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In May 1982, The Family printed and distributed 2700 copies of a book titled Techi's Life Story. Like the Story of Davidito, it was intended to be an example of ideal child rearing as practiced in the Royal Family household.

Below are a number of scans from an un-purged copy of the Techi's Life Story book. It shows several nude photos of Techi at ages 1 and 2, including one after she performed in a videotaped dance for David Berg.

Editors Note: Techi, who is currently a member of The Family International, has claimed she was never abused in the group.

DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

Page scans

Certain portions of these images have been blurred by editors due to its sensitive content. Faces that are obscured by drawings are original censorship by The Family to obscure the identity of the involved.

Techi's Life Story examples

  • Page 208 has the title, "SEX & CLEANLINESS--From a Talk by Dad" and says--

32. "CHILDREN CAN GET LITTLE THINGS FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE CARRIERS. It may not bother you, but it may bother them! You must protect the children from any kind of infection which you might carry & they can get from you. You may carry it & not even know it!

33. "PLEASE BE AWFUL CAREFUL ABOUT CHILREN HAVING ANY KIND OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY WHICH WOULD INFECT THEM. I wouldn't encourage it too much. What comes naturally, that's up to them, but don't try to sic them on each other & encourage it. I like things just to come naturally in due course, in due season. Whenever they are investigative or curious or something, well, that's another thing, but trying to sic them on each other or trying to make some kind of sport out of it, I don't go for it, particularly anything which could possibly transfer a disease which might even be harmless to you but might be harmful to them!

  • The caption of a picture on pg. 229 shows her with a top but nothing on her bottom & reads, "Our Bahama girl! A tangerine as a reward for a good performance!"
  • The caption of a picture on pg. 236 reads, "A drape to cover her pubic area would have been better!" (Yet the photo in its original form displayed her pubic area for all to see.)
  • Page 236 (Dancing Before the King! [DT 36, Dec.81] ch.36, para.39) reads--

39. DAD, [David Berg] AFTER VIEWING THE CHILDREN'S SHOW, warned us that it wasn't very wise to film Techi all naked. At that time we lived in South Africa, which has real strict laws regarding pornography! Dad advised us to put away this video. "The Lord probably has us in a country such as this, in a situation where we have to be more careful with nudity, so that we'll learn to have more considerate for other Family members who now live in conservative countries with laws regarding nudity & pornography." Dad then also reminded us how he likes drapes, & how it's even more sexy & revealing than total nudity. We learned then to use pretty coloured scarves in many diferent ways to drape, as you can see!

  • A nude picture of Techi on pg. 239 has the caption, "A Techi pin-up! (1 year, 3 months)"

References to Techi's Life Story in court documents

The following is excerpted from the Judgment of Lord Justice Ward, 1995, resulting from a child-custody case in England involving The Family:


[. . .] In "Latest Newsflash No. 57" of January 1985, under aged children were urged not to take their clothes off when dancing on video because:

"You could hardly touch a more sensitive nerve in most of the systemites to enrage them and have them want to lynch you on the spot than to bring up child abuse, and child sex, and child pornography, and all that kind of rot."

[. . .] In the chapter "Dancing before the King", from Techi's life story, we learnt that:

"When Techi was two years four months old, she started off with one of her favourites, "Sex in Heaven". Techi was dressed just with a scarf and played during her dance with a big plume feather. Dad after viewing the children's show warned us that it wasn't very wise to film Techi all naked. At that time we lived in South Africa, which has real strict laws regarding pornography!"

There was a photograph of the naked Techi and the comment, "A drape to cover her pubic area would have been much better!" Despite the "Latest Newsflash No 57," to which I have already referred, endeavouring to restrain under-aged children removing their clothes when dancing on video, "Latest Newsflash No 112" dated November 1988 said this:

"Developing nudie-cuties! As much as Dad loves to receive your nudie-cuties, girls, he wanted to mention a word of caution about getting these developed in commercial photo shops, especially if there are any shots of under age girls on the roll. ... Therefore for any developing of nudie-cuties we would definitely suggest that you go to an area of town where people would tend to be more liberal in this respect (i.e. nightclub district etc)... So keep those gorgeous nudie-cuties coming girls but please use discretion in getting them developed."

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