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Linda Miessner (American; sometimes spelled Meissner) was the former head of "Jesus People Army" in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada. In the September 1974, she merged her group with the Children of God.[1] She has since left the cult.

29. [Jethro] had taken a trip up to the state of Washington & all around, & he was getting to where he was really preaching! He was getting all these Christian youth groups to listen to him & he was sort of trying to imitate my style. But he didn't quite have the same spirit & I had to caution him a few times on some of the things he was doing. He became a great success in the Northwestern U.S. & going around converting whole houses of Jesus People to join us!—And they did a great job in those days. In fact, one woman who was the head of the whole Jesus People Army joined—Linda Meissner—& brought her people in, & we were sweeping the country! But Mama & I needed to leave the country before that "Chronolog" show came on, so we did! We packed & did our forsake all, kissed most of our stuff goodbye & left it all in the Cruiser, except for our personal clothes.

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  • David Hoyt — he also merged his group, "House of Judah" (in Atlanta, Georgia), with the Children of God in the early 1970s.[1][2] Mr. Hoyt later left the cult and became a vocal "enemy".
  • Jim Palosaari
  • Russel Griggs


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