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After David Berg's infidellity with Karen Zerby, The Family International became sexually liberal in a drastic way. Berg's obsession with sex and deviant sexual taste is well documented (often by himself, as he published his fantasies with his mother, step-daughter, and nearly any female he knew).

He also promoted sexual abuse by characterizing paraphilia, such as incest and pedophilia, as natural and merely running afoul of "man's laws".

He supervized the sexual molestation of his son, Ricky Rodriguez, who ended up murdering one of his early caretakers and commiting suicide in 2005.

In a 1980 internal Family publication, Berg instructed his followers that:

"[T]here's nothing in the world at all wrong with sex as long as it's practiced in love, whatever it is or whoever it's with, no matter who or what age or what relative or what manner!"

Source: The Devil Hates Sex!—But God Loves It!, DFO 999, 1980-05-20

Sanctioning these paraphilia caused a significant amount of sexual abuse to the second generation.

In a 19921995 British custody case involving The Family, Lord Justice Ward of the High Court of England ruled that:

"I am totally satisfied that there was widespread sexual abuse of young children and teenagers by adult members of The Family, and that this abuse occurred to a significantly greater extent within The Family than occurred in society outside it. [...]

"It is [...] quite unacceptable for The Family to cast the blame upon the immature or weak members and not to face up to what is a harsh truth unpalatable to them that Berg bears responsibility for propagating the doctrine which so grievously misled his flock and injured the children within it."

Source: Judgment of Lord Justice Ward, 1995

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