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David Berg practiced and condoned pedophilia, seeing "man's laws" as a nuisance. He attempted to portray it as natural and any attempts to criticize his impropriety was cast as inappropriate characterization of his "natural" sex with minors as "dirty". Following are excerpts from a few of the Family publications where Berg dealt specifically with pedophilia and child sex.

Writings on pedophilia from Family publications

DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

Child Brides

From Child Brides!, DO 902, 1977-04-04

"Child Brides!" - cover

5. … I hope all of our young kids have plenty of sex. I hope they won't have all those frustrations, inhibitions, phobias, neuroses & whatnot from sex deprivation demanded by the System!

6. IT'S A PERFECTLY NORMAL APPETITE like any other appetite. It needs satisfaction just like any other, & you really really really get frustrated if you can't have it. You can get such guilt complexes, too, for having any. But why did the Lord make you able to have children at the age of 11, 12 & 13 if you weren't supposed to have sex then?

19. IN INDIA THEY OFTEN HAD CHILD BRIDES AT SEVEN YEARS OF AGE! They can get married at that age! Then they could do all the fucking they want without having to worry about any kids until they are 12 years old! (Maria: And by that time they'll for sure be ready for some!)

62. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK OUR KIDS MIGHT FEEL A LITTLE FUNNY about what people would think?) Yes, but Honey, we're revolutionary! Why worry about what people will think? We live in a different style of life in defiance of the System, so why shouldn't we do it on that score too? If the System won't permit us to let them actually legally get married at that age, why not just let them live together & have children anyhow?--So what? --They'd probably accuse us of contributing to the delinquency of minors or corrupting minors!-That's the God-defying System! GHU!

The Devil Hates Sex!—But God Loves It!

From The Devil Hates Sex!—But God Loves It!, DFO 999, 1980-05-20

22. IT’S BEEN SO INGRAINED & INDOCTRINATED IN THEM NOW FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS beginning with the Jews & right on with the Catholic Church. The whole idea that sex is so wicked & sinful, so vile & horrible, so awful & the worst of all sins, & so the worst of all sexual sins is with children. “How could you besmirch & defile & violate your own child?—An under-age minor!”

23. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL AGE HAS GOT TO DO WITH IT when God made’m able to enjoy it practically from the time they’re born! But though God didn’t count them as under age to have sexual feelings & sexual responses & sexual nerves & sexual orgasms from the time they’re born, the System prohibits them from having them until they’re 18 to 21 years of age!

25. AND MY GOD, YOU DON’T DARE TALK ABOUT INCEST, it’s almost a word you don’t dare even hardly pronounce in private, much less engage in it! You can’t even teach your own children about sex! You can be accused of incest or corrupting a minor or promoting juvenile delinquency or contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I mean there are oodles of all kinds of crazy laws about sex.

35. AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED THERE ARE NO MORE SEXUAL PROHIBITIONS HARDLY OF ANY KIND, EXCEPT HE SURE SEEMED TO HATE SODOMY & I don't see where He withdrew that.—But whatever it is, there might be exceptions as long as it's in love. God's only law is Love!—And I'll tell you, it's dangerous because the System sure hates it, & the System's laws & everything are geared against sexual activities of all kinds & types, particularly having anything to do with children!

69. THE ONLY WAY TO GET FREE OF [Satan] AND HIS LIES AND HIS PROHIBITIONS AND GUILT COMPLEXES ABOUT SEX is to get rid of his lies and his lying propaganda, his anti-sex propaganda, and believe the Lord and His Word and His Creation and God's Love and His freedom! That there's nothing in the world at all wrong with sex as long as it's practiced in love, whatever it is or whoever it's with, no matter who or what age or what relative or what manner! And you don't hardly dare even say these words in private! If the law ever got a hold of this, they'd try to string me up! They'd probably lynch me before I got to the jail!

110. I'M TALKING ABOUT NATURAL NORMAL GODLY LOVE AS MANIFESTED IN SEX, as far as I'm concerned for whomever! There are no relationship restrictions or age limitations in His law of love. But system laws make it all against the law, and if I'd tell you what I think, I'd probably break the law publishing it! Whew! Wow! The system really stinks! It is a pit of lies and deceit and fiendish propaganda against the laws of God and the love of God and the sex of God! It's almost totally against nature!

Heaven's Children, Ch.21, "Grandpa Goes to Earth"

From Heaven's Children, Ch.21, "Grandpa Goes to Earth", 1987

Editor's Note: Christina "Techi" Zerby is Berg's stepdaughter and below is his published fantasy of having sex with her and her mother. Techi was eight years old at the time of publication.

Heaven's Children - pg.392

65. AT FIRST I AM A LITTLE CONCERNED ABOUT WHO MARIA MIGHT BE SLEEPING WITH, & that I might be somewhat affected by someone else’s presence in the bed, even as we make love in her dreams. But lo & behold, I am to discover that it is Techi who is sleeping with Maria! Instead of competition, here are both of my two lovely lovers in bed together!

67. THEN I TURN TO TECHI, & SHE TOO IS DREAMING OF ME—her dear old Grandpa-lover! She had always said that when she grew up she only wanted to marry me & have my children! Of course, as there are no longer any such thing as Man’s legalistic laws against incest in the loving Kingdom of God, everyone loves everyone & is completely free in His all-encompassing Love! So I make wonderful, sweet, precious love to my now beautiful teenaged Techi! She seems thrilled & delighted with having this wonderful love-dream with Grandpa, excited & satisfied that she has some time, even in her dreams, with her long-beloved Grandpa! (Psa.84:11)

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