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Youth for Truth, Inc. was a non-profit Texas corporation with tax-exempt status that was used by the Children of God to accept contributions after the Internal Revenue Service denied the application of Children of God, Inc. for tax exempt status on June 12, 1972.

According to an October 1974 New York Times article, "Children of God, Inc., a nonprofit Texas entity, was denied a Federal tax exemption as a religious institution in 1972 and has been dissolved, but another organization, Youth for Truth, Inc., is serving as a financing conduit, Mr. Lefkowitz charged."

In a section entitled "The History of Our Administration!" in the Book of Remembrance, Thomas Mestyanek ("Shemariah"), "Sally Scribe," and Steven Douglas Kelly ("Peter") wrote:

DURING THIS TIME "YOUTH FOR TRUTH", WHICH WAS THE CORPORATION used by the Jesus People in the Northwest who had joined, was reorganized by COTA with new officers. Through this we received tax exemption, which later caused legal difficulties--as Dad said it would!

Source: "The History of Our Administration" by Shemariah, Sally Scribe & Peter
Book of Remembrance, Vol. II, p. 210-213. March 1983.

A September 1974 report by the New York Attorney General's Charity Frauds Bureau the close ties between the Children of God and Youth for Truth, Inc.:

"The Children of God, Inc.", a Texas not-for-profit corporation, now dissolved, was denied tax exemption in an IRS Letter of Determination dated June 12, 1972. Nonetheless, funds were solicited through the mail and in person, advising the public that COG had tax exempt status and that donations were deductible.

"Youth for Truth, Inc." a Texas not-for-profit corporation presently enjoys IRS tax exemption. Known COG leaders are listed as officers and directors in tax returns filed by this corporation and the addresses on the 1971 and 1972 Returns are those of COG communes.

At least one major contributor testified that he contributed to the Children of God organization and took "charitable" deductions on his income tax return for the years 1971, 1972 and 1973 in the total amount of $36,000. In 1973 however his contributions were made to "Youth for Truth, Inc." upon advice from Children of God attorneys with whom he had consulted and who advised him that there was some problem with the COG tax exemption, and that his tax exemption would be assured if he made the contribution to Youth for Truth, Inc.

These facts lead to the inescapable conclusion that "Youth for Truth, Inc." is both an alter ego and conduit of Children of God for the single purpose funnelling contributions to COG. This information has been forwarded to Internal Revenue Service, Exempt Organization Section, together with supportive material.

Source: Final Report on the Activities of the Children of God to Hon. Louis J. Lefkowitz Attorney General of the State of New York — 1974-09-30.

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