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David Berg criticized "man's laws" on rape and went so far as to equate rape with God's natural laws and express sympathy for jailed rapists. He romanticized primitive societies in which rape was not punished beyond a mere fine.

Berg's advice to women about rape invariably advocated acceptance of the rape. When sending his female followers off for Flirty Fishing he anticipated situations where rape would occur and told the women to "yeild". He also published fantasies of gang rape (See Heaven's Girl) and depicted scenarios where women being raped would use rape as an opportunity to witness to their rapist and told women to pre-empt rape by "giving it freely". Berg discouraged legal redress and advocated that women satisfy the sexual "needs" of men who would rape them.

His apologism for rape was tantamount to telling rape victims to expect and enjoy it and to submit to it to get "credit" from God.

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Excerpted from "The Devil Hates Sex! -- But God loves it!" (ML 999), by David Berg —

51. WHAT WAS THE LAW OF GOD IS ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY AGAINST TODAY'S LAWS OF MAN, not only in that area but in many areas. Virtually all of man's sexual laws and sexual prohibitions are totally in total rebellion and violation against the natural laws of God! (Maria: Look at the laws for rape!) Think of it! Why even under the Law of Moses or even under the early days of the Patriarchs, if a guy got caught fucking one of the local girls out in the field, if the family didn't like it, all they could demand was reparation, pay them some money for it.

52. THEY SAID, "IF THEY WANT TO MARRY, LET'M MARRY!" It didn't condemn them for it, it didn't prohibit it, it didn't make it a crime, it didn't put them in prison for life or in the gas chamber or the electric chair or hanging on the end of a rope! It just said if they want to do it OK, let them go ahead and get married, but if she doesn't want to marry him, then let him pay her some money. (Maria: Even if it was without her concent, even with force?) Yes, exactly, just pay her, that's all.

53. THEY DIDN'T EVEN SEND HIM TO PRISON OR ANYTHING; IT WAS JUST LIKE A FINE, ONLY IT WAS A FINE THAT THE GOVERNMENT DIDN'T GET. Somebody got the benefit of it besides the government. Why do all these fines go to the government for all these crimes? They don't go to the poor victim; they go to the victimising government! To whom they are both criminal and victim. We're all victims of the Goddamned, anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-nature illegal system government!

54. IT MAKES ME SO MAD HOW MANY POOR GUYS HAVE BEEN SWEATING IT OUT FOR YEARS IN PRISON FOR OBEYING GOD'S NATURAL LAWS, just because they violated some God-damned system law based on the doctrine of the Devil that sex in some way is evil! Boy, how the Devil hates sex and how he has taught the world to believe it's evil! The whole idea was to teach the world that in order to enjoy sex you had to love him and worship him and disobey God. He taught a false doctrine so they would believe it was a sin and believe it was evil, therefore to them it was a sin, he made it a sin.

"Rape! – The Violent Take it By Force! – One of the Risks of F-Fing!" (ML 528), by David Berg —

"RAPE!" — MO

April 24. 1974 DO NO. 528
-"The Violent Take It By Force!"--Matthew 11:12.

Copyrighted August 1976 by the Children of God

(A discussion regarding the case of the hotel police house-detective, M-- when he accosted Maria outside the hotel elevator and tried to kiss her:)

1. "THE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE"!--Mat. 11:12. It is like the people who are so hungry for the Gospel and the truth that they are almost willing to steal and rob to get it and take it by force! Jesus was not condemning it in Matthew 11:12: "And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force"! See also Luke 16:16 which is very similar: "The law and the prophets were until John: Since that time the Kingdom of God is preached and every man presseth into it."

2. I WAS ASKING GOD WHY M- HAD TO DO IT THAT WAY AND TAKE YOUR KISSES BY FORCE when I got this Scripture! People were so eagerly wanting to get into the Kingdom in Jesus' day, so hungry for truth, that they would even "Press in…by force”, like the sick man going down through the ceiling!—Also where the mob “pressed in” and Jesus was almost going to get crushed!--Another time He had to preach from a boat to avoid the crush!

