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Zerby's Dirty Revelation. NL # 10, (CP115), Oct. 1996.


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Karen Zerby, aka Maria or Mama, the new leader of the Children of God cult is proving to be just as bad as the cult's founder David Berg. The following are excerpts from a series of new internal publications, titled "Loving Jesus!" According to these publications the group is supposedly getting messages from Jesus in which the members are encouraged to, among other things, masturbate to Jesus Christ! Never in the history of Christianity has there been anything this abominable. I thought it might be better just to quote them, to let you hear all this from their own mouths. Some things may be a little unclear at first, but will become clearer as you keep on reading. As I was editing this material I have done my best not to alter the intended meaning of the text. Part 1 of the "Loving Jesus" series is basically an introduction that serves as a preparation for what is to come. There are some hints here and there in part 1 but nothing worth quoting. We do not have the most central portion of the "Loving Jesus" series, which is parts 3 and 4. But important sections of part 3 and 4 are quoted in later parts of the series. I start with the following incredible message from the cult's "Jesus."

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From Children of God/The Family Materials (except in red):

LOVING JESUS! - Part 2. Maria #307 DO 3025 7/95 GN 659 Par. 36. "Teach them to commune with Me, with the communion that I wish to have. The come-union, the love-union....The loving union of a man and a wife.[In a much earlier cult publication come-union is used as a synonym for sexual orgies in the group.] 37.For I am teaching you. Slowly am I leading you step by step as this mystery unfolds, to teach My people the ways of love....Be not ashamed and be not afraid of what they will think. 44.For I say unto you, we are going to have a spiritual orgy! We are going to have an orgy of the Spirit and we are going to be loving and loving and loving, and and and![Four letter words spelled in full in original.] 42.The world and the church are going to stand back in awe, and they are going to scoff and say, 'The children haven't changed!' [This is a clear reference to the cult's attempt of the last several years to convince the public that they have changed. These new publications make it very clear that if they have changed, they have changed for the worse.] 44.We shall have a great, great, great big orgy together!" 46.Mama: Wow! How sexy!...God is anything but conservative! He's radical and He doesn't seem to care if people know He's wild and free! 47.Like Dad [Berg] has said, the Lord is a sexy God!... "You'll enjoy the very wonders of total intimacy with a sexy, naked God Himself in a wild orgy of the Spirit."(ML # 286:23) 48.See, it's nothing new - even the Lord talking about us having a spiritual orgy with Him - it's been there all the time! The Lord just wants us to put it into practice. He wants us to love Him, to desire to be with Him like we desire to be with a sexy lover. 55.There must not be anything wrong with the word "f..." in Your eyes, Lord, as You have even used it in some of the prophecies You've given us recently! 61.Dad used "f..." throughout his Letters, so what business do we have to change it, unless You tell us specifically to change it. 64.[Jesus!] "If I use these words when speaking to you, then how can you say that these are filthy? For the Word of God is pure....Do they not call the freedoms that I have given to you evil? Do they not reject you for the freedoms that I have given to you? And do they not say that your actions are not of God, but are from Satan, and that you are deceived?" 83.The Lord makes it clear that we are to use the word "f..."....Within our own Homes and in private conversation, it can be...used.

LOVING JESUS! - Part 5. Maria #312 DO 3031 12/95 GN 663 2. Dad talked about spiritual sex with Jesus for years. 3.As [Jesus] said, "I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David,[Berg] to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant." In the following prophecy the Lord explains more about how the Words that Dad gave us were not fully understood, but that now, in this new day, He is giving them further clarity, so we can put them into practice and then receive his blessings for following them! A MYSTERY REVEALED! 4.[Jesus] "Behold the Words of David that have been a mystery unto My children and a mystery unto the world! Behold as I open them now, to reveal unto you My Love for you. 5. I will unfold the Words of David that I have spoken to him, lo, these many years, that many will understand. The scales shall fall from their eyes. Their eyes will be opened." 12.Now we know that these things that we've read all these years about making love to Jesus and being His lover were not just figures of speech, but were actually what was happening in the Spirit. 13.Now we are hearing His call of Love to us to become his lovers and actively participate in a much more passionate, sexy relationship with Him! 17.His us and giving us His seeds in [not] new. He's been doing that for a long time....The new way of loving Him means that it is mostly new on our part. DAD ON OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS! 28.There's only one thing better than physical sex, and that's spiritual sex, intercourse with God Himself in the Spirit.(Mop 118:37) 29.We thank You, Lord, above all for our wonderful spiritual sexual union with You.(Mop 118:39) 30.We are a very sexy religion with a very sexy leader and a very sexy following and a very sexy doctrine, and we got it all out of this book called the Holy Bible.(Mop 118:34). 34.There's nothing like spiritual sex, it's the most sexy of all.(Mop 118:123) 36.Sock it to Him! - F... God!(Mop 118:153). 41.I want to lay up with Jesus! I wanna get loved by the Holy Ghost! I wanna get f...ed by the Bridegroom!...I wanna get loved up with Jesus!(ML #20:25). 42. I don't want anybody but Jesus to f... me!(ML #20:25). 47.Oh boy, the church wants no part of me! I've talked about, "You're the Bride of Christ, f... Jesus! F... Jesus!" (ML #2054:66). You've read these things over and over, and they're not new to you. It's just that only now is the Lord pulling back the veil, solving the mystery, and showing us that He has given us...this precious gift of spiritual lovemaking with Him in a more personal, tangible way than we would have ever imagined! 54.Some are content just to say the words; others are going further by masturbating when alone, or loving Jesus together with their partners. 56.Others have had a pretty rough go of it and have gotten discouraged. Some of our men have had battles with accepting the fact that Jesus wants them to come to Him as His Bride, to play the role of women in their spiritual lovemaking with Him, by saying these sexy, loving things to Him. 61.[Jesus]"My Bride has laid herself down and opened her legs and said unto Me, 'Come! Come to me and f... me!' 64.As you step out by faith and try just the simplest foreplay with Me....then you will be able to go one step further, and one step further, until you finally experience that full union with Me as we f... and f... away. 65. I would not expect you, as a virgin, to just instantly be f...ed, but I would slowly bring you alone and arouse your desire and your excitement, I would slowly open you up, until finally you would be the one calling out to Me and saying, 'Yes, yes, give it to me! I need it and I want it! I desire You and I want to be f... by You!' 79.