Praying against enemies

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A significant number of internal Family publications deal with denouncing, praying against, cursing and lying about their enemies. Occasionally, country- or region-wide, synchronized prayer sessions are coordinated for supposed extra effect, usually during times of perceived persecution. A common cause for being branded as an enemy is speaking publicly about a less than exemplar childhood or membership within the group.

Examples from Family publications

Following are a few examples of this practice from Family publications.

Praying against "former loved ones"

In September 2002, Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly wrote specifically on the subject of dealing with The Family International's "antagonistic and bitter" children:

How Do We Pray Against Former Loved Ones Who Are Fighting Us?

39. (Peter:) Amen! As Mama said, and as you'll see in the prophecies that we'll read, the Lord talks a lot about the need for us to pray against these attacks, to pray against those who are seeking to hurt or destroy the Family. But often it's hard to know how to pray against certain people, because sometimes these people are your friends or your children or your parents, and it's really difficult for you to think, “Well, I've got to pray that the Lord will curse them” and that sort of thing. That's been a bother for some people, and understandably so. It's a dilemma to know how to pray the most effective prayers in situations when you're having to pray against people who were once Family members and who are now detractors or apostates who are out to do us serious damage.

41. We asked the Lord how we should pray against those who are fighting against us, and He gave the following instruction:

[Jesus speaking:] 45. I will have mercy, for they are Mine‚ but in some cases mercy would be to take them out of the way [Editor's Note: A euphemism for death] before they can hurt others even more. For the further they go in their lies and deceptions, the longer and harder the road of humility back to Me becomes, and the more they will have to repent of and make restitution for--whether here or in the next life. So your prayers for My intervention are mercy to them. The sooner they realize what they're doing and repent, the less they will have to undo.

54. The point is, you don't have to pray against those you love with damning prayers, asking Me to curse them as individuals, but you do have to pray against the Enemy's attacks through them, and the damage he wants to do to the work. You should commit them to My strong and loving hands to do whatever I know is needed to humble them, to show them the error of their ways, or else to take them out of the way so that I can save them from themselves before they do more damage. Either way, I will have mercy; I will do what I know is best. But you must pray. (End of message from Jesus.)

Source: "Pray, Obey & Prepare"(ML 3420, GN 1007; Sep. 2002)

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