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From XFamily - Children of God
  • From DB#10 - "Our Teens - The Devil's Target. - a tough talk to teen David" — Berg threatens to beat Ricky. --Monger 11:13, 29 Mar 2005 (CST)
"Next time I'm not going to just use my voice, you're going to get it worse. You've never really had me chasten you with the rod boy, but I can do it!" (pg 19 paragraph 13)

"And if I see this fascination for evil cropping up in you any more, Son, you are never going to dream how tough your Grandfather can get with you! I will whip the daylights out of you!I will take a rod like the bible says and beat you with that until you cry for mercy! Is that clear? (David: Yes, Sir) Do you belive it? (David: Yes, Sir)" (pg 20 paragraph 18)