Jean-Marie Abgrall

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Jean-Marie Abgrall, M.D. (born 1950-04-12 in Toulon, France) is a French psychiatrist, criminologist, specialist in forensic medicine, cult expert, and graduate in criminal law. He has been an expert witness at the Supreme Court of Appeal and Court for Businesses in France on the subject of cults. In particular, he is most knowledgeable about Scientology, The Children of God, and the Order of the Solar Temple. He has written many books on the subject, several of which are used as references.


  • Soul Snatchers: The Mechanics of Cults, by Jean-Marie Abgrall, Alice Seberry (Translator), December 1999, 296 pages, ISBN 189294104X, Algora Publishing, paperback
  • Healing or Stealing?: Medical Charlatans in the New Age, by Jean-Marie Abgrall, Chantal Thomas, 2000
  • Los Secuestradores de Almas, by Jean Marie Abgrall, 2005
  • La Mecanique Des Sectes, by Jean-Marie Abgrall, 2002
  • Tous manipulés, tous manipulateurs, by Jean-Marie Abgrall
  • Les sectes de l'apocalypse: Gourous de l'an 2000, 1999
  • Martin et le gourou by Jean-Marie Abgrall, 2001
  • Sectes, gourous, etc... Eviter aux ados de se laisser piéger by Dominique Biton and Jean-Marie Abgrall