New York Post: Slammed with Cult Mischief

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Slammed with Cult Mischief

Press » New York Post » 2007-01-25

By Richard Johnson

THERE was a great chase at Slamdance, a Sundance Film Festival satellite event, in Park City, Utah, the other day, but it wasn't in a movie. Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato were showing their HBO flick "Children of God: Lost & Found," about a notorious Christian cult, when they saw a female cult member taping their Q&A session. She bolted outside and passed the tape to six men who raced down the street with Bailey and Barbato in pursuit. They cornered the men and cops arrived, but there were no arrests after the tape was handed over. The filmmakers say some members of the cult, accused of advocating indiscriminate sex, want to discredit the film.