3. IT WAS OBVIOUS THAT YOU WEREN'T FREELY GOING TO GIVE YOUR LOVE TO HIM. SO HE FELT HE HAD TO TAKE IT BY FORCE! You could say the same of the poor people in some hungry countries where the missionaries go and the people start tearing the gospel tracts out of their hands they're so hungry for the Gospel! A man starving will sometimes even rob to eat, and yet even the stern strict law of Moses forgave him--if a man stole to eat he was not to be punished severely. I can remember when I was desperate for love and came pretty close to getting violent!

4. THIS HAD TO HAPPEN AS A LESSON, because undoubtedly some of our girls will have similar experiences, when men will be tempted absolutely beyond endurance! The safest thing to do in some such cases is simply yield, or the girls could suffer violence! One of the main reasons why rapists sometimes kill their victims is not simply because she's resisting but because she might testify against him, for rape is the next most serious thing to murder under most laws, and has the death penalty in some states! In fact, in some Southern U.S. States a Negro is more apt to get the death penalty for the rape of a white woman than for murder of one of his own kind!

5. "TO HIM THAT HATH NEED...WHEN THOU HAST IT BY THEE…" Yet you've got to have some discretion in your giving--"from each according to his ability, unto each according to his need". You can' t give more than you're able, nor to them beyond what they need. I don't like the idea of anybody taking it by force. But the sexual urge and need, the sexual craving and drive is so strong in a man that it has often been known to drive him to kill to get it!

6. THE SCRIPTURES SPEAK OF LOVING THE UNLOVELY and "upon our most un-comely parts we do bestow the greater care"(1 Cor. 12:23), and "while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly."--Rom.5:6,8. He allowed Himself to be crucified for the people who were still sinners before they were saved! Even if the guy didn't fully appreciate what he was getting at the time and just took it, he might later appreciate what he received.

7. I HEARD A BROADCAST BY THE POLICE OF NEW YORK CITY, A DISCUSSION BY THEM OF THE RAPE SCENE and their study of the various kinds of rapes and how they happen and what causes them and how it was on the increase, and they gave a definition of rape etc.:

8. RAPE, SIMPLY SPEAKING. IS SEX WITHOUT CONSENT: Even if you don't put up much of a protest, but they insist on giving you sex when you don't want it, you can go later to the police and say, "I didn't want it, but I didn't want to put up a fight for fear of violence", and it's still rape.

9. ONE OF THE COMMONEST COMPLAINTS they have is with women who have already been giving sex to some man, and then she gets mad at him. So the next time he gets insistent and sort of forces himself on her, she reports him for rape because she's mad and wants to get revenge! They said that is the majority of the cases in New York!

10. MOST OF THE CASES OF GENUINE VIOLENT RAPE where the woman suffered injury or was killed were usually by strangers that they didn't know and in cases where they did resist to the point they were injured or killed.

11. BUT MOST OF THE SO-CALLED RAPE CASES were cases where the woman complained, sometimes several days later, that the man forced sex on her. She didn't really want it, but didn't want to get hurt, so she let him have it. These are usually with a known associate or friend with whom they have had intercourse before, but whom they simply got mad at and tried to get back at them by accusing them of rape--spite cases!

12. SO THE AUTHORITIES HAVE GREAT DIFFICULTY TRYING TO ASCERTAIN WHO WAS GENUINELY RAPED. A lot of women put up a token resistance just to save face and cover for their pride and they pretend to resist hypocritically in their own self-righteousness. They pretend they don't really want it and they're being forced when they really do, like the women who say “No!" when they really mean “yes!” They do this just because they think it is the "right" thing for a "lady" to do to say "No!", even though they like and want it and finally yield. I've even had that happen to myself.

13. SOME WOMEN PUT UP A SHOW OF FAKED RESISTANCE in prudery or "morality", trying to pretend "I’m not that kind of woman !--I want to be treated like a lady"--Even though she is actually not a lady, she still wants you to treat her like one! So a lot of women hypocritically do that to save face and pretend they don't want it when they actually do. So it's sometimes hard for a man to tell phoney resistance from real resistance.

14. IN OTHER CASES, THE WOMAN SUBMITTED AT FIRST, AND THEN REGRETTED IT AFTERWARD and so then later came to the police with complaints! They felt they'd been "besmirched" and their "virginity violated" and their "reputation ruined"! But when pinned down to it, the police proved the woman actually consented at the moment, and that does not make it rape!