[Jesus] says He knows this one is really strong meat....You're worried about what people are going to think, not only your own peers and co-workers, but your outside friends and acquaintances! 82.[Jesus] is not saying that it's necessary for you to masturbate [to Him]. He says you can do this if you would like, and you can feel his Love this way, but that it isn't necessary in order to receive the blessings He's promised. For that you just need to say the words of love to Him! 83.The One Who has made a place for you in his Heavenly City! If He wants you to love Him in this way through your words, what is that to you? If He wants you to be a woman in the Spirit so He can make love to you, what is that to you? He says that later you'll look back on this time and wonder why you made such a big fuss and what was the big deal, anyway? 86.Won't you step out by faith to say the loving words to the Lord that He desires and that He needs? 104.[Jesus] "For I knew these things would be hard, but I also knew I could reveal them to My children, the children of David. 108. In the bed of love, I love to participate and be one with you. 109.Do not worry about the future or the opinions of men." 115. If you find that you are having a difficult time with this revelation, if your flesh or your mind or your pride is getting in the way, if you're battling in your mind and arguing theology and coming up with all kinds of seemingly logical reasons why this can't be, then please ask for prayer that you'll be able to become more childlike and have a believing spirit and receive this by faith! 116.The Lord is showing us specifically what He wants us to do in order to show our love to Him in a fuller and deeper way, so of course the Enemy is going to fight. What he fears most greatly and what will be the greatest blow to his kingdom is our entering into this new intimate relationship with Jesus. Don't let the Devil steal this marvelous gift away from you. Resist him! 117.Remember one of our favorite little songs, "We've Come This Far by Faith"? It's all a matter of faith!...This revelation is one of faith, faith, faith! - All by faith! 121.He wants to be happy too!...Make Jesus happy today with your words of love and your spiritual lovemaking. 123.[From COG member Gabe] "When I first read the 'Loving Jesus' revelation it was a hard saying for me, it was difficult. I'd think, 'What's going on here?' It seemed so weird. But that's because the Enemy tried to discourage me and twist the truth and get it all out of context....It was a real battle for me, a difficult battle....I initially felt like, 'I just can't make it! I can't make this one, it's too much for me!' I felt like giving up. 125. I firmly believe that if you make a rash decision that you just can't make it, based on the battles and tests you may initially encounter when trying to adjust to the 'Loving Jesus' series, that is not going to be a very good and wise decision. I too battled in the beginning, I too went through it, but now I know that my relationship with the Lord is newer, fresher, improved and better than before I read these revelations. 127.The Lord laid it on my heart to try to help prepare you that it might be a roller coaster ride until you get used to it....There may be a temporary testing period when you initially hear the Wine and think, 'Ugh, I don't want this New Wine!'" QUESTIONS ABOUT MASTURBATION! 130. In part four of this series the Lord presented to us the possibility of loving Him intimately with words of love wile masturbating. He said, "In the quietness of your chamber when your are alone, you can tell Me you love Me and you can show Me you love Me. For this is a very intimate and special way of loving Me. I do not require this and I do not demand it, for I will even be happy with the words and with your caresses, and with the symbolism of your love unto Me. But if you want a special time with Me, and if you want to feel My loving, you can touch yourself and you can make yourself go....This is intimate and this is between you and Me alone, as we kiss and caress in out bed of love together." 131.This possibility evoked a wide variety of reactions from those in WS [World Services] when they read it. The women overall were quite receptive to this idea, and a few women were elated! Usually the women found it fairly easy to have loving, sexy fellowship with Jesus while masturbating; in fact, a few had already been doing so for quite some time. Quite a few of the men received it without any problem, some were thrilled, and some battled. Others initially struggled not only with the idea of being women in the Spirit, but especially with the idea of masturbating while saying love words to Jesus. 133.The prophecy brought out clearly that masturbation is voluntary and that saying the words of love is the only thing the Lord is asking of you if you want this new, more intimate relationship with Him. 134.Some feel comfortable in saying love words to Jesus but struggle with the masturbation aspect of it, so I wanted to receive some assurances from the Lord for those who want to participate but who don't choose to masturbate, so they wouldn't feel as if they were missing the mark. 135.So as you probably have already guessed, we came before the Lord in prayer, seeking His specific answers about this. As usual the Lord answered, this time through Dad.[The group claims that Berg has died and that he speaks often to them from the dead.] 137.(Prophecy, Dad talking to Mama: ) "Honey, the Enemy is going to fight this revelation. 138.The Enemy is going to try to distract them and dissuade them and lead them astray from the beauty of it. 142. It doesn't mean that the people who masturbate or make love to Jesus with somebody else are more righteous, that they've attained some form of righteousness or some level of righteousness or some greatness in themselves....This doesn't make them better than the people who just say the words. 143.Each person must give account of himself to the Lord. Each person must go according to his own faith, whether he wants to say the words or whether he wants to masturbate or whether he wants to have sex with Jesus and another. The Lord will reward each person according to how they follow Him." 173.[Zerby] I was doing fine with saying the words to Jesus and I was masturbating quite frequently too....Most of the time I was doing it just because I thought that's what I was supposed to do, and not because I was feeling horny. 174. It started to get to the point where I was having a battle about doing it, because I knew it took a lot of time and I was wondering what benefits it was actually bringing about. I got a little discouraged, wondering what good this was all doing. I didn't seem to be having a real "connection" with the Lord. 182.While I was loving Jesus by telling Him I wanted Him and I needed Him and I desired Him and I wanted Him to f... me and that I wanted to become one with Him, I began to really feel like I wanted Him! I felt excited by Him and I wanted to have Him make me go as I masturbated! 185.Now I am not masturbating just because I think I should, but rather because I want to! 186. In fact, you want to know something? Right now, right here in the middle of this dictation I just stopped because I...just felt like I really, really wanted to love Him in a special way, and I started to feel quite sexy! So I stopped everything and just had a little love-up time with Jesus, which was so nice!

