking ship.
       104. They built their economies on paper pigs, and that piggy is about to blow! It's going to burst, and all their fancy decorations and their fancy cars and buildings are going to burst with it. It's going to pull the plug out of their dreams, and just like a draining sink they'll all spiral down out of control into the hands of the AC and his agents.
       105. He's got it all planned and he and his people have been working behind the scenes on this for quite a few years. He's been testing out the repercussions worldwide and fine-tuning his plan. He tried a little fall in one country or another; then he saw that he couldn't fully control it and that his hold on the strings wasn't good enough. So he let it rebound to get a closer grip on it, so that when the big mother ship goes down, it's going to suck all the others down with it!
       106. They say that when you're in a shipwreck you have to swim as far away from the ship as possible, otherwise the whirlpool that the sinking ship makes will just suck you under like a big vortex--SUUUUUCK! And then you're down there on the bottom of the sea just like Jonah! Except this time it isn't the Lord's whale that you're safe in. You boarded the wrong boat and it sank! That's what the story is going to be for so many Americans--they've boarded the wrong ship and are destined for disaster. They're on a collision course with the iceberg of God's judgments and they're going to hit it very soon.
       107. Don't listen to the soothsayers; they're all liars. They don't know what's going to happen. They just guess at it and try to figure it out, and they have no idea the huge crash that's coming! They have no idea just how big that bang is gonna be! It's going to take a plunge like never before! Crash! Boom! Splat! Right on their faces!
       108. I'm so glad that we obeyed the Lord and haven't invested our money in the System. I always believed that the Family was the best place to invest our money and would reap the greatest benefits. And it's so true! Just think what would have happened if we'd invested in the stock market. What would we have lost? What would all that money go to? A bad debt! How much better it is to invest that money in the Lord's work, where there are no losers--no crashes, no "economic reforms," no bad economies. Thank God!
       109. The Family is the best! It's the only place to safely invest your money, because it's putting your money back into the Lord's hands. He's reaching out His hand, and as you continue to put Him first and pour all your time and money into doing His work, He multiplies it. That's the best stock exchange! You give your time and money to the Lord, and He gives you back a hundredfold! Now where in the world would you ever find a deal like that? Where can you invest a hundred dollars in an enterprise and get back a hundred times that? I'll tell you where--nowhere! There's nothing like God's work and God's Heavenly Stock Exchange!
       110. He keeps records too, you know, but His market keeps going up and up and up, and there's no limit to it! It'll just keep skyrocketing till it rockets you all right up to Heaven! There are no bad selling days on His exchange and there are no bad deals, no bad loans, no bankruptcies. His is a sure thing! So bet on the Lord and on His work, and you'll find that you reap far more than you could ever even hope to reap down there! (End of message from Dad.)

       How to Be Prepared--Advice and Warnings from the Lord!
       111. {\b \i (Mama:)} We also wondered if our Family should make any changes in our mode of operation and outreach during this time--either physical preparations such as gathering more survival food, etc., or in methods of outreach and ministry, or spiritual preparations. The Lord offers some good practical advice in the following message:

       112. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }To everything there is a time and a purpose under Heaven. Do you think I've been warning you of this for nothing? Do you think that these have been hollow warnings? Don't be like those who scoffed at Noah and drowned in the worldwide flood of My judgments. You've been given the inside scoop on what's going to happen, so you have no excuse not to be prepared.
       113. The things that your Father David has delivered from Me have been real and serious warnings. But some of you have gotten complacent to where your survival is a thing of the past, and your reserve drinking water is just another inconvenience and quirk of the Family. But do you realize just what it is that you're forsaking? Do you realize just what it is that you're giving up? You're giving up your own salvation from this calamity that is about to hit! You're giving up your survival method, your lifeline!
       114. I will be there to help those who truly can't help themselves, but those who've been given warning and mocked it and said it would never happen should beware! You may have to learn through sad experience just what it means to be without--what it means to have to beg your friends for help, and find none. What do you think all the warnings have been for--to tickle your ears? To give you something to read? A nice bedtime story perhaps? Wake up! This is the End, and these are serious matters that require your action and obedience!
       115. The list I'm going to give you is going to be your lifeline in the days to come:
       116. Number 1: Be close to Me and in tune with My voice and My Words. Learn to hear from Me and to follow and obey the instructions I give you, no matter what channel it comes through. If it's confirmed in the mouth of two or three people, you'd better take it as My voice speaking to you and obey, for without that spiritual strength you will be lost. You must find My strength first before you do anything else.
       117. Number 2: Stock up on a month's supply of food and an ample supply of water, if possible. If you have questions about the necessity or makeup of these survival rations, come to Me and I can tell you what you need in your situation, how much of it you need, and how to go about getting it. You who are mobile may only need a small amount, enough for a few days, as well as a contingency plan of what you will do and where you will go. You who are having financial difficulties should also seek Me as to how much extra food you need and how to obtain it. I am not limited by little finances, only by little faith. The key is to ask Me how much you need of what foods, and then to ask Me to supply it, and to do your part to put feet to My promises and obey My instructions, whatever they may be.
       118. Number 3: Prepare your friends and contacts and supporters for such things. Share with them the signs of the times and let them know just how serious things are going to get. This will help them to help you in your time of need, because you were faithful to warn them and give them a chance to prepare. You don't need to be doomsayers, but you do need to share the message of the End with them. Most will agree when they look at the markets and see just how things are going. They will believe you.
       119. Number 4: Be prepared! Do you have another way to cook should your electricity be cut off? Do you have enough water to wash your dishes and keep clean should things get bad and the government shuts off the water? For those who live in cold climates, do you have enough blankets should the heating be cut off? Are you prepared? Do you have your HER in a safe place? Are you preparing for the future both physically and spiritually by doing those things I have shown you through the Letters of David and Maria?
       120. Are you out there witnessing and getting out the message of the Endtime? Or are you sitting back and waiting for something to happen before you will believe? Well, I'm sorry to say that some of you are just sitting back, and if you're not ready when trouble hits, it will be your own fault. I have warned you, David has warned you, Maria and Peter have warned you, and now I'm giving you a final warning. Be prepared!
       121. I want you to be prepared in spirit most of all. I want you where the people need you so you can continue to shine as lights in the world. I want you in or near the cities to help your friends and contacts and those who need you. I want you to be where you can still get out the message, minister to the needy multitudes, and put your enemies to shame.
       122. I don't want you all hiding out in some refuge farm in a remote town or village--what good would you do there? The animals aren't the ones that need tending to, it's the human sheep that need you--the poor ones who will be lost and without a shepherd and confused because of all that is happening around them. Their dreams will be shattered and they will have lost all hope.
       123. In those days, I want you to be the leaders and commanders of My people! You who know Me and understand My plan will be able to show them the way to go, and will instruct many in the truth. Seek Me and I will show you where to go and be so that you may accomplish this purpose best. Seek My will and My plan, for it is in abiding in My will that you can find refuge and the supply of every need, and be the greatest help to others.
       124. This is why being prepared in spirit is so important, and I have emphasized it time and time again. This is why you must be ready to give an answer to him that asks the reason for your light and hope. You will need to be ready to lead in that day, so do your homework now. Prepare now so that you will be strong when it comes time to run the final race. Prepare now so that you might be used of Me when the time comes.
       125. I don't want you to let the Devil in with his lies and doubts and fears. As I have said before, these Last Days will be days of victory and overcoming! They won't be days of defeat and despair. If you've trained right and are strong in Me, you will have the strength to run the race and fight the battles that lie ahead. And not only will you overcome, but you will help countless millions overcome too by the word of your testimonies.
       126. So don't be fearful or frightened by all that is to come, but do let it put the fear of God into you so that you are moved to do something and prepare. Let it motivate you into doing what I have asked of you--that you prepare your heart and mind and spirit by drawing close to Me, hearing from Me, loving Me, and receiving My seeds. This is the only way you will be able to shine as lights in the final days of man's history. So prepare now that you may shine then! (End of message from Jesus.)

       Give the Message of Heaven and the End!
       127. {\b \i (Mama:)} We also wondered if the Lord had any particular message He wants us to give the world during this time. The Lord again answered our question, giving us a rallying cry to preach the Gospel and proclaim His coming and the End like never before!