15. ONE OF THE QUESTIONS THEY ASK THEN IS: "IF YOU RESENTED IT. WHY DID YOU NOT RESIST?" They frequently say, "Well, I didn't want to get hurt." So when they were summing up, the MC of the program asked the police officer:

16. "WHAT WOULD YOU ADVISE WOMEN TO DO TO AVOID BEING RAPED?" HE SAID, "AVOID SITUATIONS AND CONDITIONS WHICH INVITE RAPE." Some women provoke rape: They either walk alone down some dark street or in some situation where it is dangerous for a woman to be alone.

17. OR THEY ARE ALONE WITH A MAN THEY EVEN KNOW AND THEY ENCOURAGE HIM and get him started, kissing goodnight, for example, until he gets beyond the point of self-control, and then she wants to stop but he can't! Then she blames him for raping her, when she actually encouraged it and started it by letting him go so far! They described a situation where the woman is entertaining a male guest in her apartment and they were drinking together and making love, but then afterward she complained that he raped her!

18. SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET RAPED BY A FRIEND. MY DEAR. DON'T BE GETTING DRUNK WITH HIM IN HIS OR YOUR APARTMENT and start making love but try to stop! The judge has to weigh up whose fault it is, and a lot of times they change the charge to "aggravated assault" or "sexual molestation", where they do blame the man for going ahead over her final objections, but don't put him up for life or twenty years, but instead give him some lesser sentence because the woman helped bring it on. Then the final question was:

19. "WHAT SHOULD A WOMAN DO IF SHE FINDS HERSELF IN A SITUATION WHERE SHE IS BEING RAPED... whether by a friend or stranger or otherwise? Should she try to resist, defend herself, scream for help or what? What should she do?" The most shocking thing about the whole program was that the police chief simply and solemnly advised: "We have to confess that there are a lot of women who would be alive today if I they hadn't screamed or resisted. As much as they may not like it,

20. IF THEY WANT TO LIVE THEY SHOULD SUBMIT AND NOT SCREAM OR RESIST! I hate to say this, but it's true." The astonished commentator exclaimed, "Don't you think you're encouraging rape by saying this?" But the Police Chief said, "I simply must warn the women if they want to save their life, don't scream or resist—just submit! But try to remember his looks and get a description and try to report it afterwards.” After all, it's not going to hurt them all that much, certainly not as much as getting beaten up, injured or killed!

21. AFTER THE SPITE CASES. THE EXT LARGEST NUMBER OF CASES WERE DELAYED CASES where the woman had been raped, but was then ashamed afterward to admit to it for awhile-- she hated and feared the disgrace of confessing it--But then after thinking it over for awhile she decided on her own or was encouraged by friends to report it.

22. HE SAID THERE WERE PROBABLY MORE UNKNOWN CASES OR UNREPORTED CASES OF RAPE THAN THOSE REPORTED and these are usually cases by a friend or acquaintance that the woman is ashamed of and doesn't want to report them for their sake or because of the disgrace and embarrassment. So they repeated,

23. "WELL THEN. WHAT WOULD YOU ADVISE A WOMAN TO DO? What is your advice to a woman if she finds herself really being raped?” The answer was, "If a stranger, report him immediately." And the interviewer questioned, "Do you mean that women actually should not resist rape?"

24. "WELL", THE CHIEF SAID, "YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE BETWEEN YOUR LIFE. OR THE RAPE and if you would rather die than be raped then resist, because they'll probably kill you!" This has been proven in real rape cases, both through the testimonies of the rapists and the actual women concerned. The rapist said he never intended to harm the woman, but he just couldn't resist grabbing her, and yet he never would have hurt her if she hadn't resisted him violently, which caused him to get violent with her in his insistence.

25. THE TWO MAJOR FACTORS IN CAUSING THE VIOLENCE, INJURY OR DEATH WERE: 1. Her resistance, in which case he forces he and may have to use violence in order to force her, or even kill her. 2. Fear of discovery or identification, in which case she screams or gets a good look at him and he'8 afraid she's going to identify him. So his advice was: If you want to save your life or spare yourself from actual violent injury--in other words, if you'd rather have your life than your so-called honour and virginity,

26. TO SAVE YOUR LIFE AND PERSON FROM BODILY HARM. DON'T RESIST AND DON'T SCREAM! Try to get a good look at him and report him immediately if you want to report him. But remember that if you submit to rape and you are still going to report that you have been raped and you identify your rapist, you must prepare yourself for a very humiliating investigation and court scene in which you will be asked all kinds of embarrassing questions about your personal sex life!

