Second generation

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The term "second generation" is used to refer to those born and/or raised in The Family. It generally excludes minors who joined The Family without their parents but includes those who became members of The Family after being adopted by a member. Users of the term may or may not define it to include subsequent generations.

The Family's practices and teachings have alienated many second-generation members of The Family International, who have left in large numbers to pursue secular careers. There is a great deal of anti-Family sentiment among many of those who have left, including threats to legally pursue alleged physical and sexual abusers, whom, it is thought, may have been shielded from prosecution by the group's leadership.

The generational divide is significant, and at times some second-generation ex-members find it more significant than a shared ideological base. This often results in wholesale rejection of the "first generation", even those who have left and who have similar qualms with The Family.

As former missionary kids, this second generation of former members have now become adults. Many have returned to the country of their citizenship and have, thus, become Third Culture Kids (TCKs).

Many of these former second-generation members have kept in communication with each other. A notable example of this is their use of the site The Family prefers to call these former members who speak against them "apostates", but many resent this label, as most never chose to join the group (they were born into it) and thus suggest they cannot rightly be called apostates.

Second Generation Adult (SGA)

The term "SGA" is commonly used, especially within The Family International, to describe current or former members who were born and raised in the cult and are now adults. Within The Family, the term specifically applies to those who fit this description and are at least 21 years old. Members from ages 18 to 20 are called Young Adults (YAs).

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