       128. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} The message I want My Family to give is that of the End! I want the Enemy to be exposed and set back on his heels. I want him to be the one running for cover because of the fire and fervor of My children! I want My children to get out the Words like never before! I want them to pour out the Words in greater abundance than this world has ever seen. I want the children of David to be wise and full of faith and conviction so that the Enemy will be forced out in the open. I want the children of David to give out the message of the Endtime and Tribulation, of My return and reign, and of Heaven which will follow, the full message that I committed unto My prophet David!
       129. I want people to know that though things get bad on Earth, if they have Me they can look forward to a better place, to a better world tomorrow! I want them to know and be fully convinced that there is an afterlife, there is Heaven, and it's real. I want them to be saved. I want you to bring as many as you can into the Heavenly folds of salvation.
       130. I want the message of salvation preached to every creature, great and small, rich and poor, old and young! I want the Word to go out like never before, and I want the heart of David to be stirred within each of you so that you are propelled out that door every day to witness and give out the message. I want you to be so united that the world can't help but take notice of you and see that you have something they don't. I want you to hear My Words so directly that they cannot dispute the fact that you have been with Me.
       131. The most important message I want you to give out in these Last Days is that which exposes the plan of the AC. Preach the gospel of the Endtime so that people can be aware of it and know and run to Me when they see it happening. They may not see it now, they may even mock you now as they did Noah in the days of old; but when they saw the clouds gathering, when they saw the rain come thundering down upon them and the Earth bursting forth with great fountains of water, when they saw their loved ones drowning, then they remembered the Word of the Lord and of His prophet. They remembered all that they had been told, and many repented.
       132. I want you to give the message so that many will repent and come to Me in the rough days which will befall this world soon. I want them to have a reason to live, a hope of tomorrow. I want them to come running to you when they realize that you are My prophets, and you were right, because you obeyed and followed My voice of warning, even when it seemed crazy to the world, even when they couldn't see it.
       133. Though they persecute you and mock you for it, they will be running to your feet one day when they see that you were right! They will be running to you for help, and you will be able to give them the Words of the Lord. Then you'll see just how mightily I will use you! Then you'll see just how powerful you are because you have Me, and because you obeyed My warnings to be prepared!
       134. Though they may have earthly possessions, they lack the Spirit, and they will give whatever they can to you so that you may give to them of that spirit of peace and rest and wisdom. They will come falling at your feet asking you, begging you to please forgive them and help them. Then I will be able to use you mightily, because you have been prepared. You have been trained for that moment and you will be right in the center of My will.
       135. That's the message I want to go out! I want My Family to prepare, and I want the world to hear the message of Heaven and of the End. I want them to be without excuse when the day comes. I want them to remember My children and My little ones. I want them to remember that child who gave them a poster, who handed them a tract. I want them to remember and come running to you in that day, beseeching you for answers. I want My children to be so full of Me and so close to My side that they are ready to give the answers that the multitudes will seek. I want you all to be ready and trained and able to give My Words to those who hunger for them.
       136. I also want to use you as a testimony against the church system! For they are lulled to sleep by the Great Society, and have been drunk with the cup of the Whore's riches. They are lazy and slumber while they should be preparing, so I will use you as a condemnation to them. I will use you, whom they have persecuted and maligned, to guide them when the days get dark and the clouds roll in. I want you to be there to lead them and help them back onto the straight path. They don't see it now, because they're so blinded by their love of money and lukewarm halfheartedness. But in that day they'll see just who I have prepared for this hour.
       137. So stand strong and don't quit! Don't give in to the lies of the Devil that "it will never come," for I'm telling you now that this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled!
       138. The End is near! The olive tree puts forth its buds and the storm approaches. Be prepared! (End of message from Jesus.)