27. YOU WILL BE BROUGHT PUBLICLY INTO COURT AND EMBARRASSED AND HUMILIATED BY THE COURT TRIAL, testimonies, etc., in which the defense will do everything he can to destroy your reputation and prove that you were accustomed to having affairs with men.

28. IF IT WAS AN ACQUAINTANCE they'll try to prove you're accustomed to it and just want to be spiteful. So you'll have to go through that agony of having your character put under suspicion as well as your past life being exposed to try to destroy your character witness and try to show it's just another affair, really.

29. IF IT WAS A STRANGER, you're going to have to prove you did no- thing to invite it or tempt him or put him under some irresistible temptation of some kind, like teasing or exposing, or kissing, petting or even flirtation, in which you aggravated him to the point where he couldn't resist. In this case they change the charge to something lesser other than rape. Finally, the most difficult point of all, the officer said, was,

30. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PROVE THE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO PROVE because you have no proof or evidence and no witness, because of course in nearly all these cases nobody else was present but you and the rapist--That is, if you live through it because you failed to resist or scream for help, and you yielded because you didn't want to be hurt or killed, since nobody else was there but you and the rapist,

31. THE HARDEST THING FOR YOU TO PROVE IS THAT YOU DID NOT WILLINGLY CONSENT FOR SOME OTHER MOTIVE THAN TO SAVE YOUR LIFE OR LIMB!—And how are you going to prove that? Even if it was a perfect stranger in a dark alley, maybe you liked the idea right then, but you were sorry afterward, or maybe you really consented because he made you like it for the moment! But then afterwards you were sorry and ashamed and decided to report it. So he said,

32. "IN NEW YORK. RAPE CASES HAVE BEEN THE MOST DIFFICULT THERE ARE TO PROVE and most of them are thrown out of court as spite cases or the charge was changed to simple or aggravated assault or sexual assault or mere molestation because the judge considered the woman herself was partly to blame, or really didn't resent it all that much at the time, or her reputation or life was not that damaged or whatever.

33. FOR EXAMPLE. VERY FEW WHORES EVER WIN ANY RAPE CASES and cases of professional prostitutes winning rape cases are very scarce! So you see, a lot depends on the damage done either to your person, character or reputation--in other words how seriously the judge takes your rape.

34. FOR EXAMPLE, A GUY COULD PROBABLY RAPE YOU HERE IN THE HOTEL without your voluntary consent. But if you've already got a reputation for fucking other men in the hotel, the judge will want to know why you didn't want to fuck this particular man and what damage it did to your reputation? Most judges just laugh at such cases and throw them out!

35. SO IF YOU'VE ALREADY GOT A REPUTATION OF BEING QUITE FREE WITH YOUR SEX. YOU MIGHT AS WELL EXPECT TO GET RAPED ONCE IN A WHILE or run across situation where you may be forced somewhat against your will. If a man thinks you're pretty accustomed to passing out your sex favours rather generously, he may start on you thinking you’re going to be willing or hoping so, and suddenly be surprised when you're not! Nevertheless, by this time he's so aroused he's unable to stop or resist the temptation.

36. THAT'S WHY SO MANY "RAPE" CASES ARE THROWN OUT OF COURT, because the woman was consenting so far to everything else but actually sticking the penis in, so the judge just gives the man some light sentence, if any, because it was about 90-percent consent and the judge is not going to quibble over the other 10-percent!

37. ESPECIALLY IF YOU'VE GOT A REPUTATION FOR QUITE A FEW 100-PER- CENT CONSENTS, all of which will be dug out and displayed in court in case you decide to go that far! So most cases of "rape" go unreported because they don't want to hurt their friend or be humiliated in court.

