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"The Magic Green Shirt!—A Dream?" - cover
Image from "The Magic Green Shirt!—A Dream?"

The Magic Green Shirt is a Family publication, written by David Berg, in which he describes a dream of his adopted son, "Davidito," being incapable of any form of dishonesty while wearing a special "green" shirt.

References to a "magic green shirt" are sometimes used within The Family as a call to honesty.

Excerpt from The Magic Green Shirt:

61 Beloved, have you donned the Magic Green Shirt of God's Spirit of truth & honesty?--Do you have the power of Christ's Spirit dwelling in your heart so that you do not lie nor deceive nor cheat & are always honest with others?
Screenshot of the Magic Green Shirt Website created by James Penn

In 2000, James Penn set up a Website (archived on which he titled after this Mo Letter. In his posted articles No Regrets – Why I Left The Family and All of These Things Moved Me, Penn wrote candidly of some of his experiences during his time in World Services. In 2007, sisters Juliana Buhring, Kristina Jones and Celeste Jones formed a UK company named Green Shirt Limited to hold the copyright to their book, "Not Without My Sister," about their experiences being raised in The Family.

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