LOVING JESUS!-Part 6 Maria #3132 DO 3032 12/95 GN 664 Par. 1. So far in this series we've dealt quite specifically with saying words of love to the Lord, and with the possibility of masturbating while doing so. One other facet of this revelation is loving Jesus with your mate or sexual partner. 3. In "Loving Jesus! - Part 3," paragraph 65, the Lord said, "Be not ashamed to even love Me together in this way, because when you are loving one another, you are loving Me. So do not be afraid to say, 'I want You, Jesus! Come into me, Jesus! Make me go, Jesus!'" 47.Stop and think for a minute what the Lord asked of your parents years ago. He asked them to be the Love of God for those that they didn't even know, to outsiders, the unsaved! 48.If you think this is a bomb, think about what a bomb it was for your parents when FFing first came out! They had to take a stand; they had to believe God's Word and act on it! Will you believe what God is saying to you today? - So that He can receive the love that He wants and He needs?...Isn't this the least you can do for all He has done for you? 49.Will you love Him? Please do. 60. If you ever wondered what the Lord thinks about "fantasizing," now you know! The Lord certainly is putting his stamp of approval on it - at least fantasizing about Him! 79.[Jesus] "It gives a whole new outlook on that special gift that I have given unto you, that gift of love, My precious law of Love." 97.In the FFing days we women made it clear to the men that the love being shared with them was God's Love, that we were the Love of God for them. 121. I am so proud of you for your willingness to receive all the Lord has said throughout this series of GNs. It has been some very "strong meat," yet you have taken it by faith. 122.The Lord has given many spiritual gifts to Christians throughout the ages, gifts of healing, miracles, prophecy, tongues, etc. 124.[Jesus] "Unto you I am giving the greatest gift of all, the gift of love, the gift of love that you can love Me as a lover, as I desire to be loved. 128.Your David sought the deeper things...and you were willing to put these things into action - the love of God, the FFing...the loving together. 129. With you I deep kiss. With you I send My tongue into your mouth. With you I hold and I kiss and I caress your breasts and I suck on them. And with you I have deep lovemaking and deep penetration. As I love you, as I f... you, as I bring forth orgasms of My Spirit, we are united...even as the husband thrusts his p.... slowly deep, deep into your caverns." 135.[Zerby] The churches may have more money, more members...but we have a better understanding of God, of Jesus and of his Will, due to Dad....Doesn't that make you thankful to be part of the Family? 136. In some of the prophecies in this series the Lord indicated that the churches would scoff at us and say that we aren't wives but prostitutes, but the Lord said we would be queens unto Him. I'm sure that as news of this gift the Lord has given us gets out, we will be mocked and thought of as crazy, nasty, sinful, sacrilegious, blasphemous, etc. 138. If people mock you, tell them you're thankful that you don't have to walk on hot coals or lie on beds of nails, or be celibate, or live in a cloister and not talk to anyone for the rest of your lives. You don't have to shave your head or wear funny clothes....You don't have to sit in front of a picture of Dad or me and chant the same thing over and over again for hours, or drink the urine or bath water of your leadership, or any of the other torturous, odd or even repulsive things that many other religions have to do!....For us to participate in spiritual sex with Jesus isn't really so odd after all! 139.Though it sounds like the churches will ridicule us, in the next prophecy the Lord says that some individual Christians will believe it and will benefit from it. The Lord indicates that no other group will receive this gift. 145. [Jesus] "But who will listen? Who will receive this new power? Yea, I say unto you, only the children of David? 149. I am revealing this unto you alone and I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David, to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant." 155. Apparently only we, as a group, will receive, believe and put into practice this special love for Him....However, eventually the public will probably hear about this through various sources, and some others, though few, will also apparently receive and believe it. 162.[Jesus]"Fear not, for I will not lead this one [Zerby] astray and I will not cause her to stumble. 163.What a shepherdess! What a lover! What a wife! What an ardent love relationship we have! How precious she is! How I long to take her into My arms! How I treasure the wonderful, passionate love times that we have together! 173.This world shall see a new thing. They shall see the Christians that I have made, the Christians that...share My love and that give My love unto one another. 175.And all of this shall spring forth from this one who loves Me. For this is a great thing and a great mystery that I show unto her, how I want My people to love Me. All because she said yes, and all because she laid down in the bed of love and said, 'Come, come unto me, my Love! Come unto me, for I want You!'" 182.[Zerby][It] doesn't mean you should go out and tell everybody you witness to that they too can love Jesus like this!- I don't think it would go over very well! Ha! This is your private, intimate relationship with Jesus that doesn't need to be noised abroad. '

LOVING JESUS! - Part 7 - Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Loving Jesus! - Maria #314 DO 3033 12/95 5.Question: What is the purpose of this Loving Jesus revelation? 6.To make Jesus happy, and to supply His need for love. 11.Please refrain from such things as negative comments, ridicule, voicing your doubts, etc. For you to do so repeatedly would be contravening the Charter.(See page 120 of the Charter, Offenses Warranting Excommunication, point H.) 18. Loving Jesus Parts 1 and 2 were very important and they laid the foundation for the subsequent parts of the series, but if we had stopped after Parts 1 and 2 and had not published Parts 3 through 6, then you would have missed most of the revelation, and a great deal of the information from the Lord. 20.The Lord is building my ministry upon Dad's ministry. We learned about the theory, the concepts and the spiritual principles from Dad, but now the Lord is expanding or amplifying those concepts, and we're learning more about the practical applications. 21.Also, as you read the many specific graphic quotes from Dad's Letters in Part 5 about loving Jesus intimately, you probably were amazed at how much of this truth Dad had already given us through the years, but we just hadn't seen clearly then what it all meant. The Lord explained that that's because He was keeping it a mystery! - Until now! 36.Are we men in the Family now female in Spirit, and will we be females for eternity? 