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Since at least 1978, The Family defined adults as those "12 years of age and older." Children aged 12 and older were classified as "singles" on Home reports and allowed to vote in home elections. In 1993, the age at which a member was classified as an adult was raised to 16. In 1995, the Charter was issued and that document (as amended in 1998 and 2003) details the organization's current policies for various age classifications.

39. Every local Colony shall immediately form a Colony Council of its total adult membership (12 years of age and over) chaired by the present Colony Servant, who shall call an election to either confirm its present leadership or select a new Servant from its own ranks by the democratic process of open nomination and secret ballot, conducted and counted by the Colony Visitors or a committee of three not including the present Colony Servant nor his wife nor the other candidate, and the voting should continue until one of the nominated candidates has won unanimously. (329B:40) (Acts 6:5).

NOTE: Please note that our teens are now not considered adults until the age of 16, rather than the previous age of 12. Therefore, when your child turns 12, please do not automatically consider them a "single" on the TRF. They should not now be considered "singles" until they are 16!
Source: Icon pdf.gifEnd Time Supporters' News! Issue #3, pg. 6, 1993-05.


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