Juan Carlos Rosas

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Juan Carlos Rosas

Juan Carlos Rosas Razzeto (Peruvian, born 1950-03-08[1]) is a long-time senior member of the SACRO team (for at least 25-years). He is from a very wealthy Peruvian family. He currently lives in either Chile or Mexico with his second wife, Carmen Robb (an American SGA and also a member of the SACRO team; daughter of Robert Robb and Kay "Consuelo" Rambur). His first wife, Rosa María Raffo, is also from a wealthy Peruvian family and was a long-time minor leader. Rosa later married Pablo Traductor (not his legal name).

His daughter, Leila Rosas Paquette, and son-in-law, Samuel Paquette (American; SGA), are also members of the SACRO team.


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