38. ALONG WITH THE POLICE CHIEF, THEREFORE, MY SUGGESTION WOULD ALSO BE THAT YOU TOO NOT SERIOUSLY RESIST OR SCREAM, BUT SUBMIT KINDLY. In this "flirty-fish all-things" ministry of love we are likely to come across some situation sooner or later when you are going to be forced somewhat unwillingly into situations where you don't necessarily want it and are not really voluntarily consenting, but have already gone so far, or have a reputation for going so far, that the man is pretty strongly tempted to believe you will and is even tested to the point of irresistibility!

39. THE GIRL WHO DOES ALL THE REST AND THEN SUDDENLY DOESN'T WANT TO GO ALL THE WAY, IS REALLY GOING TO HAVE NOBODY BUT HERSELF TO BLAME! Unless you're willing to go all the way, don't start, don't flirt, don't even make eyes at them! Don't dance romantically with them! Don't sit on their laps and hug and kiss and do all that heavy petting and then expect the poor fellow to stop at the last minute when he is beyond self-control and he's so aroused and excited and insistent that he's ready to punch a hole in your panty-hose to get it! Like the guy who said, "Wow! I didn't know you were a virgin!" But she replied, "Whaddaya mean?--You didn't give me time to get my panties off!"

40. DON'T EXPECT TO SAVE YOUR PANTY-HOSE AT THE LAST MOMENT! If you've already gone that far, the best thing you can do to save your panty-hose is to take them off and just pray and ask God for His help and wisdom, and give it to them willingly. Just ask for the Lord’s protection that you won't catch anything I or get pregnant or be hurt in any way. A rapist is going to fuck you anyway--even if he has to fuck your dead body!--It's been done!

41. SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL GET CREDIT FOR GIVING YOUR LOVE FREELY and willingly as from the Lord, and as unto the Lord and not unto men, not as eye-service as men-pleasers. Whatsoever you do in word or in deed, do all to the glory of God I"--Col.3:17.22,23. If you tell them you do it because God loves them, God will give you the credit for that kind of love.

42. BUT IF YOU GO AHEAD AND DO IT ONLY BECAUSE YOU WERE FORCED TO, THE LORD'S NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU MUCH CREDIT FOR THAT! You might as well get the credit for it, that you gave it freely and willingly with consent and love for the glory of God as a witness of His love to let the boy know how much God loves him!

43. AND HOW MUCH BETTER TO KEEP THE BOY AS A FRIEND and even a lover for the glory of God, than to make it plain you didn't like it and didn't want it and didn't care to give it and make him feel he only stole it from you against your will and forced you in order to get something you should have given to him freely in love.

44. HOW MUCH BETTER TO GIVE IT TO HIM IN GOD'S LOVE THAN TO TEMPT HIM TO TAKE IT away from you, and thereby turn him into a fearful and potentially dangerous enemy for his fear of discovery or disclosure or exposure or retaliation! How much better to keep him as a friend and lover and give it to him in friendship and in love to witness to him the love of God and give God all the credit as a witness of His love, than to embarrass, humiliate or expose him and turn him against you into an enemy!

45. DON'T THINK THAT IF A BOY FORCES YOU AGAINST YOUR WILL YOU'RE GOING TO GET CREDIT FOR IT AFTERWARD FROM THE LORD as a gift of love, when it wasn't freely given but was taken from you forcefully against your will. Or else you're likely to be like the Scotsman who thought he was throwing a copper penny into the church offering bag, but suddenly noticed as it left his fingers that it was a gold sovereign! When he suddenly saw what he was losing, he tried to snatch it back, but the usher put his hand over the bag and said, "Oh, no! Sorry: Once in, forever in!" So the rich Scotsman said, "Well, at least I'll get credit for the sovereign in Heaven!" "No you won't," said the usher: "You'll only get credit for the penny!"

46. SO IF YOU'RE ONLY PLANNING ON JUST GIVING AWAY A PENNY'S WORTH and then suddenly discover you've given away a whole sovereign's worth instead, don't think you're going to get credit for the sovereign when you only intended to give a penny, even if you do lose the sovereign! You might as well give it willingly and in love from the beginning, if you want it to do any good and get credit for it from the Lord!

47. OTHERWISE SOME OF YOU WOULD-BE FLIRTY-FISHES MAY FIND YOU’VE STARTED SOMETHING YOU CAN'T STOP and may be forced to give something you didn't intend to give away! You may find yourself in a situation where you have to give away more than you intended to, and didn't even want to! So if you're not prepared to finish it and go all the way if necessary, then don't start it!

