Reboot-11a: New Sites and Online Services

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New Sites and Online Services

The Reboot Series - Part 11a of 20; May 2010

To sync with the changes being made in the Family, a number of new websites and online services have been or are being developed to meet the needs of the new Family. Over the next months, some existing sites (such as Members Only and Change Program) will be discontinued, as the new sites are launched.

This document outlines the new online services and sites provided (or that are soon to be provided) for members, including a brief description of the site or service and its tentative launch date. (The projected launch dates are subject to change. Also, this listing doesn't include all TFI members-only sites; only ones that are being updated, modified, or newly launched.)

TFI Portal (

This all-in-one home page is the easiest way to stay on top of the many sites and services available to you as a TFI member. From the portal you can read important announcements and see new content from the major TFI websites of your choice. It features a complete listing of all TFI sites and online services.

Tentative launch date: July 10, 2010

TFI Reporting (

The new reporting method for TFI members. Members may report individually or collectively (as a home or team) via this online system. (Please refer to "Reporting and Statistics" for details and information on the new reporting site.)

Tentative launch date: June 10, 2010 (beta version)

TFI Statistics (

Report and record witnessing stats (individually or collectively) via this site. See real-time statistical analyses of your, others', and TFI's overall witnessing achievements. (Please refer to "Reporting and Statistics" for details and information on the new stats site.)

Tentative launch date: July 10, 2010

TFI Governing Documents (

Read and search TFI's Charter, mission statement, statement of faith, position papers, and other governing documents. This site is open to the public.

Tentative launch date: June 1, 2010

TFI Member Works (

TFI members can list their works on this site (see "TFI Member Works"), network with other Family members, update their TFI works facilitator on their progress, and share information and news.

Tentative launch date: To be announced

TFI Publications (

An archive of TFI publications. TFI publications are in the process of being transferred to this site from the MO site, along with board publications and materials.

Tentative launch date: July 10, 2010

TFI Multimedia (

Browse, search, and download TFI audio and video productions.

Tentative launch date: July 10, 2010

Parenting (

An online resource center on a variety of topics related to parenting, health, and family. The information and articles featured on this site are a mixture of newly featured content and updated material from past TFI publications.

This site is live.

My Activated Life (

A place where TFI members' teens can stay up to date with friends and peers around the world and share testimonies, pictures, art, poems, video clips, stories, and more. A wide variety of other content available for teens to enjoy. Spiritually feeding and inspirational material for teens will now also be made available on this site.

This site is live.

My Wonder Studio (

A site for children of all ages, dedicated to providing materials for children on the fundamentals of Christian faith and character-building principles from a Christian perspective. (This site is open to the public; the material can be shared with those you're spiritually ministering to, and the URL can be given to them.)

This site is live.

Prayer (

Post prayer requests and answers to prayer.

Tentative launch date: July 10, 2010

Ads (

Post want ads, items for sale, fundraising appeals, advice, and other offers/requests/information.

Tentative launch date: July 10, 2010

Contact (

Find contact information (email addresses/PGP keys) for TFI structure positions, desks, sites and services.

Tentative launch date: July 10, 2010

Daily News (

A daily compilation of news clips from around the world.

Tentative launch date: July 10, 2010

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