The Test of Faith

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The Test of Faith!—and Time with Kids!

--By Father David, 1981-11-10 (DFO #1281)

1 (SARA: IT’S LIKE I GAVE PLACE TO IT, IN A WAY. I wondered if I could do a good enough job without Alfred here and tape David's verses on my own. It was a little doubt.) It's like my problem with swallowing, I've just been thinking about that thing & worrying that maybe it was gonna happen. See, that's a loss of faith, that's not real assurance. If I'm not trusting in the Lord I know it's going to happen, & all of a sudden just like that, whoosh, my throat just closes up. It's an attack of the Enemy, it's a form of fear, and "fear hath torment." (1Jn.4:18.) Well, TTL it's much better now.

2 OH, NO WONDER, NO WONDER! WHENEVER YOU START STUDYING HEALING, LET ME TELL YOU, YOUR'RE GOING TO GET THE TEST, THE HEALING TEST! He’ll make you put it into practice. My mother never used to like to deal with spiritual cases, casting out devils & demons—although she had a real power about it—because when you start attacking the Devil’s territory, he really gets mad!

3 THE LORD ALLOWS HIM THEN TO TEST YOUR FAITH because you can’t talk about something & teach something & brag about it unless you can live it! Just like the Devil said to God about Job: The Lord Himself was bragging about Job, "Oh, look what a good man he is & how faithful he is & how he follows Me!" And the Devil said, "Yeah, but You protect him, just let me lay a finger on him & see what happens!" He’s the Accuser of the saints, the Tester, the Tormentor, & the minute you start talking or teaching healing or anything along those lines he apparently has the right to ask God to test you & then you have to take the test to see if you really mean it, really believe it!

4 IF YOU WANT TO START TEACHING THE COURSE, YOU’VE GOTTA TAKE THE TEST! (Sara: Yes! Oh Lord!) And those are the tests. I mean, the Lord doesn’t let you teach it unless you can live it! That’s why I never tired to be a saint, I knew I couldn’t live it, so I never taught holiness or saintliness!—Ha! I just teach sex & that’s something I know I can live! Ha! (Sara: What a calling, yes!) PTL!

5 WELL, YOU KNOW I CAN EVEN SEE GOD’S WISDOM IN THAT ‘cause I was dealing with & teaching a young generation that was full of fire & full of strength & full of sex & somebody who’s sexual had to understand them & understand their needs & want to help them to realise it was nothing wicked or sinful like the church had taught them, you know?

6 BECAUSE THE DEVIL & THE CHURCHES ALL MADE THEM FEEL VERY WICKED & SINFUL ABOUT SEX so they would’ve given up before they even got started; "Well, I can’t be a Christian, I’m too sexy, I like women too much!" Or, "I like boys too much!" You know? So they wouldn’t even have tried, since sex was such a sin, unless the Lord could prove to’m that there was nothing sinful about sex!

7 SO HALLELUJAH! THEY CAN BE A CHRISTIAN!—Ha! We had to prove to them that they didn’t have to be a saint either & so saintly, you know what I mean? They are really saints, although they don’t know it, since they don’t have to be perfect & are saved by grace. PG! Any sinner can shout hallelujah on that!

8 SO THE LORD GAVE THEM JUST WHAT THEY NEEDED, PTL! AMEN?—ME! Ha! (Sara: Hallelujah! We’re so glad!) (Maria: That’s why where here!)—A sexy, saintless, old sinner saved by grace, so we can all be saved the same way! I think they looked at me like I looked at King David: "Well, if he can be that bad & still be saved, I guess there’s hopes for me!"—Ha! Don’t you think maybe the way they look at me is like that, Honey? "If Dad can be that bad & still be saved, I guess there’s hope for me!" (Maria: Ha!)

9 THE TROUBLE WITH PEOPLE, THEY HAVE SUCH A FUNNY IDEA OF WHAT’S BAD! (Maria: yes!) Including a lot of good things that the Lord created to enjoy, like sex! XXX! (Sara: Hallelujah!) Mmm! Just lookin’ at you girls I can hardly keep my hands off you! The Lord gave us that hunger when we see you to want to get ahold of you & love you & kiss you & fuck ya! PTL!—So He could have lots more babies for his Kingdom!

10 JUST THE SIGHT OF ONE OF HER BOSOMS OR YOURS, I’M TELLING YOU, THERE’S NO USE, THERE’S NO HOPES!—Once you show me that bosom I’ve gotta suck it! That’s all there is to it! It’s jut an absolute instinct like a baby! I’ve just gotta have it! I mean, it’s an irresistible urge! I drop everything just for that! It’s doesn’t take a lot to satisfy me, but I’ve just go to have a little! Just a few little tastes & then I’m satisfied. I’ve got a Scripture for it! "Her breasts shall satisfy thee!" (Pr.5:19)

11 I’M SATISFIED, JUST ABOUT SEVEN NICE KISSES! I don’t think I got to kiss yours this morning, by the way Come on over her, I like to practice what I peach! Ha! I kissed you but I didn’t kiss your bosoms. Oh! Ha! Gotta have some! Mmmmmmmmm! XXX! Mmmmmmm! Sorry I can’t give you more, but if you’re going to catch that sun you’d better run! Come on, let’s pray!

12 WHO WANTS TO SIT IN MY LAP? Oh, you do, huh? I’m afraid you might make somebody awful jealous. Oh! She just came over here in a hurry then! Ha! Honey, she’s the littlest one so she gets to sit on Daddy’s lap. She’s the baby. When I was a little boy I was the baby. I was this age, the youngest in the family of three children & my mother just always used to say, "He’s the baby!" But it was true! I was the baby & so of course the baby gets a little more than the rest of them ’cause the baby is the youngest.

13 EVEN WHEN YOU GROW UP & BE A BIG GIRL YOU’LL STILL BE MY BABY! You’ll still be the baby because you’ll still be the youngest, see? (Techi: I’m not a baby!) Well you’re my baby. Baby means the youngest one when you get grown up. I’m the baby of my family because I was the youngest child in the family of three children., I was the baby & I’m still the baby. My brother & my sister are still older than me, so I’m still the baby. All right, you’re not a baby, you’re just the baby, OK? It takes a little persuasion to convince her, you know? She’s just like her Mama on that. All right, we’re going to change the subject.

14 HEY! GIMME A KISS BEFORE YOU GO, YOU LITTLE RASCAL! You’re like I was, "Amen, pass the potatoes!" You jump up the minute you say "Amen!" Come Davida, come Honey. You didn’t get your lovin’ this morning. She likes to be here too. Don’t stick your knee on it though, Honey, that’s pretty hard for it. I love you. You gotta get up like this. I’ll show you how the big girls do, see? They get up like this. Now is that good? Do you like that, huh? She’s not sure if she likes it! Ha!

15 OH SHE’S STAYING! SHE MUST LIKE IT! How’s that, huh? Give you a little ride. Feels good! It’s good exercise for me too! ILY! XXX! You smell so good! So pretty & so sexy! TYL! Hallelujah! What a Family! come kiss Daddy bye, David. Good-bye, Sweet Baby. XXX! ILY! Love you all! GBY! Thanks for comin’! See you later, alligator! Bye-bye! GBAKY!