Life with Grandpa

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A series of publications, in comic book format, featuring life in David "Grandpa" Berg's household. Prominent persons in these stories were:

Individual Chapters

Volume 1

  • The Miracle Ride (PDF)
  • Three Little Accidents (PDF)
  • The Angel in the Portuguese Taxi (PDF)
  • Techi and the Daily Might(PDF)
  • Telling the Truth (PDF)
  • Grandpa and Techi Fighting the Devil (PDF)
  • The Sandbox (PDF)
  • Eat What Is Set Before You (PDF)
  • Pray for Grandpa (PDF)

Volume 2

  • Mommy and the Mosquito (PDF)
  • The Ragman (PDF)
  • Not One to Spare (PDF)
  • Tony the Iceman (PDF)
  • Abrahim the Gypsy King(PDF)
  • The Advantage of a Handicap (PDF)

Volume 3

  • House Inspection (PDF)
  • Burning Selah Trash (PDF)

Volume 4

  • The Temple on the Cliff (PDF)

Volume 5