37.No, you men are not always women in the Spirit. You are only women in the Spirit during your times of intimate lovemaking with Jesus. In this one facet of your spiritual life, your intimate love relationship with the Lord, He wants you to be as a bride with her husband. In other words, He wants you to be a woman in spirit, loving Him as your Husband. But in the other facets of your spiritual life, He will continue to see you as men - as strong, valiant, manly soldiers for Him, mighty men of David. So you don't need to think that you are now going to be a woman in the Spirit all the time, or that you'll be women when you get to Heaven. This is not a permanent spiritual transformation. This is just one of your many roles and one aspect of your spiritual life.(See Part 3, paragraphs 88-103, 109-113, 181-183, 185.) 38.How can men have this intimate, sexy relationship with Jesus and it not be a male-with-male homosexual relationship? 39.Answer: Because you men become female in spirit during your times of intimate lovemaking with Jesus. In your lovemaking with Jesus you are not a man....This is not a homosexual relationship. It is a spiritual female, you, making love to a male, Jesus. He is the Man...and you are the woman.(See part 3, paragraphs 87-95, 109-122.) 41.You must remember, and you must get firmly fixed in your mind and constantly remind yourself, that your intimate, loving relationship with Jesus is not a male-with-male relationship. There is only a woman (you) with her Husband (Jesus)! - Nothing else. 42. Why can't men just make love to the Holy Spirit? Dad talked about this in earlier Letters, and it would be much easier for the men.[Berg believed that the Holy Spirit is female and he claimed that he had sexual intercourse with the Holy Spirit.] 43. Answer: The Holy Spirit Herself is calling us all to be Jesus' Bride. She loves Jesus so much that She wants Him to have many Brides. 44.The Holy Spirit gently chided us in prophecy, saying that if we can believe that Jesus atoned for our sins, and we can give our lives to serve Him, then why can't we believe that God and the Holy Spirit have called us to love Him as His Bride and to manifest our intimate love for Him in this new, passionate, sexy way. (See part 3, paragraphs 152-159, 165-168.) 46.A fairly common problem some of the men had when they first read this series was that they weren't visualizing themselves as women. 48.I understand that other men, when they say love words to Jesus or masturbate with Him or have sex with a woman while loving Jesus, visualize a scene of Jesus making love to a woman. In such a case, the woman that is making love to Jesus, that the man visualizes in his fantasy, represents himself. In other words, the man sees himself as the woman making love to Jesus, but he sort of mentally observes the act from afar, as a third party bystander, instead of being the one who actually partakes firsthand of Jesus' touches, kisses, lovemaking, etc. 49. Also, there are men who were able to become accustomed to seeing themselves as women in the Spirit. They've learned how to effectively visualize themselves as a woman. They can now see themselves as having a female spirit body, and as such can have very intimate, detailed, erotic, sexual experiences when loving Jesus.[Crazy, crazy, crazy!] 51.Won't this be extremely embarrassing for the men? 52.This may be quite humbling or embarrassing for some of you men in the beginning. The Lord said, "Do you want to know the road to the Promised Land? It's...the humble road. March on the humble road. This thing will humble you....I ask play the role...of the woman...of My darling." Are you willing to be humbled? 53.Please do your best, women, to encourage and support the men in this. 60. I feel very awkward saying things like, "F... me, Jesus!" Must I say those exact love words, or can I say other words that are less graphic or less sexual that I feel more comfortable with? 61. Yes, you can. In the prophecy entitled "Words of Love to the Lord" in Part 3, there are examples of words of love and endearment that we can say to the Lord. Some of those include:... "Love me, fill me to the full!....I want You in me. I want You, Jesus!....Make me go, Jesus!" 62.Basically you can say anything that a woman might say to a man. 71.Will the TSers ever read the Loving Jesus series, Parts 3 through 7? 73.The security amongst our TSers is not as strong as in our DO Family, and there's a pretty good chance that when it goes to TSers it will spread to those not in the Family, who will either ask questions about it or criticize us. 74. The Lord said in prophecy: "Behold, I say unto you, this is not the time to pour forth these strong and meaty Words unto these who dwell not within the inner fold. 75.First these things must be established in their own hearts [the DO members], and then when they are strengthened can their brethren of the outer circle[TS or associate members] be given it." WILL THIS REVELATION CAUSE PERSECUTION? 76.What kind of fire is this belief going to bring down on our heads from the System? Are we supplying our enemies with "fresh ammunition" to persecute us just when things have finally cooled down? Is it worth it? 81.Concerning whether this revelation would bring down the wrath of the System upon us, the Lord indicated that this would be another source of division between us and the world, but He also encouraged us not to fear and not to worry about the opinions of man. 84.The Lord....indicated that we should not flaunt this truth to outsiders. He said, "The days are evil and many seek to ensnare you and trap you and destroy you, and to seek out your liberty and destroy it. But in private and in the privacy of your rooms and in your Home, without the peering eye of the outsiders, we will be ravished together in My Love, enveloped and embraced and as one, as we love each other to the full." MASTURBATION WHILE LOVING JESUS 86.Why can't our love relationship with Jesus continue to be in the Spirit only? Are we going too far by putting it into practice in the physical by saying love words, and even masturbating? 89.[Maria] Who are we to argue with the way He decides to do it? If saying the love words to Jesus is what He knows will do the trick and bring us closer to Him, then so be it. If loving Him while enjoying some form of physical sex is what He wants, then I'm sure willing to give it to Him....He wants to be our Lover. 91.The Lord explained in prophecy that this revelation is the next step....He said that other Christians cannot receive this truth...but that Dad prepared us step by step, so that now we're ready for this new, more intimate relationship with Him. 92. It is easy to see how most Christians would not be able to receive the idea of having an intimate, sexy, love relationship with the Lord....Thank the Lord for Dad, who prepared us for this revelation. 