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In February of 1995, following the death of David Berg, The Family International introduced their Love Charter (aka Charter of Rights and Responsibilities or Charter of the Family International) which immediately became the most authoritative codification of the Family's rules in its history. As its title implies, it set forth a new way of living within the organization and arguably was responsible for improving the quality of life of The Family's members. The rights referred to were what a member could expect to receive from the group and how members were to be treated by leadership and fellow members. The responsibilities referred to were what a member was expected to give to the group if he or she wished to remain a full-time member, including tithing of up to fourteen percent of his or her income (ten percent to World Services, three percent for regional services and projects, and one percent typically to regional literature publishing) (see also: Category:Finances).

There have been a number of significant additions and changes made to The Family's governing charter over the years, as it provides that any of the rights can be revoked at any time by Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly, and more responsibilities can be added.

The most recent edition/version (the 4th) of Charter of the Family International took affect in June 2010.


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