Kristina Virve Gud Mihkelson

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Kristina Virve Gud Mihkelson (FGA, born in Enskede, Sweden on 1953-07-22; also known as Kristina Healey and Kristina Clark), was a long-time member of David Berg and Karen Zerby's personal staff. She was married to Family Care Foundation staff member James Healey until their divorce in 1999.

On 6 November 2000, she purchased 4 parcels of land (The Haven at Sanctuary Road) near Tijeras, New Mexico that were later used as the site of the personal residence of Steven Douglas Kelly and Karen Zerby and their staff for several years.

On 22 October 2005, she gave Michael Timothy Brown a Power of Attorney that allowed him to sell the property. One of the witnesses to the document was Donna Kinnikin. Public records indicate Michael T. Brown sold three of the properties on her behalf in April and November 2006.


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