94. I have a hard time understanding how my masturbating or loving someone else sexually while saying the words of love to Jesus would make any difference to Him. 95.Peter and I and some of our WS prophets asked the Lord for further explanation about this subject. As usual, the Lord spoke wonderfully, giving us very clear, helpful answers. 99.The Lord said in prophecy, "As you experience that passion and that desire before the moment of orgasm, this is an illustration of how I want you to desire Me, to long to become one with Me. That feeling that you have in the flesh that you cannot stop, that you must have it, that you must have that release - that is what I want you to see as an illustration of the love that I want you to have for Me. This desire is what I want you to feel, so that you will cast off your pride and your inhibitions, and you will yield to Me completely and we will become one." 104.No one will be looking down on you if you don't masturbate. 105. The Lord said, "In the quietness of your chamber when you are alone, you can tell Me you love Me and you can show Me you love Me. For this is a very intimate and special way of loving Me. I do not require this and I do not demand it, for I will even be happy with the words and with your caresses, and with the symbolism of your love unto Me. But if you want a special time with Me, and if you want to feel My loving, you can touch yourself and you can make yourself go....This is intimate and this is between you and Me alone, as we kiss and caress in our bed of love together." 109. When our WS prophets prayed about masturbation, the Lord said: "I will not force you, I will not require it, and you do not need to feel sad or condemned, if you cannot yet love Me in this way." 112. In prophecy He said: "It is not a requirement. It is not something that I would force upon every single person across the board without consideration of their limitations or their circumstances or their weaknesses. For those who never masturbate, I would not require that they start masturbating just to please Me....It's not some heavy load that I have put upon every single person. If a person can't do so for one reason or another, I will not look upon that person critically or condemningly." 113.[Zerby] Don't let the Enemy trouble you and get you to feeling condemned or frustrated. Just do the best you can, and don't worry. 114.The Lord said: "If you desire not to masturbate, do not fear, do not tremble, do not look down upon yourself." 115. The Lord indicates that He would like to participate in your masturbation and other lovemaking, just as He wants to participate in every other area of your life....If you're already going to masturbate or make love, then He would like to at least be acknowledged and invited to join you in some way. He's not going to force Himself upon you, but it's only natural that someone who loves you as much as He does would remind you of His desire to love you and feel your love. 116.The Lord said: "But if you can and if you do already masturbate and have love times with others, then why not bring Me in? Why would you exclude Me when I so want to love you and I so want to be with you....So if you are going to masturbate and you are going to have love-up, why not invite Me, why not call out to Me and let Me love you?" 121.The only thing He says is necessary to reap the benefits of this new, more intimate relationship with Him is that you express your love for Him with words of love. 137.As we were in the final stages of preparing this series for you, Peter and I came before the Lord....We were wondering about how important it is to the Lord that all of us - both married and single people - love Jesus while having sex with a partner, either with our mates or with others. We had learned from earlier prophecies that saying the love words to Jesus when alone is the minimum that is necessary if any of us want to participate in this new intimate love relationship with Him....But on the other hand, judging from all that the Lord said in Part 6, it seemed that loving Jesus with very important to Him and something that He really wants us to do. 138. So Peter and I desperately prayed, asking the Lord to please clarify this and show us the right balance on this. His answer was tremendous! Speaking to Peter and me, He said: "Have I not said that these are the days of choices?....I am making them make the choice as to how close to Me they will follow. 139.Your job is to tell them the truth, to show them where My highest is, where the best is....They choose how much of those blessings they wish to receive, by choosing how closely they wish to follow....and it is I that judge them and reward them accordingly. 140. So present to them My highest, My best, that which I wish for them to do, but then let them make their own choices. They will see in time, and they will learn that I bless those that follow closely....He that follows afar off struggles more and cannot receive the full abundance of the blessings that I would give unto him. 142.Forced obedience is no obedience, but true obedience comes from the acceptance and the willingness to obey from the heart, from the decisions made in the mind and heart of man." 143.The Lord wouldn't have given this complete revelation if He didn't want us to apply it in our lives....He is not demanding it, He's not forcing it. He wants you to choose how much you want to participate - of course hoping that you will choose to fully participate. The choice is completely yours. [What manipulation!] 146.We know that just saying the words privately is all the Lord asks in order for you to be able to participate in this new intimate way of loving Him. We also know He would prefer that you do love Him intimately with your mate (or sharing partners), or else he would not have gone to such great lengths to try to woo you into it, by explaining in great detail all you have to gain by it. 149.So while the Lord won't require that you say love words to Him while having sex with your mate, I believe He's eagerly awaiting His times of intimate lovemaking with you and your mate....The choice is yours! Won't you give it a try? I know you won't be disappointed! 194.The idea of making love to Jesus together on our dates is a really big change for us senior teens.[16 to 17 years old] I mean, it's not like we are so free sexually or spiritually; at least that's my opinion. I'm just now starting to have dates. But the thought of loving the Lord in that way with my dates really breaks my bottle! It almost kills me! I really want to do it, because I want to receive and live the New Wine, but I don't know if I can. I think I'd get completely tongue-tied! Do you have any advice? 206.When a man is making love with a woman and they're loving Jesus together, does the man go back and forth, during the lovemaking session from being a man in the flesh to a woman in the Spirit? 