Basic Training Handbook

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DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

The Basic Training Handbook (BTH) is a manual published in February 1987 by The Family for teenagers on how to become a Family "disciple". The inside cover page states that it is "suggested required reading for all members ages 10 & over."

Archived Pages

Inside cover page. Illustration by Hugo Westphal.

The following pages (with the exception of the front cover) were obtained from an un-purged version of the Handbook. A listing of the purged or altered pages is available.

Purged Pages

In memorandums issued to members in June 1991 and March 1996, World Services and Family Leadership ordered that selected pages in the Basic Training Handbook be destroyed or altered. While only a partial listing of the purge checklist items for this publication has been obtained by, purged and unpurged versions of this publications were compared by one of its editors and the following deletions or alterations were discovered:

Listed pages were removed in their entirety unless otherwise noted.

  • Pages i and ii (inside cover and credits and copyright date)
  • page 1 (Teens! The Future of Your Father!)
  • pages 25-28 (When Are Teens "Adults"? by Sara)
  • pages 39-44 (Our Teen Training Standard! by Sara)
  • pages 97-102 Jealousy and Yieldedness! - Peter #34)
  • pages 171-178 (last pages of keynote address by Mexico TTC Leaders and "TTC Goals! Teens Express Their Personal Goals At TTC!")
  • page 230 (blacked out paragraph in "JAPAN TTC LOG!")
  • pages 233-234 (from "JAPAN TTC LOG!")
  • pages 256-258 (from "JAPAN TTC LOG!") [page 256 has blacked out words at end of 1st column 2nd paragraph]
  • pages 293-300 ("Questions you Always Wanted To Ask!")
  • pages 317-318 (from "Teen Graduation!")
  • pages 325-326 (from "Japan TTC Teens Thank God for New Lives")
  • pages 383-388 (from "A Mini-Pubdex Study!")
  • pages 433-459 ("GN 206: Children of The Future" (ML #2059), "Real Parents--Decisions! Children & Choice" (ML# 2060), "Teen Sex" (ML #2061) [page 459 has blacked out image or text at top of first column]
  • page 492 (from Index) [blacked out text]
  • page 495 (from Index) [blacked out text]
  • pages 503-504 (from Index) [blacked out text]