Notice of my son Abe's graduation

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By Yumiko Taniguchi (Phoenix), mother of Abe Braaten. From The Family's members-only website.

Notice of my son Abe’s graduation

By Phoenix, Japan

Abe Braaten and his two sons

Dear ones,

I wanted to write about my son’s graduation, since so many people in the Family knew about him or lived with him one time, even though he hasn’t been in the Family for the last several years. You may have heard from different sources about his passing, and have many questions why this has happened as I have.

On 14th of December, very early morning, he fell from 5 story building. He was 27 years old. Since no one was with him at the very moment when this happened, we were not sure exactly how it happened, whether he actually jumped or fall. We heard that shortly before he fell he's drunk quite a bit, which seemed to affect him heavily. As many of his friends testified that he has been happiest in these last 3 years since he married a special girl named Yoko and the Lord has given 2 young boys. If you know Abe, you know how much he wanted to have his own kids and they have brought a real joy, happiness, and purpose in his life. Yoko is saved, and they had a very good marriage.

He was also a English teacher for 40 children at home giving private lessons, as well teaches English at a school too. As you can imagine all the kids loved him because he was a very fun and enthusiastic teacher. Abe and the kids were preparing a skit of “Rock in the road” with these children to perform for their mommies for their Christmas party. During December and January they had many plans for visits and vacation, including visiting me and my family in my Home. A few hours before this has happened, he told Yoko how he wanted to have another baby. So this was very shock to us all as it just happened out of blue.

We had a most beautiful wake and funeral where many of relatives, mothers whose kids Abe taught, as well as many former member friends. Different things his close friends said about Abe was most touching and moving thing for me as a mother to hear, realizing how he lived a good life, loved by these dear ones. Many testify that he was always there for his friends, to encourage and to lift others, and he was a big brother to many, at the same time he loved to have a lot of fun with them. A couple guys said in a way he was like a saint, though he may not like to be called.

They also sang a couple songs which Abe used to like to sing. One of the songs was, an old popular song called, “A Bridge over the trouble water”. They said how Abe was like a bridge to them when they went through difficult times. Many felt that he lived for them, and will continue to live for them in Heaven, to help them, to watch over them. I don’t understand all the reasons why this has happened, as I’m sure you don’t either, but one thing we do know is that our loved one is in Heaven, learning new things and has a greater mission to help us, or help his loved ones on this earth.

I’m enclosing some of the prophecies others have sent to me. These words have been a real comfort to me and I pray it will be a great comfort to you, especially to those who have been close to him and friends to him in the past. Thank you for being a good friend to my dear son, as I know he has a very special memory of you!

Much love,

Excerpt of a prophecy: (Jesus:) Abe is asking that his death be a testimony to those who will hear, that it’s very dangerous to be foolish and light-hearted and take risks. He asks that this message be spread so that his death be not in vain. Abe did many things in his life that he regretted and he did many things that he didn’t really plan to do but he just slipped. Well, this was the biggest slip yet and it cost him his life. It’s such a sad thing that his earthly life had to be cut short, prematurely, because of the consequences of his actions, but please look on the other side of the tapestry and see the beauty and the wonders of eternal life that awaited Abe the minute his physical life was finished. He had a crown waiting for him and he had a reward waiting for him, for all the good things that he did in his life, all the times he was a testimony of My love and salvation, all the times he gave love sacrificially and tried to follow My ways. (End of the excerpt of prophecy.)

Excerpts of a prophecy: (Jesus:) I understand your confusion and how you may wonder why Abe had to go at this time when it seems like it was an untimely death. Let Me remind you that not one sparrow falls to the ground without Me knowing. I have every hair counted on your head and in like manner, I knew Abe’s every move. Although it was an accident in flesh, I assure you that Abe coming to this realm was no accident and no mistake was made. It would have been wiser on Abe’s part not to have gotten drunk, but his guardian angels never left his side and as soon as the “accident” happened, he was whisked up into the spirit and presented with his choices. He never felt any physical pain. There was a moment in time that he felt some spiritual pain and remorse over his failings. But all those tears have been wiped away.

Abe had a choice whether to go or to stay, and he chose to come Home. I know you and Abe’s dear wife may wonder that, if Abe loved her and the children so much, then why would he choose to go rather than to stay. There are many reasons why he chose to stay here, but they were all for the good and out of love. Abe does love his sweet wife very much and it was a hard choice to make. But if he had of stayed there he would not have been the same, he would have been paralyzed and it would have been very hard on her and the kids. He also saw that although the pain is very strong at the moment, things will turn out for good for her, and she and their little ones will be taken care of. I won’t get into all the details but he saw that it would be best for her if he stayed here.

He also saw the mission I had for him here. He saw by comparison where his life was leading and he saw that what he could accomplish in the realm of the spirit was so much more important.

Among other things, his departure will be a great testimony to other ex-members and Family members alike, reminding each of them that their life is but a vapor; here today and gone tomorrow. You know not the numbers of your days and when I will call you Home. It will impress on them that time is short and only what is done for Me will last. Sweet Abe will be able to help many come to this realization.

And like I said before, part of Abe’s mission is to help others learn lessons, as well as yourselves. This seeming tragedy will make you and others value life more and bring out a sweetness and tenderness in those who realize that life is but a vapor, here a while and then gone. It will renew in you a certain urgency about giving love and taking hold of those opportunities to show My love more freely and not letting them slip by so easily. This is what I'm doing in your lives and all those who hear of Abe’s death. I'm giving you beauty out of ashes. I am making the sweet perfume ascend out of the crushing. I will allow the love to flow more freely out of the cracks of your broken hearts.

The day is not far off when the children of David will feel so very close to their Heavenly spirit helpers that it will be as if you are one. I am presently calling each of you out from the earthly realm, and yet you are still physically there. But as I call you away from the worldly influences that can pollute and pull down your spirits, I am connecting you more fully to the spiritual realm to where soon you will find it’s not just a matter of faith and believing that the connection is there, but you will experience it so fully that you’ll almost feel as if the barrier between the physical and spiritual world has disappeared.

Dear Abe has come to help with this. All of the loved ones of the Children of David now on this side have been commissioned to actively bring each of you into the full experience of connecting with this side. He is excited about this mission!

All you have to do is continue to make progress in letting go of the influences of the world that pull you down to an earthly plane, and listen to dear Abe’s tugs on your hearts and emotions, and you will find over time that the wall between the physical and spiritual world will seem to all but disappear. And don’t stop there! Continue to let go of the physical and hang on to the spiritual until that wall is fully gone. For this is the gift I wish to give to all of My Endtime warriors of the children of David.

So My loves, let these words comfort you. Know that there is a plan and a purpose in sweet Abe’s passing. Let the tears flow now, let all those pent up emotions go and then grab hold of the truth of My Words and go forward in spirit, knowing your beloved Abe is by your side. (End of excerpts of prophecy.)

PS: I’m putting up his picture with the kids. Please pray for dear Yoko that the Lord will give her strength to overcome this, as she’s very dear to us all.