207.Answer. From what Peter and others say, once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy to make the switch back and forth between being a man in the flesh and a woman in the Spirit....When Peter is saying love words to the Lord...he is a woman in the Spirit. But when he begins to speak to me, he is a man speaking to a woman. HOW THE LOVING JESUS REVELATION RELATES TO JUNIOR TEENS AND JETTS [Junior teens are from 14 to 15 years old. According to an ex-member that I checked with, you become a JETT at the age of 9 but I have not seen this in print.] 216.Can we expect our junior teens, especially the boys, and our youth in general to be able to relate to this radical message? - Saying love words to Jesus, spiritual sex involving masturbation, etc.? After all, some of the adults have had big battles with this New Wine, and you expect the junior teens to be able to take it? Isn't that going a bit far? 217.Answer: Peter and I, as well as two WS prayer teams, prayed desperately about whether the junior teens should read this material, and if so, in what format. The instruction we received was very clear. Both the Lord and Dad said that we should give the junior teens this message, but not all of it, only what they can understand and do and participate in. 219.You might be worried about how our junior teens will react to this message, as this is strong meat, but the Lord and Dad gave repeated confirmations that the junior teens would be able to receive this message, and that they would profit by it! [According to the Charter those under 16 can not have sex, so the part of "Loving Jesus" dealing with having sex with another member does not apply to the junior teens. But everything else does. 14 year old boys are encouraged to use sexual language with Jesus, imagine that they are women having sexual intercourse with Him, and to masturbate and reach an orgasm with Him! Anybody who has been led to believe that the Family has changed and that it has become a good and safe environment for young people to grow up in, should now be able to clearly see that this is not the case.] 223.[Berg] "Goodness, if the Lord made them so that they could have physical sex at that age, it certainly makes sense that they can have spiritual sex. So teach'm. It won't hurt'm. It'll help'm. 224.I know it's radical....If I had worried about what...the authorities said, we would have never gotten started....Give them that which they can do, and leave the rest for later." 233.[Zerby] As the teens read and study this series, we know you'll do all you can to shepherd them, and keep them from attacks of the Enemy, and give them the guidance, help, counsel, and encouragement that they need. 234.I asked in prayer if we should give the JETTs the same message as the junior teens, and Dad said: "No, they're too young....There has to be a cut-off point some place, and that's it." 246.[Zerby] As you will see, we have gone over the material for the JETTs very carefully to make sure it is age-appropriate. We want to give them as much Word as we can, without going too far or causing any legal problems for the Family. We need to try to stay within the law. 255.How will this role-playing affect the men who previously were homosexuals or had homosexual tendencies? 262. My husband had problems in the past with homosexual tendencies. He even had a few homosexual experiences many years ago. I'm worried that this new way of loving Jesus will cause him to fall back into those sins. Do you have any counsel about this? How can I find peace of mind about this? 263.Answer: I can understand why not only the men who have had these weaknesses in the past might worry about this, but some of you shepherds, wives and girlfriends might also be concerned. You might think, " Isn't this getting into pretty dangerous ground?" If you are close to someone who has battled these temptations in the past, you might be quite concerned about this new turn of events. 291.[Jesus] "I opened a door, lo, those many years ago in the flesh to allow you to mix and to mingle and to love one with another.[A reference to free sex in the cult for which they are blaming Jesus.] 292.Now I have opened this door unto you and many pass through." 293.[Zerby] The Lord likens this dawning of new freedom in the Spirit to the time when He introduced the sexual freedoms of the Law of Love to the Family. 321.[Zerby] Recognize that the Enemy will try to fight your receiving this wonderful gift from the Lord. He'll do everything in his power to get you to see this revelation as something wrong. He'll try to twist it and misinterpret it and do his best to get you to see it with the eyes of the flesh instead of the eyes of the Spirit. - For some of the folks in WS it took quite a few months before they were able to understand and accept this New Wine. But because they didn't overreact and freak out, the Lord was able to speak to them, and with time they grew in faith and understanding. 328.Just continue by faith, knowing that you're pleasing the Lord by giving Him the love He asked for and needs. 329.[Zerby] If I'm loving Jesus when masturbating or when making love to Peter, my orgasm doesn't feel any different that usual. I haven't experienced any great ecstasies....But I just continue by faith!

"LOVING JESUS" REACTIONS - Part 1 -Reactions to the "Loving Jesus" GNs, Parts 3 through 6. For Junior Teens and Up Only! FSM 289, DO March 1996 Pages 5,7 [From Apollos, the cult's "theologian."] I just yielded to Him the way I know a man wants his wife or lover to yield to him. I surrendered to Jesus, relaxing and resting, calling on Him and asking Him to please take me as I was, to forgive me for my former skepticism, and to love me up in the spirit....And strangely, this time with Him seemed to even be somewhat stimulating in a sexual way, as I somehow perceived or felt that He indeed was making love with me in Spirit....Boy, I never thought that saying yes to Jesus meant saying yes to Him me....I leaned back against the headboard of my bed and closed my eyes and began praying and loving the Lord and telling Him that I wanted Him and needed Him and I wanted Him to fill me with his seeds, asking Him to f... me and sock it to me, etc. FSM 289 p.9,10.