Alice Sophia Dow

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FCF Healing Colombia Project Managers Mario Roberto Torres and Sophia Dow
Alice Sophia Dow. Colombia, circa early 2000s.

Alice Sophia Dow (born 1951, U.S. citizen, aka Sofia and Paloma) is a current member of the Family International. She and her husband, Mario Roberto Torres, are the managers of Family Care Foundation project number S09, Healing Colombia.[1]

According to a glossary prepared by Héctor Walter Navarro, Dow and her husband believed they were the reincarnation of Juan Domingo Peron and Maria Eva Duarte (Evita).[2]

In April and May 1993, Dow and her husband were questioned by the police in Buenos Aires and gave sworn statements to court officials investigating the disappearance and abduction of Ruth Frouman's children. One of the missing children, who was not reunited with his relatives until 1997, has alleged that Mario Torres and his wife, Sophia Dow, were participants in a conspiracy with Stuart Harris Baylin, Claire Borowik and others to conceal and abduct the Frouman children. Specifically, it has been alleged that Torres and Dow made false and misleading statements in their sworn testimony and that they failed to inform a social worker who visited their home on May 5, 1993 that two of the missing Frouman children were then living at their residence (Ombu No. 859, entre Maria y Diego) in Don Torcuato.

In an Argentine court case, witness Pablo Luis Romonone testified that he observed Alice Sophia Dow sexually abuse a young boy in 1987, that she frequently had sexual intercourse in the presence of children, that she physically abused young children and that she organized "romantic nights" to facilitate sexual contact between adults and children and that pornographic erotic dance videos were shown to the children on these occasions.[3]

On September 1, 1993, ten Homes in the Buenos Aires area were raided by Argentine police officers who were looking for the abducted Frouman children and investigating other matters. Sophia Dow and Mario Torres escaped being arrested at that time because they were elsewhere. However, their children were taken into protective custody and they were arrested more than a week later when they tried to visit them.

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