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The Pubdex was a 762-page book published by The Family in August 1985. It was intended to be an index and reference aid for most Family publications from 1968 until mid-1985. Related publications include the Mo Letter Index and the Key Word Instant Concordance (KWIC).

Table of Contents

Mo Letter Lists (No. A-2022)

  • PDF Icon Alphabetical ML List (8.7M, 23 pages) — "All the MLs, & where they're found, arranged in alphabetical order" – pages 6-51.
  • PDF Icon Numerical ML List (6.7M, 16 pages) — "All the MLs listed numerically, as published to date" – pages 52-83.
  • PDF Icon Categorical ML List (20.4M, 56 pages) — "All the MLs grouped in the same categories as found in the MOP" – pages 84-194.

FINDEX - How to Find Articles

  • PDF IconFindex Cover and Introduction (909k, 3 pages) – pages 195-199.
  • PDF IconAphabetical List of Categories (382k, 1 page) — "A List of 400 Categories into which virtually all the articles ever written by the Family have been indexed" – pages 200-201.
  • PDF IconTable of Subjects (2.9MB, 7 pages) — "A directory for finding things in the FINDEX" – pages 202-214.
  • PDF IconThe Findex (27.9MB, 67 pages) — "A categorical listing of all the titles & authors of virtually all published articles, along with where to find them" – pages 215-347.
  • PDF IconFindex Author Index (11.53MB, 32 pages) — "A chronological listing of virtually every article written by every person who has ever written anything published for the Family" – pages 348-410.

LNF Index

The Childcare Indexes

KIDz Pub & TK Studies

  • PDF IconKidz TK and Pub Index(5.2M, 16 pages) "Selected TKs & children's pubs grouped by categories, specially designed to ground & establish your child in the Word" – pages 698-728.


  • PDF Icon ML Bible Verse List(8.7M, 18 pages) "A Biblical listing of all Bible verses used by Dad in Letters A-2022, referenced to the ML & paragraph number it is used in" – pages 729-762.