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Among the most influential of David Berg's numerous spirit helpers, Abrahim (pronounced: Ah'-bra-heem) was supposedly a stereotypical Gypsy leader of Bulgarian descent who had been murdered in 1272 and was responsible for Berg's drinking binges and alcoholism. He is spoken of in numerous Family publications.

Berg described what happened when he let his Gypsy spirit helper, Abrahim, enter him:

15. [...] They come back & inhabit us & can speak through our mouths & even enjoy our sex & even be tempted to drink a little too much! 35. [...] I mean, he just loves to fuck! You know how he explodes when I'm fucking! He thinks it's great!--And he apparently still enjoys his liquor, the old rascal! [...] Maybe this is an experience to teach him to not go overboard, or he's going to kill his host!

Source: "Where Do Babies Come From?" (ML 794; Mar. 1979)

Family publications referencing Abrahim

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