String of Pearls 5 - Visit to MCS

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String of Pearls 5 - Faith Berg visits MCS (Música com sentido - Portuguese version of MWM). Includes MCS staff interviews. August 1982.

Editor's note: The tape from which this video came appears to have been edited and is likely not the full original version. Specifically, it appeared that some sections of the tape were recorded over with short Daily Might videos produced by Music With Meaning. These "Daily Might" videos are not included in this video. While it is not known why this was done, it is possible that it was done to selectively remove sections of the tape regarded as problematic for various reasons (incriminating, sexually explicit, controversial, etc) while preserving the other sections. For example, one part of the tape refers to "night time" activities as being the focus of the next segment and the next segment is one that has been taped over.

Download: icon_video.gifString of Pearls 5 - Visit to MCS — 1982-08 (1:13:38.880, 233M, xViD AVI)