The 9/11 Tragedy and The Family

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Newsletter # 16, Part II

In the Family’s literature the United States is referred to as "America the Whore" or "the Great Whore," a proud, lazy, fat and rich people who are being judged by God. Speaking of the Twin Towers tragedy "Jesus" tells them: "These towers represented the arrogance of America, and I have allowed them to be struck." ("Attack on America!" Karen Zerby #586 [Sept. 2001], par. 155).

David Berg besides being a pervert, an alcoholic and a self-deluded megalomaniac, has proven himself repeatedly of being a false prophet. Not one of the things he foretold came to pass. He predicted America’s doom since the sixties. In one of these false prophecies he said that America would be destroyed by January 31, 1974.

The cult’s Jesus says about the 9/11 tragedy: "You, the Family, will be vindicated, and your tales of woe to come in America will be validated. That was your message in the early days - of coming destruction and Judgment on America." (par. 156). "You know some of these people are getting what they deserve and what I have forecast, and it’s a fulfillment of prophecy." (par. 114). "She will stop at nothing, and it will only be My mercy toward the rest of the world that I will allow her enemies to overtake and destroy her in one hour, before she wreaks a greater harm on the world." (par. 161). "Her cup of iniquity has been deemed full." (par. 157). "I wish to humble this proud people, to bring them to their knees." (par. 167).

Zerby instructs them that what is shared in this publication is "for your information only" and "if you are in the U.S., they are not to be shared with others." (par. 117). They are told they can be more open with what they really believe if they are in a country that is anti-American. They posted the following not completely honest statement in one of their web sites, "The Family worldwide is shocked and deeply saddened by Tuesday’s terrorist attack in the United States." Some members of the group were out on the streets selling American flags, something that angered a number of former members. Having been in the group ourselves we recognized maybe easier than others the hypocrisy and the greed.

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