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David Berg could be considered to have espoused totalitarianism in philosophy and practice.

Totalitarianism, applied here, is a typology long employed by leadership in The Family International in which they regulate nearly every aspect of public and private behavior. They were able to mobilize a relatively large group of people (around 10,000) in support of their religious and a political ideology. They do not tolerate activities by individuals that are not directed toward the group's goals. They maintain themselves in power by means of secret activities, propaganda disseminated through controlled media, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, and widespread use of terror tactics.


24 AND I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANOTHER HIPPIE IN THIS OUTFIT! I don't want to see another hippie-looking person on video! I don't want to see another scraggly-looking beard that's not well-cut & well-trimmed, another long-hair idiot with hair hanging clear down below his shoulders, or another slovenly sloppy dirty-dressed dirty beggar, I just don't want to see it! Period! We're gonna excommunicate'm!

25 THEY'RE GONNA GET ONE WARNING & THAT'S IT! I don't think they deserve two. I've given them warnings before. They're gonna get one warning from their local Official to get dressed & cut their hair & trim that beard & look decent like the other normal tourists, or out they go! Out of the country as far as we're concerned. We're gonna have nothing to do with'm, we're gonna excommunicate'm, no more Mags, no more communication or fellowship with the Family, put'm out if they won't obey! Put'm out of the Church, as the New Testament calls it, which is the fellowship of the Saints, the assembly of the Saints. God's Word says after the first & second admonition, "him that is an heretic" reject!--If he won't obey & do the right thing! (Tit.3:10)

(source: Face Up, Dress Up, Trim Up, Straighten Up!—Or Out You Go!, by Father David, DO#1202, March 1982.)