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For Adult TSers Only


(Pubs Purge #2 must be completed and this Notice, along with the completed Checklist/Receipt, should be mailed in with your next TRF. You must do this in order to be eligible to receive further mailings.)

(Please fill in)

Home number:_________

Date TS Pubs Purge #2 received: __/__/ 96

Dear TRF Supporter Family members,

God bless you! We love you and are so thankful for you and all that you're doing for the Lord and His sheep! We are also thankful for how the Lord has kept not only the DO Family, but you, our precious co-laborers, through times of persecution over the past few years. We pray that the Lord has blessed you and continues to bless you as you work with us all in witnessing and winning the lost in these Last Days.

We appreciate those of you who labored diligently a few years back, fulfilling the difficult task of purging your libraries during the Pubs Purge #1. With this Notice, we are initiating phase two-the Pubs Purge #2~which deals primarily with the ML Volumes and Daily Breads. The process has been greatly simplified and is not nearly as difficult or time-consuming as Pubs Purge #1. We do ask, however, that you faithfully do your part for the whole Family by complying with this second Pubs Purge--as the DO Family has also done. We are sorry to have to bother you with this admittedly unpleasant, yet necessary task, but we know that you will reap the benefits of being able to more freely access the wonderful Words the Lord has entrusted us with.

We ask that you thoroughly read this Notice and then proceed to purge your pubs according to the Checklist/Receipt's instructions. This Pubs Purge #2 Notice, and the completed Checklist/Receipt are to be returned with your next TRF, and the cut pages from your pubs are to be burned after you've completed the Checklist/Receipt's instructions. As is the case with the DO Homes, this will be a prerequisite for receiving further mailings.

We want to specifically ask that you diligently make sure that this is done in full. We also request that you please promise before the Lord that none of this Pubs Purge material is photocopied or reproduced in any way. Please keep all such materials securely locked-up when not in use.

Before initiating this Pubs Purge, we request that you personally take a thorough inventory of the total number of Daily Bread Volumes (1-3.7), ML Volumes (3, 6-8, 12-14, 16, 17), GN Books (4, 8, 9, 11, 14,16/17-19), Good Thots Vol. 2's, Activity Book 3's, BTHs and Book of Remembrance Vol.I's in your Home, using the Pubs Purge #2 Checklist. Depending on the pubs that you have available in your Home, there are potentially a total of 25 books and mags to purge.

The Checklist/Receipt has blanks provided for you to list how many copies of each of the different pubs are in your Home's possession. We realize that many of you may not have copies of all of these pubs. In such a case, please specify at the appropriate blank that you have "0" copies.

It is up to you to prayerfully decide the best way in which to implement this Pubs Purge in your Home, but we must remind you to not photocopy the Pubs Purge #2 Notice or Checklist/Receipt When your Home's Pubs Purge is completed, please confirm that the filled-out Checklist/Receipt has all of the appropriate boxes [ ] checked, after which you can sign. Next, please return this Pubs Purge Notice and filled-out Checklist/Receipt via mail with your next TRF.

We are truly grateful for all of your help and faithfulness in this matter, and trust that our Homes will be less vulnerable to the Enemy's attacks once this purge has been completed. We realize that it's a lot of work to out this into effect but we believe the results will be well worth it! Thanks so much for your help in bringing this to pass! GBY! WLY!

Love and prayers,

Your WS Family


1. You should pray and counsel together on how to best put this Pubs Purge into effect in your Home.

2. Form a faithful and diligent Pubs Purge team that will prayerfully and thoroughly purge your Home's pubs.

3. Make a thorough inventory of the pubs in your Home. (Use the Pubs Purge #2 Checklist/Receipt, filling in the "No. of copies:_____" blank for each publication.)

4. As soon as your Home's Pubs Purge it completed, carefully check over the completed Pubs Purge *2 Checklist/Receipt, making sure that all copies of your Home's pubs are accounted tor and purged.

5. Fill out and sign your copy of the Pubs Purge #2 Checklist/Receipt and mail it. along with this Notice. with your next TRF.

All the above steps must be completed in order to be eligible to continue to receive Family mailings! GBY! WLY and appreciate your diligence and cooperation!

Other details and reminders:

It's up to you to decide exactly what will be the best means and method for your particular Home to tackle this project, and ensure that your Home's Pubs Purge is done quickly and properly. It is of utmost importance that you fully comply with the instructions and guidelines set forth in this Pubs Purge #2 Notice.

