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The "Law of Love" is a moral system that has as its basis the Biblical "golden rule" and that can be summarized as morally justifying that which is done "in love" and in expression usually was said as "God's only law is love":

The primary application of this moral code was in sexual relations, where this moral compass was seen as justifying traditonally taboo sexual practices under the mantra that everything but male homosexuality was condoned by God, if done with love.

Excerpt from The Devil Hates Sex! — But God loves it:

35 AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED THERE ARE NO MORE SEXUAL PROHIBITIONS HARDLY OF ANY KIND, EXCEPT HE SURE SEEMED TO HATE SODOMY and I don't see where He withdrew that.—But whatever it is, there might be exceptions as long as it's in love. God's only law is Love!—And I'll tell you, it's dangerous because the System sure hates it, and the System's laws and everything are geared against sexual activities of all kinds and types, particularly having anything to do with children!—You don't even have to be a child, just a minor, and in some countries a minor is 23 years of age! Ha! Catholic countries!

A comic version of this publication was made for children. See: Law of Love - True Komix.

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