Leadership Trainees Only

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A category of literature that was intended for full-time members of the Children of God during the 1970s. New disciples had to go through a training period before they were given access to such literature. Usually abbreviated as LTO.


2 LEADERSHIP TRAINEES: Commonly known as Older Brothers. The age and quality of these will vary according to Colony and country, so we have found that we cannot set any definite age limit as to length of service. What it takes to do in about six months here in the States, it only seems to take a few weeks in other countries, as even our Babes abroad seem more mature and trustworthy, sincere and dedicated, and already more accustomed to responsibility and hard work than the average happy go lucky, spoiled, egotistical and easy-going American kid who's never known what it is to have to make his own way, or help his father in the business at an early age, or her mother care for the house and a large family and do heavy cooking and hard work like most young people in most foreign countries, or should I say, countries other than the U.S.!

8 BABES: These, of course, are your new disciples, new trainees, who have not yet reached the status of Leadership Trainee. BE PARTICULARLY CAUTIOUS ABOUT THE MATERIALS THAT YOU GIVE THEM in print, that it is only that which is designed for Babes, and that no materials, classified for Leadership Trainees Only fall into their hands until they are proven LT's themselves, especially MO Letters!

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