       Clinton's Affair with Monica Lewinsky
       139. P.S. {\b \i (Mama:)} As we were finalizing this GN, we decided to ask the Lord about a topic which has dominated world news lately: U.S. president Bill Clinton's affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Many of you are probably familiar with the details, since they've received widespread international coverage, but the basic facts are as follows:
       140. President Clinton, now 52, carried on a secretive 18-month relationship with then 21-year-old Lewinsky that included numerous sexual encounters in the White House. He broke off the affair in January 1998 when he feared it was becoming too well-known, and when Ms. Lewinsky was subpoenaed to give evidence in Paula Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit against him. In a deposition in the same lawsuit, Clinton swore he did not engage in sexual relations with Lewinsky. He firmly and even vehemently maintained this stance for seven months.
       141. Meanwhile, special prosecutor Ken Starr, who had been investigating other possibly illegal acts by Clinton, turned his focus to the Lewinsky affair. Ms. Lewinsky agreed to cooperate with him, and turned over conclusive physical evidence of her relationship with Clinton--a semen-stained dress. In mid-August, Clinton abandoned months of denial and admitted to a federal grand jury and the U.S. that he'd had an "inappropriate relationship" with Monica Lewinsky. In a nationwide TV address, Clinton said: "I misled people, including my wife. I deeply regret that." Starr has been investigating allegations that Clinton obstructed justice in his investigation of the affair, instructed witnesses to lie, and committed up to 11 offenses which are impeachable under the U.S. constitution. The U.S. congress has voted to hold wide-ranging impeachment hearings on the matter.
       142. There are a lot of different facets to the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. We asked the Lord what was the most important thing He wanted the Family to know about it, as well as how He looked at the whole situation and the parties involved. He sent Dad with the following message:

       143. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} Poor Clinton! He's really gotten himself into a mess! I said from the beginning that he was a weak leader and not fit to run the country. But I don't think they should impeach him for having an affair with a pretty little girl. Goodness, if they're going to impeach him for anything, they ought to impeach him for Waco, when he and Janet Reno sent armed federal agents in and massacred 80 innocent men, women and children--shot them and burned them to death--and threw most of the survivors in jail! If you want to talk about crimes against the people, that's a big one! It's a crime against God and Heaven to slaughter His children like that!
       144. Well, Clinton is so blind sometimes; he really doesn't see the Enemy's hand behind things. He follows along as a dumb sheep, and in some cases a dumb ass too, Lord help him! He walked right into an AC trap. They sent her in there to try to seduce him and thereby cause this whole situation to flare up in his face, showing the world what a weak leader he is. In fact, there don't seem to be any strong leaders among the world powers these days. It all works together to create a yearning among the people of the world for a strongman, and he won't be long in coming now--the Antichrist!
       145. That'll be one reason why he (the AC) won't love women--because they're so much trouble! Sorry, dear girls, but it's true. Many a man's problems have been the result of emotions and reactions related to women. But God made you, the most wonderful gifts He gave to mankind, to love us poor bungling men, and you love us so well. God bless you! You're terrific! Well, that's a bit off the subject, but I love you women.
       146. The problem with Clinton's affair wasn't so much the affair, although that was immoral in the world's eyes. She was a lot younger than him, but she was of legal age, so that wasn't really a problem either. The problem and what's wrong was that he lied about it and tried to cover it up instead of just coming out and telling the truth.
       147. One reason we've survived so long and there haven't been any major schisms in the Family is that I've been honest with you. I don't think anyone could accuse me of covering up when it comes to sex, ha! Besides, what's the scandal in sex? If you're both of legal age and consent to it, where's the scandal? So I've told you all about my sex life and I've even told you about things that were a lot more embarrassing and humbling for me--my occasional problems with drinking too much, some doctrinal misinterpretations here and there, and other personal faults and failings. It's a wonder that any of you still love me.
       148. But I was open and honest about my mistakes, confessed them to the Lord and you, and He forgave me and kept using me. It just goes to show that it's only the Lord Who's leading this group. It's not me, nor Mama and Peter. No, it's the Lord Himself. He's very interested in this Family because it's His Endtime elite, so He's doing the leading Himself. Of course, I'm still His representative, so to speak, and so are Mama and Peter. He leads you through them, and I lead you through them and the words that Jesus gives me to speak to you through them.
       149. Jesus is the One that is in control, so this work can't be stopped by any man. That's the difference between us and any worldly government--we're run by the Lord, whereas they're all run by men who make mistakes. Sure, we've made our mistakes too, but for the most part we're moving in the right direction, getting out the message, and the Lord is in control. Thank God for that! It's a task far too big for any one person or any group of people to manage. It has to be the Lord. It was when I was with you and it still is.
       150. Wow, all that over being honest! That's Clinton's biggest problem: He's a chronic liar and proud of it. He lied to everyone to get into office and he's had to lie to keep it, and now that his lies are getting found out, he's fighting even harder to keep it. Well, the U.S. got the sort of president it deserves, sad to say. He's a weak man, duped and hoodwinked by the ACs, who are leading him around by the nose.
       151. Did you see that comic of the puppets? God bless Jeremy, that was an anointed portrayal of that prophecy! (See Hope TK 47, "The Evil Puppeteer.") That's just what Clinton is like--being pulled this way and that by the hands of the Antichrist and his dupes. He's getting thrown back and forth. Maybe he wanted a bit too much freedom from their control, so they let this blow up in his face to see if he'd repent and come running back into their fold and beg them to make it all go away.
       152. Poor, poor boy. That's what he is, a little boy, one that never quite grew up. He's certainly a little baby in spirit and has hardly any faith at all. The only reason he goes to church is to appease the people. He's had his faith ripped away from him by all those anti-God schools and colleges he went to. He sat through hours and hours of ungodly teachers destroying the little faith he had, and all for what?--To gain power, money, fame. He wants to be a president who goes down in history as solving the world's problems. He's kind of sincere in that respect, but he's so blinded by the ACs that he doesn't see what he's doing. He doesn't even know what they are doing! They just play him like a stooge, a puppet. "Jump over here. Laugh, smile, wave now and be nice to these people." He's firmly in their grasp.
       153. Maybe he was getting a bit too independent and a bit too big for his britches, so they decided it was time to rein him in. They sure did a good job of it. [DELETED] I'm sure she's been used to accomplish some of [EDITED: "the ACs'"] dirty work, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Poor girl. All these little folks down on the bottom of the totem pole don't know what's going on above them. They're just so blind.
       154. It's a constant battle for national leaders. Many of them really do want to help people when they first start running for office. But they're politicians, and they have to please the people and do things that will make them happy or they won't get elected or stay in office very long. So they're indebted to the people, the ungodly majority, and they have to do things the way people want them to. But at the same time, most of these politicians and leaders are smart enough to know that what the people want, what the majority is pressing for, isn't always the best or the wisest thing.
       155. And then they have to contend with AC pressure, too, the big-money boys behind the scenes who helped them get elected. You have to be wealthy nowadays in most countries to get elected to national office, so it's a rare leader who's not heavily indebted to the AC agents behind the scenes who helped them get where they are. The master puppeteer pulls the strings of one of his agents, and that agent pulls the strings of the leader, and lo and behold, a law is passed or is enacted that works together for the good of the ACs.
       156. So the poor leaders really have a lot of forces to contend with. It's no wonder most of them lose their idealism and become cynical very quickly, and it's a rare leader who has the strength and stamina to stand up against the AC forces very long. If they do, they're often vilified by the rest of the world, like Marcos, Godahfi and others, or overthrown in some sort of coup.
       157. Leaders of major powers in particular aren't allowed a lot of freedom from control. The Devil himself sees to that, because this world and all its kingdoms are delivered into his hands for now, until the Lord of lords and King of kings returns. Praise the Lord!
       158. Thank God He's given us the truth, He's given us the answer and the reality. He lets us peek behind His great curtain and see the workings of His supernatural spirit world! He lets us, little old insignificant us, into His confidence. Isn't that amazing? Doesn't that just blow your mind?
       159. Well, there you have my thoughts on Clinton's affair with Monica. Such a pretty name, and such a pretty girl too! I don't rightly blame him, but he really should have been honest about it and not tried to cover it up. Of course, it would have still been a big scandal, even if he had admitted it earlier. Those self-righteous church-going Christians in the States would have been up in arms about it, even though many of them are guilty of sins which are far worse--spiritual adultery and serving mammon instead of the Lord. But if Clinton had admitted it when he was asked about it, he wouldn't be in nearly as much trouble now.
       160. So pray for him, because the Lord instructs you to pray for those in power. He tells us to pray for the powers that be, that they may rule in truth. Well, I doubt we'll be getting much of that out of the American System, but at least pray that he does continue to let the Gospel be preached and that the Lord can use him at least a little bit. Pray that he can be wise and that the Lord will continue to use the little good he has and the little conscience he still has to do some good. Okay? I love you! Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

       161. Editor: During this time when Clinton has been buffeted by revelations about his relationship with Lewinsky, his focus has been on internal affairs much more than foreign affairs. Consequently, the Mideast peace process has ground to a halt, with Israel feeling free to defy the U.S. and not give any more land to the Palestinians, as it had promised. And Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic has been slaughtering ethnic Albanians in the province of Kosovo with impunity. Following are a few brief news clips which analyze these events and help confirm Dad's message above.

