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Jan "Tamar" McRae (early 2000s)
Jan "Tamar" McRae (date unknown)

Jan McRae (New Zealand citizen; known as Tamar Snowman or Carrie within The Family International) was among the cult's primary artists, illustrating most Good News magazines and various other Family publications. Much of this artwork has been shown to be plagiarised.

During the years of The Family's practice of Flirty Fishing, McRae was heavily involved with Escort Servicing, and appeared in testimonies in internal Family publications written to help other Family women perform escort work more effectively. [1] Previously, she appeared in a 60 Minutes documentary on The Family in which she was shown dancing nude on videotape.

Until 2010, McRae lived and worked in World Services and was in close communication with Karen Zerby. She currently works at Hotel Perico, a hotel in Chapalal, Mexico run by former WS staff members.

Statement by Jan McRae

From: Hotel Perico <info@hotelperico.com.mx>
Date: Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 2:20 PM
Subject: Request to remove "xfamily" post ...
To: editors @ xfamily.org

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Jan McRae and there is currently an "xfamily" post regarding my time in The Family.

I have not been a part of The Family for over 5 years now and have started a new life. While I realize you may be unable to entirely delete any mention of my time in The Family (since it's publicly available on the internet), it would mean a great deal to me if certain information regarding my activities in the Family was able to be removed from your website, such as my time involved in escort service within The Family, videos of me dancing etc, which is understandably damaging to my reputation now that I have moved on.

Thank you for your understanding and considering my request,

Regards, Jan

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