Edward Priebe

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Edward Priebe (Canadian; also known as Hart), joined the Children of God in 1971 and left in 1990. He worked in World Services (WS) and other publication homes for about 15 years.

Priebe started off as an artist, and became head of The Family's art department producing the True Komix (TK) volumes. Later, he became a doctrinal editor and writer and was involved with the coups to overthrow the Philippine government (see the links to his articles on the Manila Military Ministry, below).

In 1992, angry after hearing about Ben Farnsworth's death (as he has explained it), Priebe took over a Family home in Manila and removed 16 trunks of videos from a storage unit. These videos later became evidence of child abuse in court cases (see Category:Legal Action).


ED PRIEBE: I mean, look at this. "Deceivers yet true!" This is an official Children of God publication teaching Family children to lie. I wrote it.

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