       Clinton scandal all an Israeli plot
       BAGHDAD, August 18 (Reuters) -- Iraq's most influential newspaper accused Israel and the U.S. Jewish lobby of hatching the sex scandal buffeting President Bill Clinton to have him replaced by a vice-president judged more pro-Israel.
       "The basic Zionist game has become clear [DELETED] that Clinton's scandal was aimed at replacing him with Vice-President Al Gore from the Democratic Party who is known for his pro-Zionist stand," the Babel daily said.
       "If the game is complete and Al Gore becomes president for the remaining period of (the current four-year) presidency, he would further court Israel and take the (Mideast peace) talks to zero point," it added.

       Clinton's crime was that he put pressure on Israel
       LONDON, August 19 (Reuters) -- Following his television confession of "inappropriate behavior" with White House trainee Monica Lewinsky, President Bill Clinton found unexpected sympathy among Iranian conservatives, who branded the whole scandal a Zionist plot.
       "Clinton's crime was that he simply put pressure on the Zionist regime (Israel) in occupied Palestine, asking them to honor what they had agreed under the framework of the 1993 Oslo accord," the English-language Tehran Times said in an editorial. "There were other U.S. presidents who also in one way or the other had been involved in similar affairs, but they were not treated the way Clinton is being harassed," the daily wrote.

       How Monica Lewinsky and her dress destroyed the Middle East peace accords
By J.J. Goldberg, Jewish World Review
August 17, 1998
       Dr. Yossi Beilin, a leader of Israel's opposition Labor Party, said, "To think that the greatest power on earth is out of commission because of Monica Lewinsky's dress--it's one of the most surreal episodes in history."
       Last January, when the world first learned of Ms. Lewinsky, the presidential sex scandal triggered a sudden mood swing in U.S.-Israel relations. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had just landed in Washington, expecting to have Bill Clinton read him the riot act for what the Administration saw as foot-dragging on the peace process.
       Enter Ms. Lewinsky, and Mr. Clinton was suddenly preoccupied. Mr. Netanyahu had an unexpectedly placid visit and returned to Israel a happy man.
       Seven months later, Dr. Beilin was in Washington as part of a four-member delegation of Labor Party leaders, hoping to convince Washington to press Netanyahu to make more progress towards peace. To their dismay, they arrived to find that President Clinton had just been handed one of the worst political reverses of his tenure: Ms. Lewinsky's decision to testify about the alleged affair and to hand over a certain cocktail dress. Nobody in Washington was talking about anything else.
       "It's depressing," Dr. Beilin said. "The news begins and ends with Monica's dress. It feels as though reality has been shoved aside in favor of some virtual reality."
       The Labor MP's message was that the Administration should keep pushing for an Israeli-Palestinian deal. Washington has been pressing Jerusalem for months to give the Palestinians 13.1 percent of the West Bank in exchange for a string of concessions. Israel has resisted mightily. A few weeks ago Washington effectively stopped pushing.
       Unfortunately, said Dr. Beilin, "the United States is not available right now, because it's somewhere else. It's caught up in some sort of virtual reality. The fact is that there is a reality out there. It's called international conflict.
       "And right now the victims of those conflicts feel that the so-called policeman of the world can't respond. As a citizen of the world, it's one of the most frustrating things imaginable to see the world's only superpower paralyzed by this foolishness."
       The bottom line, Dr. Beilin and like-minded Jewish activists maintain, is that Monica Lewinsky once again has the last word in Middle East diplomacy.

       Writing in the International Herald Tribune on Aug.27, journalist Anna Husarska said, "My local [EDITED: "Sarajevo"] friends note with bitterness that the 18-month relationship between America's commander in chief and a White House intern started in the month the Dayton peace agreement was negotiated. If the attention and energy of Bill Clinton had not been distracted, they complain, perhaps he would have been more dedicated to enforcing Dayton. Perhaps he would have rid Bosnia of the main indicted war criminals who are still free. Opposition activists to whom I spoke last July in Cambodia made angry references to Mr. Clinton's 'lady' problem as they resigned themselves to the news that the U.S. was letting a rigged election in their country stand. Around the globe, those who hope to be helped by America feel betrayed."

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