Reboot-06: Mission Statement of the Family International

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Mission Statement of the Family International

The Reboot Series - Part 6 of 20; 27 May 2010

The Family International (TFI) is an international Christian community committed to sharing the message of God’s love with people around the globe. We seek to bring hope and spiritual renewal through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ that knows no borders or boundaries of race, creed, or social status. We strive to make a difference in our world by offering spiritual solutions for the challenges of life and translating God’s love into actions that manifest kindness and compassion and improve the lives of others. We endeavor to follow the example of Jesus, whose ministry was “to preach the Gospel … to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind” (The Bible, Luke 4:18; NKJV).

We are committed to:

Making the World a Better Place - Sharing the message of God’s love for humankind.
Our passion is to change the world through empowering people to develop a personal relationship with God, and in turn, to change their part of the world. We seek to provide a supportive and energizing environment for personal spiritual growth, for sharing the good news of God’s love and salvation, and for the application of Christian ethics and values to everyday life.
Spiritual Development - Providing spiritual and emotional support for managing the challenges of modern life.
TFI members provide opportunities for people’s spiritual development through means such as personal counseling and coaching, support groups, seminars, retreats, and personal comfort and encouragement in times of distress or hardship. Members also engage in a variety of educational and character-building programs for children, as well as faith-based instruction for parents and educators.
Humanitarian Assistance - Enhancing the quality of life of the disadvantaged, displaced, and those without hope.
TFI members strive to meet the needs of others through a wide range of humanitarian efforts, including emergency relief efforts, volunteer training, capacity building for the underprivileged, education initiatives and schools for the disadvantaged, sustainable development programs, benefit performances, computer literacy programs, medical relief, food and aid distribution, HIV and drug awareness, support, and prevention. Members also provide emotional and spiritual support for relief workers, and engage in visitation programs in hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps, and homeless shelters.

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