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Rev. Virginia Lee Brandt Berg (née Nina Virginia Lee Brandt[1]) was a Christian evangelist, and mother of David Brandt Berg. She is the daughter of Rev. Dr. John Lincoln Brandt and Nina Lee Marquis, and wife of Hjalmer Emmanuel Berg. She was born on 27 May 1886 in Ronceverte, West Virginia and died on 15 March 1968 in California. She descended from German immigrants who settled in America in 1745.[2] She was related to Robert E. Lee, the Civil War general.[2]

As young woman, she was engaged to be married to Bruce Bogart, a relation of actor Humphry Bogart. At the engagement party she meet a young Swedish immigrant, Hjalmer Emmanuel Berg, who was hired to entertain the crowd. Hjalmar was "saved" by his father-in-law and started studying theology in Des Moines, Iowa.[2]

In 1913, she gave birth to their first child, Hjalmar Jr. Shortly after she slipped and fell and broke her back in two places.[3] While recovering she had a religious experience and claimed that she had been divinely healed. Mr. and Mrs. Berg's newfound Pentecostalism caused them to be thrown out of their church. They instead became freelance preachers. Mrs. Berg later became a relatively famous American Pentecostal preacher.[2]

Personal family

Hjalmer Emmanuel Berg and Virginia Lee Brandt had the following children:

  • Hjalmer (b. 1911/1913 in Des Moines, Iowa[3])
    • m#1. unknown
    • m#2. Velma[4]
  • Virginia (b. 1915)
    • m. Melvin Booth (married in 1930, when Virginia was 15-years old)
      • David Booth
      • unknown
      • unknown
      • unknown
      • Connie (youngest of five children; was missionary in Mexico)[4]
  • David Brandt (18 February 1919 – October 1994)


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