[From a male member] Mama, you have the Words of eternal life, where else would I go?!....I'm looking forward to trying practice the role of being a female sex partner to Jesus....I'm willing to faith and obedience to the Lord and you, my dear Mama and Peter....I think David in the Psalms was having a very intimate love relationship with the Lord in places where he makes such declarations as: "As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God"(Psa.42:1)....Trying to masturbate while having love-up with Jesus I think is going to be the most difficult of the three aspects of the "Loving Jesus" revelation for me. Usually my masturbation fantasies are quite erotic, with gorgeous Family and other women and even goddesses at times, but in all cases women. Doing it to Jesus may be difficult at first to attain an orgasm, but I'll give it a try. Even if I don't have an orgasm at first, I think I could still masturbate while loving Jesus as best I can....Saying words of love to Jesus during lovemaking from the standpoint of being a female in the spirit will be an entirely new dimension for me and may not be so easy at first, but I do intend to also give this a good try. FSM 289 p.11,13.[From a female member] In Part 4, the Lord is speaking in prophecy about how we can show Him our love when we masturbate, if we wish to.(See ML #3030:29.) Before I read this series of GNs when I would masturbate, I would envision one of the Lord's angels making love to me....When I was reading the GN about masturbation and loving Jesus, I was in my bedroom alone at the time. I got so turned on all of a sudden to try it. So I did! I did all the things you were saying to do, Mama, like telling Jesus I loved Him and desired Him. I read one of the prophecies again while I was goosing myself in the chair and it was so sexy. I visualized Jesus me and it was terrific....I decided why not devote the evening to Jesus, like I do when I have my normal dates with my sharing partners. I got a glass of wine and put on some music [and] got in bed.... I just closed my eyes and began saying the love words to Jesus. Well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had a terrific orgasm that left me thankful I had put the "Do not Disturb" sign on the door - ha! FSM 289 p. 16. Personally, I think it'll be a real time of decision for our young people, perhaps similar to how the FF revolution was for the first-generation adults....I think this may just do the same! It seems to me that with the Charter, quite a few of the teens and YAs are experimenting with freedoms which push them towards the "cool" or "worldly" side, and some are getting quite into it. Whereas the way the New Wine and the Lord are moving is totally in the opposite direction, getting less and less "cool" and "worldly" all the time, but more revolutionary, radical and totally nonconformed to the world. So this series may be a shock! FSM 289 p.18. That night after I read Part 2 of the "Loving Jesus" series....I decided that I was going to try it, and as I masturbated, I fantasized with the Lord and I said the same things to the Lord that I would say when I fantasized about a woman I'm very much in love with - telling Him that I loved Him and wanted to be with Him and f... Him and be f...ed by Him....After I finished reading Part 4, I had another time of praise and a nice love-up with the Lord, making love with Him while I masturbated, and letting Him f... me with His Love. It was very nice, thank the Lord!....You know, it's funny, but when Dad went to be with the Lord, one thing that I was a little worried about was that we would get more conservative sexually as a Family. The general trend in the Family regarding sexuality has been towards the conservative side for the past few years, I'd say, and I figured that with Dad gone it was just going to get "worse" - in other words, more conservative, which is what I considered "worse!" - Ha! I mean no disrespect in saying this, Mama, but I did imagine you to be quite conservative sexually as compared to Dad. Dad seemed to always be the one promoting sex or talking about sex, so I figured with him gone, no one would promote it or talk about it any more. So I must say it was quite a happy surprise to read in "Mama's Love Story" and in these "Loving Jesus" GNs that you're not that way at all! Instead of getting more conservative in this area, I would say we're getting more liberal.

"LOVING JESUS" REACTIONS - Part 2 -Reactions to the "Loving Jesus" GNs, Parts 3 through 6. For Junior Teens and Up Only! FSM 290, DO March 1996 p. 7.[Female member]Long live the queen [Maria!] and the king [Peter!]! Long live the "Loving Jesus" revelation! Long live the radical spirit of David! FSM 290 pp. 8,9. I had a really wonderful experience Loving Jesus and I wanted to write you about it. I'm super exited!...It was nap time....I got out the GN again and found those parts and reread them quickly, so I would remember the suggested things you can say to the Lord. I started praying and telling the Lord the love words. To come out and say, "Come, f... me, Jesus," was very difficult....I was part praying, part masturbating....It was so neat!...I thought...that I wouldn't even be able to go. But I did. It was thrilling! FSM 290 p.11. I know what turns me on (as a man) for a woman to say to me while making love, and so in playing the role of a woman in the spirit, I could anticipate what the Lord would want to hear, and those words came easily....I'll catch myself thinking, "What are the academics going to think of this, or our friends, or our persecutors?"[Good question!!] But that's obviously just looking to the thoughts and opinions of man, and if we're going to start resting our doctrines and beliefs on that, we'll immediately relinquish the truly special place and anointing that we have as His Endtime children that "follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth." FSM 290 p. 12.[Female member] The basic content of the "Loving Jesus" GNs wasn't a problem for me, as I saw that it was just expanding on what Dad has said before....The part about masturbating with Jesus didn't bother me, as I have done this in the past, but I always wondered what the Lord thought about it....So much talk about sex does tend to make me horny. Sometimes while reading this series I would stop and masturbate, thinking of Jesus, and it sure was a wonderful experience! FSM 290 p.14. I think this is a wonderful series and will help keep us radical and separated from the world with our sexy doctrines! Praise the Lord! FSM 290 p.15. At first it was a little shocking for me, especially the part about being a woman in the Spirit, as I just couldn't picture myself as that. FSM 290 p.15.[Female member] About having masturbation love-ups with Jesus....when I read the part that says, "If you want a special time with Me, and if you want to feel My loving, you can touch yourself and you can make yourself go, and it will be My loving you," I practically jumped up and down for joy, as I started having this experience quite some time ago. FSM 290 p.19. It was very inspiring for me to see how the Lord is still in the business of keeping us separate from the system and the Church system. With all the new changes in the Family and us getting more tolerant of some things, I was kind of getting a little concerned that we would get too close to the world. But thank the Lord, you, Mama and Peter, are new bottles that keep us alive and separate from the world with the New Wine.

