From XFamily - Children of God

The following is an excerpt from the GN in which Arcothon was revealed to the Family in prophecy.

Introducing Arcothon

293. (Mama:) If you feel super tired when it comes time for quality Word study or memorizing, or lazy in general when it comes to spiritual matters, it could be that the evil spirits Lethargy and/or Apotheon are oppressing you.

294. I want to share with you a message from a powerful warring angel who opposes Apotheon. [...] You can call on this spirit warrior's help too. We all need to avail ourselves of the tremendous power the Lord has made available to us through our many spirit helpers, and learn to work with them more closely.

295. (Angel speaking:) My name is Arcothon. I have come to see you through this Time of the End and to teach you the art of warfare. You wonder why my name sounds so familiar to Apotheon. I am Apotheon's archenemy, the warrior angel designed to defeat Apotheon.

296. Arcothon is my name, for I fight through fire. I fight through the words that the Master gives me, and I turn them into fireballs that fight and defeat him. Apotheon is the archdemon of apathy, laziness, waiting, sitting, dragging down, draining the lifeblood out of you. You know the various manifestations of Apotheon, but you do not know my manifestations.

297. I am the opposite of Apotheon. I am fire, I am attacking, I am fight! I am a warring angel designed to fight; that is all I do. I fight through the weapon of prayer, of prophecy, of the keys, of hearing my Master's instructions, and of casting out Apotheon.

305. I love you and I'm here to help you, so call on me. Call me Arcos for short. Arcothon is my real name, and it symbolizes a conduit of the power of God. What do you think of when you hear the word "Arcothon"? You think of an electric arc. Imagine a lightning strike, a huge electrical arc. Now imagine something a thousand times more powerful than any lightning you've ever seen, and you will be getting close to somewhere near a fraction of the power of God that flows through me.

306. That is what my name means and symbolizes--a conduit of the power of God--and I can teach you to become a greater conduit of the power of God as well. I will teach you to become a conduit of the true full possession of our Husband and Lover and King and God of the universe, the Keeper and Source of all power, in the name of Jesus, amen. (End of message from Arcothon.)

Becoming a Better Conduit

307. (Question from SGA mentioned above:) How can I open myself more to allow Arcothon to teach me to become a better conduit of the power of God?

308. (Jesus speaking:) By spending more time with Me. Spending time in the bed of love, spending time praising Me and letting Me fully possess you, and by spending time practicing, opening up your mind to the spirit world, really focusing on the power. It's all in that Letter, "Focus on the Power." If you reread that, you'll see exactly what you need to do to also open yourself to Arcothon and his power and instruction.

(From: What Is Jesus Worth to You? #633)