From XFamily - Children of God

Liza was a spirit helper introduced to the Family in prophecy. The Family claims her job is to teach and help its members to fight the Devil. Following are excerpts of Liza's introductory message.

81.. (Spirit helper, Liza, speaking:) Wow, this is neat! I'm so glad to meet you all and that you asked this question about how we fight the Devil! I'd be happy to share this with you! I just love sockin' it to him! When I fight that ol' sleazeball, I get riled up and let it rip! Praise You Jesus!

82. When it comes to fighting the Devil, this is the time to let go and knock the pants off him! Jesus said that there's a time and a place for everything, and this is the one time you can go ahead and let your aggression out! Launch an aggressive attack! Our warfare is not carnal but is in the spirit, and this is the time and place to get riled up in spirit and whack that ol' creep right where it hurts!--Right between the eyes!--Between the legs, if you must!--Anywhere else you please, just as long as you whack him good and put him out of commission!

87. You want to know how we fight the Devil? The way we fight the Devil is with every ounce of strength that's in us! The way we fight the Devil is with every ounce of energy we can muster up!--Double barrel, no holds barred! When you're fightin' the Devil, that's the time to get aggressive; it's not the time to hold back.

90. Kaboom! Head on! Zip, zam, bam!--Right between the eyes! That's how you fight the Devil! Jesus has given us all power in Heaven and in Earth and in the universe to fight the Punk, so we just let it rip! No mercy on Lucifer--that's how to fight the Devil! Till the finish--that's how we fight the Devil! Till all evil is forever stamped out--that's how long we'll keep fightin' the Devil!

92. Take a look at what Satan does. He has his dupes get all revved up with his Satanic music, doesn't he? Like those guys who drop bombs on the innocent in those horrific wartime massacres! How do you think those guys who fly those fighter planes get revved up to kill? They rev up with Satanic music and go out for the hunt. They fill up with the lies and spirit of Satan, and go out and slaughter the innocent!

95. Resist him steadfast in the faith! Beam a prayer at him with a mighty thrust! Show him where your faith lies--that in the Almighty you trust! Follow the sample of Jesus when He said, "I rebuke you, Satan! Get thee hence!" Do it with conviction! Sock him! Refute him! Make it total eviction! Hit him hard! Hit him high! Hit him low! Slam him on the right! Slam him on the left! Hit him below the belt. Team up with a partner and go for a bash!

Slam him! Ram him! Thrash him! Then trash him!
Attack him and whack him and punch up and pack him!
Go for the offense--don't give up or despair!
Remember this punk's power works only through fear.
So be bold and brave, and stand up for the right
Power up your punches and give him a fight!
Rebuke his darkness! Let in the light!
Konk him and zonk him right outta sight!
Just toss him the truth and yell in his face,
"Get outta here, you rotter! I give you no place!
Get behind me, you Devil, you skunk and you punk!
I want no part of your slimy junk!
Take that!" Powee! Just thrash him like that!
"I resist you, I detest you! Go! Scram, you fat rat!"
Neutralize him, vaporize him, boil him and foil him!
Resist his dirty deeds--pluck'm out like deadly weeds!
Root'm out! Throw'm 'round! Cast'm down to the ground!
Rise up and fight and show him your might--
'Cause you've got all the power, and now is the hour!
Show'm who's boss and give him a toss!
Don't be weary and don't get faint,
Sock him with the Word that belongs to the saints!
If you're feeling weary, like you just wanna sit,
Grab a bro or a sis! Don't be tempted to quit!
Join hand in hand, unite for the fight!
There's power in one, but two's outta sight!
Be bash brothers for Jesus! Go on, show'm your stuff!
Just ram him and slam him, call his bluff!
"In the Name of Jesus we take this stand,
Take that, you imps, and get off of our land!
We resist you, we rebuke you, we refuse to obey you!
We give worship to God, so you just can't stay!
We call down the power from the Almighty Above,
We'll march on to victory as we live in His love!
You devils can't win, we refuse to surrender,
Take that, catch that!"--Send'm for a bender!
"Our God will deliver us from your evil works,
In the Name of Jesus, get out, you jerks!"
All power is ours in Heaven and Hell,
On Heaven we're standing and we think that's just swell!
So let it be known today and forever,
Advance on all sides--we never say never!
All things are possible to us who believe!
With Jesus beside us, it's really a breeze!
(End of message from Liza.)

(From: WHAM, BAM! JUNK THE PUNK! Maria #429)