"LOVING JESUS" REACTIONS - Part 3 -Reactions to the "Loving Jesus" GNs. For Teens and Up Only! FSM 293, DO May 1996 pp.1,2. From a Male Senior Teen.- I figured that most of our Family women were already doing this, [lovemeking with Jesus] as it was such a common illustration in the Letters, and it seemed to me it would be fairly easy for women to do....I've also had trials previously, thinking, "Are we still a revolution?" I felt that in some way we in the Family had toned down many of our radical doctrines, or they had become "theory only," without much practical application. Well, the revolution continues! FSM 293.p. 2. At first, the thought of being a woman in the spirit when loving Him intimately seemed very weird to me and was hard to accept....I so much want the greater anointing of love and power that the Lord promised, that it's worth anything to get it!....Recently I've been feeling quite discouraged with myself and wishing I could do more with my life for the Lord. I look at great men of the past, like Dwight L. Moody, George Mueller, David Livingstone, Adoniram Judson and scores of others...and I feel I'm doing so little with my life, in comparison!....That's why I'm so eager to dive in with this new revolution and learn how to make love with Jesus, so that He can give me that power.... "The people that do know their God,...will be strong and do great exploits"(Dan.11:32b). We can interpret and identify this "knowing God" with the intimate and even sexual relationship we can have with Jesus, Knowing Him, and Him us, in the Biblical sense of "knowing!" Praise the Lord! FSM 293 p. 3. I want to give Him all He asks for and more; I'm just so touched that He wants that special love from little old me!....I admire, appreciate and love you so much, Mama, for having the faith to pass these Words on to us, especially us younger people. FSM 293, p.6. When the Letter started to talk about being a woman in the spirit, my instinctive reaction was to shut down my receptive channels (and offer my copy of the GN to a girl). Ha!....My initial thoughts were, "Is it worth pubbing this because of the furor it may incur with the System?" but then the thought came: If the Family isn't a revolution, there'd be no reason to stay in it! FSM 293, p.6 WHY SOULD WE HESITATE? From a Female Junior Teen -When I first heard about...the "Loving Jesus" GNs, and how us junior teens would have our own version of the GNs, I was a little bit disappointed. I thought, "Oh no, we're going to have this extremely edited version"....But I was really encouraged when I heard that Mama was trying to give us as much as she could, and was just taking out what was not appropriate for us. FSM 293 p. 10. The Lord said that He has needs, and that He yearns and longs for that time like a lover!....The part that was a bit bottle-breaking for me at first was the part about masturbating while telling the Lord of our love for Him. It took me a while to digest that one, ha! FSM 293 p.13. Loving Jesus in this intimate and even sexual way is something that I thought of many times in the past, and even fantasized about. However, because of my conservative and churchy upbringing, I always thought that it couldn't possibly be the right thing to do, much less something that the Lord Himself could request! FSM 293 p.14.[Female member] It wasn't such a shock to me about loving Jesus and saying sexy, loving words to Him while masturbating, as I'd already experienced this to an extend. I had fantasized about making love with Jesus. a few times....Oh, Mama, thank you for being faithful to go ahead and deliver the message from the Lord....It's not like I've got a total victory about this revelation. I mean, my very first reaction to this was raised eyebrows and wide eyes. FSM 293 pp.15,16. [Female senior teen] It is quite a heavy revelation, and I must admit that I got hit with some questions like, "Why does it have to be so sexual and graphic? Why does the Lord ask it of our men too?" But one thing that helped me was where Mama said, "If that's what the Lord asks of us, who are we to question?" It's really true! Who are we to try to figure out in our finite minds why the Lord wants it that way? It's quite exciting to see how a whole new generation is basically taking on their first radical new revelation from their new king and queen! FSM 293, p.17,18. As far as the whole radical thing about us men making love with Jesus as women in the spirit, all I can say is, "Wow! I'm gonna hang on tight for this one and ride the wave as best I can!"....While we were reading this one point the Enemy was discouraging me about it. But then, just as clear as anything, the Lord gave me a verse that I have heard so much and is one of the foundations of our Christian life: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy mind; this is the first and great commandment"(Mat.22:37,38). Wow, it took on a whole new meaning! How often have we read, sung, or shared that verse with others? And now the Lord is giving us the full deep meaning of it and showing us how we can apply it fully! - How wonderful!....Incorporating the spiritual aspect into physical sex is a little difficult for me at this point....I haven't yet become a woman in spirit and had Jesus make love to me....I guess the Lord just had to make it shocking, to shake us out of our ruts and make us wake up and tune in to what He was saying. One thing for sure - if Dad, Mama and Peter say it, then it's good enough for me. I'm just so thankful for this "Loving Jesus" Revolution.[I really and truly feel sorry for this young man, and others like him, trapped in this horrible cult.] FSM 293 p.19.[Female member] I put on the tape "When You Need Him Most," hugged a pillow and took the plunge in saying love words to Him. FSM 293 p.20. The "Loving Jesus" a milestone in the Family and I want to follow closely....I have no doubts whatsoever about the "Loving Jesus" revelation. I know it's the Lord and I'm very thankful for it. [The following is part of Zerby's message to the JETTs, ages 9 to 13] LNF 242, Explanation of the Edited Versions of the "Loving Jesus" Series, Maria #317 DO Jan. 1996, Par. 7. We learned that we can make Him happy and supply His need for love by telling Him how much we need and desire Him. 8.He wishes to be loved in a new, more intimate way, and He showed us that this is possible, because there is "no male nor female in Christ Jesus"(Gal. 3:28). We are all His Bride, and He loves each one of us passionately and intimately. 9.Throughout last year,[1995] He revealed many things we can do to love Him more intimately and more ardently, such as:...saying sweet words of love to Him, and loving Him as a bride loves her husband. 11. In those GNs the Lord and I talk about subjects that are related to sex, such as how we adults can draw closer to Him by saying words of love to Him, how we adults can feel His Love more through our sexual experiences, and be His Love for one another in our sexual sharing. 14. We asked the Lord if you JETTs could read the same GNs that the junior teens will read, and He had Grandpa speak in prophecy. Grandpa made it clear that it is not the Lord's will for you to read the same GNs that the junior teens are reading. 15. Also, of course, we don't want to be guilty of giving you JETTs reading material that would be offensive or illegal from the System's point of view. We're trying to give you as much Word as we can, without going too far or causing any legal problems for the Family. We need to try to stay within the law. [END]

CounterCOG Commentary:

One last thought. "Loving Jesus!" part two was published three months before the Lord Justice Ward's Judgment which was signed and dated in October 1995. Also Zerby in LNF 242, par. 9, cited earlier in this newsletter, says that they were getting all these revelations "throughout" 1995. The cult deceived its apologists and the Judge that they are really trying to clean up their act. We hope that the Judge will not let that little boy grow up in that cult and be taught to masturbate to Jesus!

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