New York Times: Lefkowitz To Seek Commune's Books

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Lefkowitz To Seek Commune's Books

The New York Times/1974-01-31

ALBANY, Jan. 30 - Attorney General Louis J. Lefkowitz said today that he had begun subpoenaing the books and records of the Children of God religious cult as a first step toward a possible injunction to prevent future operations of the communes in New York State.

Mr. Lefkowitz said that his investigation so far had had the effect of "closing up one commune," formerly at Ellenville, N.Y., and that he hoped that the organization might dissolve by itself before formal court action was necessary.

"They are anti-religion, anti-parents and for premarital sex," Mr. Lefkowitz said in an interview.

In an interim report on the progress of his investigation into the activities of the group, Mr. Lefkowitz said: "It became necessary to subpoena known members of the group at the Staten Island commune. Testimony of several members as well as multiple financial records of the commune were thus obtained."

In the interview, however, Mr. Lefkowitz, said that these first subpoenas were only the beginning. A "former active officer" now living in another state may be brought in to testify against the group in court action.

He said his office will be seeking court orders to get records of the group elsewhere in New York State and from other states, without specifying particular localities.