Xinhua News Agency: Kenya Warns Over British Evil Cult

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Kenya Warns Over British Evil Cult

Xinhua News Agency/2000-03-23

NAIROBI (March 23) XINHUA - The Kenyan government warned that a British cult targeting children had invaded Kenya and ordered all institutions handling children to be alert, the East African Standard newspaper reported on Thursday.

Members of the notorious British cult, Children of God, have established a base in Kenya, said Director of Children's Service in the Ministry of Home Affairs Sammy Kwallah.

He said that two members of the cult had visited several local children' s homes in February in search of possible recruits.

Members of the cult, which has recently changed its name to "Family", are infamous for sexually molesting children, Kwallah said.

He sounded an alert to all schools and children's homes to be cautious of the cult and its followers.