48. STAY AWAY FROM FLIRTY-FISHING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GIVE YOUR ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD and to help some needy soul to know God's love, whether he seems to deserve it or not or seems to appreciate it or not, and maybe wasn't even gentlemanly enough to ask but just took it!

49. YOU CAN'T WIN 'EM ALL! YOU'RE BOUND TO LOSE A FEW INCLUDING SOME OF THE BAIT ON THOSE THAT GOT AWAY! That's one of the risks the fisherman and his bait have to take, and if it weren't for God's promises and power that you'll reap what you sow, or at least some of it, it could turn out to be a pretty heavy gamble with high risks at low odds!

50. SUCH ARE THE PROBLEMS OF LOVE! God's Word says, "If they smite you on one cheek, turn the other!" (Mat. 5:39.) In other words, give them both cheeks to kiss!--And maybe on the mouth besides if they insist! If they massage one bosom maybe you're going to have to let them massage both of them or a whole lot more! Jesus said, "If they ask you to go a mile, go two!--If they take your coat, give them your vest too! --Agree with thine adversary quickly whilst thou art in the way with him!" (Matthew 5:40,41 & 25)

51. ONCE YOU'VE STARTED ON A COURSE LIKE THIS FF'ING, ALMOST ANYTHING GOES! Who can you withhold the love of the Lord from, unless you feel they don't really don’t need it or you're not able to give it. So- people want all the credit. They don't even want to give part of it to God or the other guy's faith, much less if he grabs it!

52. SOME GIRLS WOULD PREFER TO GIVE IT IN LOFTY GRACIOUS CONDISCENSION, STOOPING TO CONQUER from their lofty ivory tower of supreme holiness, so that the object of their sanctimonious charity should feel duly highly honoured with such a supreme grace, and worship you with adoration! Most people seem to want a good deed to be all their own idea so they can get all the credit for it, rather than to be asked to do it and thus have to share the credit with someone else's faith.

53. BUT GOD'S NOT THIS WAY: HE WANTS YOU TO ASK so He can give your faith part of the credit and He can reward your faith with an answer. He wants you to share in both the credit and the benefits, even though it is all by grace and it all came from Him to begin with.

54. IT'S JUST LIKE THE SPECIAL HOUSES THEY HAD for the younger, prettier women who were held captives in the Nazi prison camps and Jewish concentration camps who were reserved for the German officers' use. These women had to perform their sexual duties whether they liked it or not!

55. THEY FOUND IT WAS EASIER TO PERFORM THEM WILLINGLY AND GRACEFULLY AND EVEN PLEASURABLY since they'd have to do it anyway whether they liked it or not. Those who pleased their officers the best in turn received special favours and favouritism and better food and more comfortable quarters.

56. YOU GIRLS MAY FIND YOURSELVES IN A SIMILAR SITUATION NOW OR SOME- TIME SOON in comparative circumstances, particularly in closed societies and during coming days of tribulation when we will be persecuted and afflicted and imprisoned. As long as you're not being compelled to deny your faith, there is no reason why you should not submit willingly and cheerfully and even lovingly to any such demands that are made upon you, which you'll have to meet whether you do it willingly or not, even though it may appear to be serving the Devil! Jesus said to

57. "LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE BEFORE MEN (REVEAL YOUR BEAUTY) THAT THEY MAY SEE Y0UR GOOD WORKS (including the physical beauty of His creation--your body!) (even though they're the Devil's men) and glorify your Father which is in Heaven!" (Mat. 5:l6.)--Or in other words, they'll be compelled to give your God and your faith the credit for such love!

58. --JUST REMEMBER: DON'T START SOMETHING YOU CAN'T STOP!--And don't try to stop something you already started!--It can be dangerous!

59. "IT'S BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO (HAVE) TO RECEIVE!"--To paraphrase a Scripture!--(Ac.20:35.) "Freely ye have received, also freely give"! (Mt.lO:8.)

60. "GIVE TO HIM THAT ASKETH THEE, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away. Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in Heaven: for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust." (Mt.5:42-45.) God bless you! --And make you a blessing!--Amen? I love you!--Happy hooking!