On the Checklist/Receipt, a blank space is provided after each publication's title for you to fill in the total number of copies of that specific pub that you have to purge. A box ( ] is provided next to each individual item, for you to check when all of your Home's copies of that particular pub or book have had the specified pages either removed or touched up. We suggest you purge ALL of your Home's copies of each specific pub at the same time. (For example, remove pages from and do "touch-ups" on all of your copies of ML Vol. 16 at the same time, before proceeding to do the "purging" on ML Vol.17.)

Thank the Lord, no Volumes are to be entirely destroyed in this present Pubs Purge #2. All of these pubs either need to have pages "cut" where the pages are removed and destroyed, or "blacked out & then whited out," using first an indelible black marker (or black pigment ink, etc.) to cover the specific words, followed by "whiting out" with white correction fluid the areas just blackened. The black marker will most likely soak through the page-but please be consoled that this is less severe than having to cut out the whole page. You can use a piece of cardboard under the page being blacked out to keep the ink from soaking through to the following pages.

When cutting pages out of the various books, we recommend that you use an "x-acto" knife type of cutting instrument in order to make the cuts as precise as possible. Please be careful not to press down too hard when cutting, lest you cut too deep and remove pages that should be left intact! We've found that slipping a thin piece of cardboard under the page that you're cutting out will protect the pages beneath it.

Please note that although we have tried to avoid pages being removed that have either the beginning or ending of another Letter on the back side of the page, in some cases this was unavoidable. We are sorry that some MLs will be rendered incomplete. However, we think you'll agree that this is a small sacrifice to pay in order for our ML Volumes and DBs, etc. to be more freely accessible and used in our Homes.

The few pages that need to be gotten rid of entirely should be burned as soon as possible. Please don't merely throw them away, lest someone remove them from your Home's trash can! You should not send in the cut pages to your Reporting Office (as was done for Pubs Purge #1).

We are sorry to have to burden you with such an unpleasant task as cutting pages out of our own books, but as "evil men and seducers wax worse and worse"-particularly our anti-Christ enemies--we feel that it's definitely worth the time, trouble and sacrifice to "purge" these publications in order to do all that we can to protect ourselves and our precious little ones! Your help and cooperation in "securityizing" these publications is not only very appreciated, but is also very much needed, and in fact required, for the sake of your own children and their and your protection, as well as our Family's everywhere! So please do it now! Thanks so much!

Depending on how and where you conduct your pubs purging, it may be necessary for you to give your children, JETTs, and teens an explanation of why we are having to purge our pubs and remove and "touch up" pages (depending, of course, on the children's age. maturity, knowledge of the pubs, etc) If they see you crumpling and burning or touching up and removing pages from the books listed in the Checklist/Receipt they will no doubt have some questions that will need answering.

"I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself, but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean! But if thy brother be grieved with thy meat, let not then your good be evil spoken of! Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace. For meat destroy not the Work of God! All things indeed are pure but it is evil for that man who eateth with offence. It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor anything whereby thy brother stumbleth or is offended or is made weak. [In other words, if some of our meat is choking them, and causing them to choke us, we're willing to let it go!] Hast thou faith? Have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth" (Rom 14.14-22)

"But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblinqblock to them that are weak. [The System is really weak!] Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled! Walk in wisdom toward them that are without" (1Cor.8:9; Tit.1:15; Col.4:5).

For Adult TSers Only


(After completing the Pubs Purge #2, please send this filled-in Checklist/Receipt and the Notice with your next TRF.)

1. Our Home number is:

2. Date our Home received TS Pubs Purge #2: __/__/96

3. We (the adult members of this Home) promise that no photocopies of the Notice or Checklist/Receipt were made. We also verify that all copies of the pubs in our Home have been purged as stated below, all cut pages have been burned, and the TS Pubs Purge #2 Notice is enclosed:

4. Comments or questions:

(Signatures of all adults members and date signed)

Instructions: First, log the number of copies to purge in the "No. of copies: __" blank. (If you have no copies of a particular item, put "0") Next, check the box [ ] after all copies of your Home's books have been purged of each specific item.

1) DB1 - No. of copies:__

1. Pg(s).114-117 cut pages ('The Girl Who Wouldn't", ML #721)

2. Pg(s).593: black out & then white out the first two sentences of the 2nd indented paragraph of this page, "And we have complete..." through to"... sex is nothing new!" ("A Teenage Challenge". ML#1398.)

2) DB2 - No. of copies._____

3. [ ] Pg(s).173 & 174 cut pages. ("Thank God for Our Children!" ML#1682.)

