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There have been several publications purges over the history of The Family International. As law enforcement agencies around the world were investigating the organization, members were periodically instructed to destroy or alter publications to remove evidence of criminal acts, advocacy and promotion of prostitution, pedophilia, incest, child abuse and neglect, anti-Semitism, and other controversial doctrines, practices, and policies. In 1991, members were also instructed to destroy any photographs of people other than their own immediate family.

Many children in the cult participated in these purges, spending hours or days burning documents and books, slicing out book pages, and drawing over sensitive images and text. For example, bras and panties were drawn with black marker ink onto comics of nude women in children's books (when the images or accompanying text didn't warrant slicing out the page entirely), and book pages that had only one or a few lines of text to purge (not justifying removing the whole page) had their offending lines first covered with white-out and then with black marker (the two layers preventing the text from being readable when held to the light). Many books, including all comic books for children, were stamped with the words "For adults only. Not to be removed from the premises." However, the "adults only" part of this message was well understood to be intended only to create deniability for outsiders, should they ever come across the books (see deceivers yet true).

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