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The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible was the only (English) version of the Bible used in the Children of God/The Family International. The reasons for this were spelled out by David Berg in March 1980 in a Mo Letter titled, Why We Use the King James Version. Below is a summary of Berg's reasonings:

  1. It had the most spiritual translators, real believing translators, & therefore the most spiritual & correct translation.
  2. It's the best known, the most widespread & the most recognisable.--And if you quote it, most people will recognise it & know you're quoting them the Bible.
  3. It has been time-tested for nearly 400 years, & if you accept what it says & obey it, it works!
  4. It was written at the time the English language was spoken & used in its most perfect form.
  5. The English of the King James Version isn't nearly as hard to follow as its critics say. In fact, it is in general written in a much simpler vocabulary, with a higher percentage of one & two-syllable words, than almost any of the modern translations. The King James Version, in fact, is almost universally acknowledged as the greatest of all masterpieces of English literature.
  6. It is no longer copyrighted, meaning anybody can reprint it, copy it or publish it & they don't have to pay a copyright fee.
  7. The King James New Testament is the most accurate & reliable of Bible translations.
  8. The King James Version was not just the work of one man, but the work of a very large conference of the best men of God in England, & every problem was worked out by God's inspiration & the majority opinion.
  9. The translators decided not to add footnotes & explanatory notes, preferring to let the Word speak for itself.