4. [ ] Pg(s).183 & 184 cut pages ("Guard Your Children!", ML#1698)

5. [ ] Pg(s).568: black out & then white out the 2nd and 3rd sentences in the last paragraph on this page. "We're going to have a new .." through to"... it's no big deal" ("Sex and Honesty!". ML#1922.)

3) DB3 -- No. of copies:_____

6. [ ] Pg(s).100 black out & then white out only the words "& all the sex" from the 1st sentence of the 2nd indented paragraph. ("Teens! -- The Future of Your Father!", ML#2056)

7. [ ] Pg(s).106 black out & then white out the first sentence in the 2nd indented paragraph. "By the time our kids are... anything to them! -- Nothing new!" ("Children of the Future!", ML#2059.)

8. [ ] Pg(s).106 black out & then white out the last sentence in the 3rd indented paragraph, "So by the time they're ... too early for them." ("Children of the Future!" ML#2059)

9. [ ] Pg(S).114-119 cut pages. ("Teen Sex!" ML#2061)

4) DB7 -- No. of copies:____

10. [ ] Pg(s).441-464 cut pages. ('The Last State?". ML#2306)

5) ML Vol. 3 -- No. of copies:_____

11. [ ] Pg(s). 3526 & 3527 cut pages ("Real Mothers!", ML#389.)

6) ML Vol. 6 - No. of copies:____

12. [ ]Pg(s).5566-5571 cut entire Letter. ("Homos!", ML#719.)

13. [ ] Pg(s).5578-5589: cut entire Letter. ("The Girl Who Wouldn't!", ML#721)

14. [ ] Pg(s).5916-5923: cut entire Letter. ("My Childhood Sex!", ML#779)

15. [ ] Pg(s). 5934 & 5935: cut pages ("The Real Meaning of the Lord's Supper", ML#781)

16. [ ] Pg(s).5936-5939 cut entire Letter ("Uncircumcision!", ML#782)

7) ML Vol. 7 -- No. of copies:___

17. [ ] Pg(s). 6231-6240: cut entire Letter. ('Sex Questions and Answers! -- Part 1" ML#815.)

18. [ ] Pg(s).6249 & 6250 cut pages ("Sex Questions and Answers! - Part 3". ML816-2)

19. [ ] (Pg(s). 6252 black out & then white out the words. (DAD: But God has no limit!)". FF Questions and Answers!". ML#6I7.) ____

8. ML Vol. 8 -- No. of copies ____

20. [ ] Pg(s).6816-6823 cut entire Letter (Child Brides!" ML#902.)

21. [ ] Pg(s).7696 & 7697: cut pages (*The Devil Hates Sex!', ML #999)

9) ML Vol. 12 - No. of copies:____

22. [ ] Pg(s). 5-8. cut pages. ('The Future is Here!". ML# 1200)

23. [ ] Pg(s). 389-396 cut pages ("The Little Girl Dream!" ML#1230.)

10) ML Vol. 13 No. of copies__

24. [ ] Pg(s). 125. black out and white out Question 6 including the Note and Answer) starting from the words "6: Question: Also, what do you think about..." through to the words "...by older sisters!" (Answers to your Questions!--No. 2", ML#1270

25. [ ] Pg(s). 221 & 222 cut pages ("The Test of Faith!"

11) ML Vol. 14 No. of copies:_____

26. [ ] Pg(s) 84 black out & then white out the sentences in the second indented paragraph on this page, starting with 'Anyone who condemns and criticises you ..." and ending with "... Hie-long installment plan." ("Answers To Your Questions! - No.4" ML#1334.)

27. [ ] Pg(s).119 & 120: cut pages. ("Happy Birthday Dad! Happy Birthday Family!", ML#1338)

28. Pg(s) .131 & 132: cut pages. ("Happy Birthday Dad! Happy Birthday Family!", ML#1338)

12) ML Vol. 16 -- No. of copies:___

29. [ ] Pg(s).17: black out & then white out the second and third sentences in para 17." We're going to have a new ..." through to "... it's no big deal." ("Sex and Honesty!", ML#1922.)

30. [ ] Pg(s).181: black out & white out the 2nd sentence in para.20, "How come I haven't... teenager?" ("Heaven's Girls Have Fun!", ML#2043)

31. [ ] Pg(s).191: black out & then white out the first sentence in para.22. "She's an example ... of our FFers!" ("Jael's Nail!", ML#2045)

32. [ ] Pg(s). 271 & 272: cut pages. ("Children of the Future!" ML# 2059.)

33. [ ] Pg(s)277: black out & then white out from the 1st sentence in para.92, "By the time our kids..." though to"--Nothing new!" ("Children of The Future!". ML#2059)

34. [ ] Pg(s).277: black out & then white out the last sentence in para.93, "So by the time they're... too early for them." ("Children of the Future!", ML#2059.)

35. [ ] Pg(s).285-288: cut pages. ("Teen Sex!", ML #2061.) 36. [ ] Pg(s).721: black out & then white out only the words "& all the sex" from the first sentence of para 9 ("Teens' - The Future of Your Father!", ML#2056.)

13) ML Vol. 17 -- No. of copies:___

37. [ ] Pg(s).635 black out & then white out the words in the third sentence of para 9 "I'd be even gladder... that's more fun" ("Grandpa Dealing with Techi! - Be Good!", ML#2169)

38. [ ] Pg(s).537-572. cut pages ("Instructions to Adults" ON 273 and "The Last State?", ML#2306

14) GN Bk. 4 - No. of copies:_____

39. [ ] Pg(s).27 & 28: cut pages ("Answers to Your Questions! - No. 5", ML#1458)

40. [ ] Pg(s). 40 black out & then white out the first part of para. 21 up to the words"... they've had plenty!" ("Teenagers- Where's It At?", ML#1398.)

41. [ ] Pg(s).41: black out & then white out the last sentence of para. 24. starting with the words "If anything we almost..." ("Teenagers! - Where's It At?, ML#1398.)

15) GN Bk. 8 - No. of copies:____

42. [ ] Pg(s). 198 black out & then white out the passage in para 56. starting with the words "My God! Now he's going..." through to "... a whole Letter on it! (No 902 )" ("Eden's Sex'". Ml# 1172)

16. GN Bk.9 - No. of copies:____

43. [ ] Pg(s). 27: black out & then white out the whole last sentence of para.48, starting with the words "We don't mind..." ("Sexy Saints!". ML#1178.)

44. [ ] Pg(s).65 & 66 cut pages. ("Thou Shalt Have Sex!" ML#1181.)

17) GN Bk. 11 -- No. of copies:_____

45. [ ] Pg(s).115: black out & then white out the last part of the Answer to Question 8, starting with the words "Cain and Seth obviously..." to the end of the paragraph. ("Answers to Your Questions!--No. 8", ML#1566

46. [ ] Pg(s).143: black out & then white out the whole Question and Answer to Question 100. ("Answers to Your Questions! -No.8". ML#1566.)

18) GN Bk. 14 --No. of copies: ___

47. [ ] Pg(s).98-113: cut entire Letter ("Sex with Grandmother!", ML#1535)

19) GN Bk. 16/17 - No. of copies:_____

48. [ ] Pg(s).123 & 124. cut pages ("Answers to Your -Questions! - No.9", ML#1643.)

49. [ ] Pg(s).372-373: black out & then white out in para. 183, the passage on page 372 starting with the words "MWM's Heidi was..." through to "... was downright provocative!" in the middle of the first paragraph on page 373. ("Heaven's Girl Art!'. ML#1632.)

50. [ ] Pg(s).447 & 448: cut pages ("More Heaven's Girl Art!", ML#1645. )

20) GN Bk. 18 -- No. of copies: ____

51. [ ] Pg(s).261 &262. cut pages "Thank God for Our Children!", ML#1682.)

52. [ ] Pg(s).489 & 490: cut pages ("Guard Your Children'", ML #1698)

21) GN Bk. 19 -- No. of copies: _____

53. [ ] Pg(s). 763: black out and then white out the first two lines on the page starting with the words "watched how she got..." though to "...lay in bed" ("The Story of Techi" #61)

22) Good Thots Vol. 2 -- No. of copies: ___

54. [ ] Pg(s). 1499 & 1500 looking at page 1500, only cut off the right-hand column (which includes para 27) ("Sex" section. Good Thots Vol. 2.)

23) Activity Book 3 --No. of copies:__

55. [ ] Pg(s).L75 & L76. cut pages

24) Basic Training Handbk. -- No. of copies:____

56. [ ] Pg(s). 459 black out & white out the three complete lines in the paragraph, starting with the words "they're going to have to learn. ." through to "... if possible And" ("Teen Sex!", ML#2061.)

25) Bk. of Rememb. Vol. I -- No. of copies ____

57. [ ] Pg(s).26. black out & white out the words of para 35 starting with 'Nothing sexual however..." through to "misinterpretation of the Bible" ("Analog of a Lifetime", ML#353)